WWE Champion CM Punk Assaults Fan

As the flagship RAW was drawing to a close, WWE Champion CM Punk exited into the crowd to avoid a potential scripted beatdown at the hands of a much larger competitor named Ryback.  Standing on the steps amidst fans, impromptu violence erupted and it wasn’t part of the show. The footage was barely visible on the broadcast feed, but with the help of fans with video recording devices of their own, more details are clearly visible.

What Happened

As you will see in the following video, CM Punk is pushed multiple times as he stands on the arena steps listening to Vince McMahon’s storyline-driving ultimatum. A moment after getting shoved the final time, the man behind him appears to touch CM Punk in the back of the head with his forearm, and that’s when CM Punk retaliates.

It’s not known whether the individual who gets assaulted by CM Punk intended to push the WWE Champion. There is some speculation that someone nearby shoved that individual into CM Punk. What is known is that after he gets smacked by CM Punk and shoved back, the fan looks bewildered as to what just transpired. Not hostile. Not angry. Not afraid. But confused.

Is that because he’s trying not to get assaulted again? Is it because he’s trying not to get escorted out of the arena by the security guard who shows up?

There are reports that the fan is going to be filing a lawsuit.

Potential Punishment Odds

Regardless of what happens in court, WWE is sure to be levying a punishment upon CM Punk, be it a suspension, fine or something less official, such as a change to his public-facing stature within the organization.  Here’s our take on the odds of various punishments being selected.

Firing: Almost ZERO Percent

Anything’s possible with Vince McMahon, but this offense isn’t nearly serious enough for WWE to lose one of their top 3 stars. CM Punk is on record saying that he didn’t like his time in TNA Wrestling prior to joining WWE, but it’s highly likely he would join WWE’s closest competitor if he were to find himself without employment.

Stripped of the Championship Immediately: 3% 

With John Cena on the bench until the pay per view at the end of the month (or thereabouts) and no other high profile competitors ready to helm the flagship show, CM Punk will continue his historic reign on RAW. The key term in that statement: historic. Not that Punk would be stripped of the belt in this situation if his reign were only half a year long, but the WWE won’t administratively take the belt off of a champion in the midst of a 300+ day reign with their most prestigious championship.

Loss of the Championship at the Hell In A Cell Pay Per View: 50%

It was already a distinct possibility that John Cena was going to end his winless streak against CM Punk at October’s pay per view event, but now it’s all the more likely. It’s still not more probable than a coin flip, simply because November features the fourth biggest event of the year, Survivor Series, and without some sort of match between CM Punk and John Cena. Also adding to the potential that CM Punk retains the belt is that Ryback is a possible Hell In A Cell opponent with John Cena’s injury still questionable, and Ryback simply isn’t ready to hold the belt.