WWE is looking to rule not only the cable television ratings, but also the video game market.  They’ve put out video games with various looks and feels over the years, but the upcoming WWE All Stars looks different than just about everything we’ve seen from them in the past decade.

Contrasting with the RAW vs Smackdown series, WWE All Stars has a button-mashing, Street Fighter, Cartoon non-Realism look to it.  Recently I found a highlights video for the game which features some of the finishing moves for the various competitors involved.

Seriously, does Rey Mysterio really need help making his hurricanrana finisher look more incredible?  He springs up 5 feet into the air, balances on a rope, flips off onto an opponent’s shoulders and then backflips them into a pinning combination.  THAT’s the REAL version of the move.  Why take that and make it cartoonish?  It’s already incredible.

From the looks of things, they should’ve taken more time to embellish   Edge’s SPEAR, which looks less cool in the game than it does in real life.  I could understand if WWE did that to Hulk Hogan, who currently works with rival promotion TNA Wrestling, but to take away from the one move Edge does that they try to sell as being great?  Come on…

Still, the game should be incredible.  Especially because Macho Man Randy Savage is involved.