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For the past couple of weeks we’ve been looking at the rumored WWE DVD releases for 2014, before we get to the last set of rumors let’s take a look back at what has been announced for 2014 so far.

Shawn Michaels: Mr. Wrestlemania – February 11th
WCW Greatest PPV Matches – March 11th
Signature Sounds: Music of WWE – March 18th
Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery – March 25th
Ultimate Warrior – April 1st
Best of Raw: After the Show – April 25th
Greatest Wrestling Factions – May 27th
Paul Heyman – August
The first half of 2014 already has some great topices announced, what will we see in the second half. Some of the titles below I think will be scratched off the lsit due to already announced projects, but others will definitely happen. Up first issomething geared towards older fans but definitely deserved.



Bruno Sammartino Biography
One of the greatestest of all time, before the Rock N Wrestling or Attitude Era, Bruno Samartino held the title for over 7 years in his first World title run. Now that his falling out with WWE seems to be patched up I can’t wait to see this especially if they take the time to put together a great documentary. There is rumors of a movie in the works so this may be held of as a tie-in, but I could see it as a holiday release for the older fans as well.




Best of Great American Bash (WCW ppv)
OMG! 2: Top 50 WCW OMG moments
The sales numbers show that WCW related releases are the biggest sellers in the WWE library, last years WCW related releases including War Games and Goldberg outsold everything but Wrestlemania 29. I expect the best of Great American Bash to be scrapped because of the already announced Best of WCW PPVs Vol. 1. I expect this to continue as a series. We already got best of Starrcade, if they were going to do any othe PPV as a best of collection I’d pick Halloween Havoc. I do expect to see Top 50 OMG! moments as their fall WCW releases.


John Cena: Greatest Rivalaries
I’m not huge on John Cena, but I don’t hate him as much as some. I won’t be buying this but I’m sure it will sell a ton of copies. It’s been a couple years since Cena’s last DVD set and thiers plenty of new material for Cena fans.


WWE: Around the World (unreleased matches and moments)
I love that WWE in digging into their vaults and offering more unreleased material. Again this may tie into the Network, but I hope this comes out and becomes an ongoing series. Some of the wrestlers favorite matches happened on international tours. Bret, Jericho and others talked a lot in their books about matches on international tours and it’d be great to see them. I know Bret picked a match with Bam Bam Bigelow from Spain I believe to be on one of his sets. I love unreleased material, but I think this won’t be seen until end of the year at the earliest, once we see how well the Raw: After Show unseen matches set airs.


Nexus: Where are they now? (Ryback, daniel Bryan, Wade barrett)
I don’t see this title happening, I expect some of the where are they now talk to happen in the already announced Greatest Factions set. Though I wouldn’t mind a where are they now release, but I think it fits better as an ongoing series for the WWE Network which rumor has this idea is in the works for the Network.

Attitude Era: Vol. 2
I figure this is a no brainer sooner or later. The first set sold well and it well sell to an audience WWE is trying to get back. Probably not one that I’ll pick up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this one.


WrestleMania: Main Events
While this could be a big seller I don’t think we will see it this year as I expect a title like this would be released around Mania time, plus we already have the Shawn Michaels set of all Mania matches. My question here is would this just be big matches from past Manias or are would it be the final match from each Mania. They often announce Mania as a double or sometimes even triple main event.


Sting: Best matches
This will happen eventually, but will it happen this year? That depends on Sting. I don’t know if Sting will ever wrestle for WWE, but I don’t see this set coming out until Sting is not under contract with another company. I’d love to see a documentary or at the very least Sting hosting the DVD.



Top Giants in WWE History (Big Show, Andre, John Studd, Kamala, Mark Henry etc.)
This has been rumored for awhile now and I could see it happening eventually. I’d probably pick it up once it went under $10. The topic is broad enough to mix in past and present wrestlers as well as all wrestling companies in the WWE library which makes it very marketable.
So there you have it over 30 possible DVD topics for later this year. If I had to pick what we will see this year that hasn’t been announced yet I’ll go with Bruno Sammartino, John Cena, Top 50 OMG! moments of WCW, Daniel Bryan and Class of 96: Austin vs. The Rock. What do you most want to see from the rumored topics?