As the calendar turns to yet another year it’s time to take a look at how a number of WWE wrestlers might perform in 2013. This will take the form of a stock watch of sorts, looking at how each guy’s stock changed throughout 2012 before noting where it’s at to start the year and where it could go in 2013. A majority of the projections are optimistic, since the company is in a good place and has several wrestlers primed to have good years. Obviously some of them might not pan out as Creative has been known to bungle things on occasion, but gotta stay positive, right?

CM Punk
No wrestler’s stock could have been higher last year then Punk’s. His incredible WWE title reign lasted every single day of 2012 and he’s still going strong. The likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Ryback, Kane, Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler all tried and failed to take it from him. The only way his stock went down was that he was consistently booked in the middle of PPV cards in favor of Cena, but that really wasn’t his fault. Heading into 2013, his presumed clash with The Rock at the Rumble is looming. He’ll lose the title eventually, but even that might hurt his stock too much. He’s proven he’s a tremendous performer who will remain relevant in WWE ans quite possibly win the Title back sometime this year.

John Cena
Like it or not, Cena’s stock will always be high regardless of what he’s doing at the moment. However, 2012 wasn’t one of his best years. He started with a placeholder feud with Kane before moving ultimately losing to The Rock at Mania, then tangling with Lesnar and the Big Show before ultimately winning MITB and re-entering the WWE Title picture. Though he would get several shots, he couldn’t overcome Punk. It was a downturn after winning so much earlier in the year. Never fear CeNation, he’s sure to get the title back at some point this year and has a high profile match coming up at Mania, whether it be ‘Taker or a rematch against The Rock.

Cena’s injury in October was the best thing that could have happened for Ryback. He took Cena’s spot in the HIAC match and hasn’t looked back. Though he has failed to capture the WWE title, he’s been booked strongly. Plus, it’s a far cry from where he was earlier in the year, squashing jobbers left and right. His stock is high coming into 2013, but it’s in danger of dropping precipitously. Once Punk moves on from him, where does Ryback go? Can he stay at the main event level? Or does he fall back to the mid-card?

Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler starts off 2013 the same way he did for 2012, in the world title picture. After unsuccessfully challenging Punk, he tried to capture the Tag Titles with Swagger and the WHC from Sheamus. His stock was staying steady until he won MITB in July, which caused it to jump. While bidding his time he feuded with Randy Orton and captained a Survivor Series team. He ended 2012 aligning himself with AJ against Cena in a feud that’s still going. Dolph has continued to prove himself in the ring and on the mic and his stock is at a high point. It’ll get higher when he wins a World Title at some point in 2013.

The Shield
It could be said their stock was non-existent until their shocking debut at Survivor Series, mainly because a majority of the Universe hadn’t even heard of them before. Other then the indie smarks of course. Their debut and subsequent attacks injected some life into a predictable product. Their stock is fairly high going into 2013 and it’s hard to project how it might change over the next year. They could continue to be a strong heel stable or just kind of be slowly booked out of sight. Hopefully for the fans it’s the former.

The Miz
You’d be hard pressed to find someone whose stock had fallen farther then Miz’s had since losing the WWE title. He had a strong showing in the Rumble match to start off 2012, but then drifted between various unsuccessful feuds before making a triumphant return at Money In The Bank. He was sporting a new look and a new attitude and shortly won the IC title from Christian before losing it to Kofi. Even then his stock was really going nowhere. That all changed when he turned face. It breathed some life into what had become a stale character and though it’s had its troubles so far, there’s no doubt Miz’s stock will continue to rise, especially if the teased US title feud with Cesaro comes to fruition.

Daniel Bryan
It certainly was an interesting 2012 for the American Dragon. Starting off as WHC before infamously losing it to Sheamus at Mania in 18 seconds. That might have been the best thing to happen to him, as his popularity soared despite being a heel at the time. Moving onto the other world title he had some epic matches with CM Punk. Getting involved in the goofy AJ love angle did allow him to awkwardly start feuding with Kane which led to them capturing the Tag Titles which they still held. They’ll obviously lose them at some point, at which point Bryan will undoubtedly re-enter the main event picture. There’s no obvious feuds he could have yet in 2013, but Bryan is too valuable for WWE to misuse him.

Randy Orton
To say 2012 was a down year for Randall is an understatement. He ended his feud with Wade Barrett early in the year before starting an underwhelming feud with Kane that saw him unexpectedly lose at Mania. His plummeted at the start of summer when he was suspended for 60 days for his 2nd Wellness Policy violation. He hung around the main event before ending the year injured. His stock might be the hardest to project for 2013. There’s no way he’ll fall out of the main event, so the long awaited heel turn could be just the thing. His face character is doing nothing for his career and has proven he’s a natural heel.

Wade Barrett
Barrett’s feud with Orton at the start of 2012 held alot of promise for pushing the Englishman into the main event. However an injury suffered in February kept him out until September. A series of vignettes promoted his return, pumped up his stock, and he started off strong before entering a feud with Kofi Kingston, which recently earned him his 2nd IC Title. Heading into 2013, he’ll more then likely have a decent reign with the title, but he belongs in the main event, where his stock will continue to rise.

Cody Rhodes
Rhodes started off 2012 as IC champion before losing it to Show at Mania, which did hurt his stock, since it done to give Show his Mania moment. After regaining the title and losing it to Christian he floated around keeping his stock steady until uniting with Damien Sandow to form Rhodes Scholars, one of the more interesting tag teams in WWE today. The alliance holds promise for him heading into 2013, but what has him so over with the crowd is the debut of a mustache. With chants of ‘Cody’s mustache’ filling arenas, the new year looks bright for Cody. I mean his mustache is probably the most over thing in WWE right now.