I know how I feel about what goes on in WWE during RAW and Smackdown, and now thanks to the polls here on GuysNation, I know how you (the fans) feel, too.  I setup the polls in such a way that usually a given poll will tell me multiple things about the readers with the answers, or the polls collectively will give me a bigger picture for how fans feel about the wrestling landscape at current.

Here’s some of what GuysNation learned about the wrestling fans who voted en force in polls from last week’s RAW and Smackdown articles:

  • With the potential “injury” for Husky Harris, 60% of the voters agree with me that if any member of New Nexus should be put on the shelf, it should be David Otunga.  Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty each received roughly one-sixth of the negativity thrown their way.  Speaking of which…
  • Over 40% of the fans want to see The Corre hold the Tag Team Championships next.  Not only is the preference for Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater to be the ones to team up and take the belts over a pairing of Gabriel and Ezekiel Jackson, but the Gabriel / Slater combination is actually the most preferred out of ANY combination of any competitors.  Edge and Christian reunited got 20% of the vote, with the “Big Diesel” tag team of Nash and Big Show which I suggested got around 16%.  Those four teams combined for 75% of the responses, with The Usos getting a little bit of love at around 10%, two different Nexus pairings  (Harris & McGillicutty or McGillicutty & Mason Ryan) combined for almost 10%, and other options (Rated-RKO, R-Truth & Morrison, and a couple others) filled in the remainder of the voting.
  • 56% of you want to see Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston continue feuding, but those individuals are split into groups which can’t agree on the involvement of the World Title in the feud (33% would be favorable to it).  One sixth of the voters don’t want to see the feud because they like Alberto Del Rio as World Champion, but they don’t think Kofi is there yet.  Almost as many feel the exact opposite.  One eighth of the voters aren’t sure.
  • Over two-thirds of the voters have no interest in Triple H’s upcoming movie, The Chaperone.  The total voters who have at best a slight interest in the movie:  93%. I’ve encountered some Triple H haters in my day, but I’m not sure that’s the reason for the voting outcome… but let’s see…
  • Over 70% of voters want to see Alberto Del Rio as World Champion, with over 60% of the total voters hoping it happens in 2011.  Only 35% of the voters hope it happens at Wrestlemania.  The rest of the voters either don’t care what happens or don’t ever want him to hold the belt.
  • Almost half of the voters though that John Cena’s distraction of The Miz from a luxury box was lame.  Slightly more than one-fourth of the voters thought it shouldn’t have distracted The Miz.  Slightly less than one-fourth of the voters thought it was annoying enough to be slightly distracting.  Almost no one thought it was cause for The Miz to be SOOO distracted that he got speared.
  • Starting with the premise that the World Champion (Edge) is going to be in the Elimination Chamber match, I let the voters pick the other 5 who would be involved, and they picked: Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio and Kane.  Unfortunately for Ezekiel Jackson, Jack Swagger, Big Show, Kofi Kingston and Chavo Guerrero, they’re not wanted.  As for Alberto Del Rio, I think folks understand he’s going to Wrestlemania one way or another and doesn’t need the 6-man cage match.
  • Not surprisingly, almost two-thirds of the voters found former-champion Natalya to be the best wrestling Diva from last week’s tag match.  Layla is still being under-appreciated, but possibly the biggest news is that the lowest on the list?  Current Diva’s champion Eve Torres (who is about half as good in the ring as she is at filling out a sweater, but she’s almost Hall Of Fame worthy at sweater-ing, so the comment about her wrestling isn’t particularly a dig at her)
  • Over half of the voters think they know who the 2.21.2011 promos are for (though our polls haven’t checked who they think it is… until now), and over 80% of the voters are interested in what it’s all about.
  • 60% of the fans voting didn’t see the spot where Kevin Nash threw Rey Mysterio into a production truck during the nWo invasion, which is a huge moment in WCW history.  Shockingly enough, 6% of the fans don’t even know who Nash is!
  • Nearly two-thirds of the voters would’ve chosen someone other than Jerry Lawler to win the RAW Rumble, and only one-fourth of the voters prefer him as the winner.

  • Favorite matches of the week:
    Edge & Kelly Kelly vs Dolph Ziggler & LayCool
    Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre
    Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger
    and whatever matches they enjoyed from RAW, since I didn’t include that in the voting options on Monday!  (it would’ve been the RAW Rumble, for sure)
  • Over 90% of the voters thought Smackdown was at least an average show this week, with 75% thinking it was good or awesome.