What did you think of the involvement from The Muppets on the show? Were there any segments you liked? Any that you hated?

Josh J.:  I was really excited for Muppet Raw, and I thought they handled most of it pretty well.  Highlights for me were Kermit and Ms. Piggy interacting with Vickie/Swagger and Sheamus/Beaker.  I was a little disappointed by Statler/Waldorf, but that’s only because I was hoping they’d fully commentate a matchup.  The whole thing was done really well, in my opinion.

Nathan: I was skeptical at first, figuring it would be a dud. However, I was proven wrong as there were several nice segments that served their purpose of injecting some humor. For example the Sheamus-Beaker one and the two old guys in the box.

Andrew Crow: I thought it was hilarious, to be honest. The Muppets have almost always been an entertaining bunch for their family-friendly and slightly absurdist antics, so for them to be treated with such an odd amount of respect on a program that constantly blurs the lines between reality and fiction was refreshing. My personal highlight was Beaker handing Santino the “strength potion” (which looked to be Gatorade) which he then spit in Jack Swagger’s face to blind him for the roll-up.

CM Punk had to jump through hoops to get his title shot with Alberto Del Rio. Shouldn’t John Laurinaitis at least have identified other potential competitors who could get the title shot at Survivor Series, regardless of how credible they were? No one else was even seen in segments approaching Laurinaitis about getting the opportunity, so we never even really got the idea that someone other than Punk might be put into that spot. Did you like the way WWE handled it, or could they have done more?

Nathan: Given that Cena is out of the title picture for now, Punk was the next obvious choice and he already had a built in angle with Del Rio in the MITB cash-in. So I don’t mind the way they handled it.

Andrew Crow: Of course they could have done more, but I’ve always disagreed with the notion that the Attitude Era ended in ’01 or ’02, mainly because the show’s have had similar amounts of logical gaps and a nearly identical presentation since 1998 (opening promo, a few short matches that usually involve interference, EVIL AUTHORITY FIGURE, etc.). It’s almost as if it’s asking too much for the WWE writers (and those in charge of creative, like HHH, Stephanie, and Vince) to follow Chris Kreski’s style of actually keeping track of storylines and character arcs to make sure it all flows together properly and makes sense. But hey, I digress. In a perfect product, there’d be a consistent flow of 4-5 people wanting shots at the top and the champion would virtually always be seen as a credible threat, but this the E in 2011: I don’t expect anything other than Cena overcoming the (lack of) odds before him.

The current Diva’s Championship “division” essentially involves Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres battling Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres week after week for the past few months. Has it gotten stale for you yet?

Josh J.:  The Diva’s Division segments/matches are almost always the time I spend looking at something else on the internet.  I really couldn’t care any less than I already do about the division, who’s the champion, or anything like that.  Last week with the battle royal, though, I dug some of the things that happened (AJ doing the Kitana Fan move) just for the sheer absurdity, but otherwise, it’s “can miss TV” for me.

Nathan: Meh. It is what it is, and I’m sure viewers aren’t investing too much in the division. Anything that has the remote possibility of elevating the Divas matches into something other then a bathrook break should be tried.

Andrew Crow: I zone out and/or change the channel when the women come on, soooo…next question? It’s not that I don’t like women’s wrestling (Cheerleader Melissa, Merdedes Martinez, Daffney, and Hamada all rule), it’s that I don’t like when the only truly decent talents are forced into being the heels because they’re the only ones who know how to work a match.

Santino – as good as he was a year ago, worse, or about the same?

Josh J.:  I love Santino, but I think he’s sort of stagnated from a year ago.  I think he was out with an injury for awhile, so that may have something to do with it, but since they fired Kozlov, he’s just kinda been floating around.

Andrew Crow: About the same. He hit his peak, it seems, in ’09, but he’s always a highlight for me. He’s the only person who makes the lame WWE comedy actually work.

Evan Bourne apparently got suspended for 30 days. Should the WWE take the Tag Team Championships away from Air Boom, and which pairing would you give the belts to?

Josh J.:  I don’t think the titles should be removed from Air Boom, in a perfect world.  They’re gelling really well as a team, and I wouldn’t punish Kofi for something Evan Bourne did.  If they did decide to take the belts off of them, my hope would be that they put them on Swagger/Ziggler, and have them feud for a bit over the championships.  I really don’t want to see the doomsday scenario of them putting the belts on Miz/Truth, only for them to lose to Rock/Cena at Survivor Series.  That’d be terrible.

Nathan: If they want the belts to mean something, they shouldn’t take them away, but if they did, TruMiz is the only logical choice and they already have a feud.

Andrew Crow: …there’s a tag division still?

Do you think the WWE cares enough about the Tag Titles to even care if the status of the championship belts is referenced in the next 30 days?

Nathan: Hopefully, but they do have a knack for ignoring certain things in order to make things work how they want.

Andrew Crow: Oh, damn, there is…uhhhh…I’d say allow people who actually have watched wrestling before to get in on the writer’s meetings and let them know why certain things don’t work, and MAKE THE TAG TEAM DIVISION MEAN SOMETHING AGAIN. The regular line here is along the lines of “tag teams don’t draw, main eventers do,” but that’s BS and the CONTINUED popularity of the Hardy Boyz (not to mention chants for Edge and Christian to return as a team before Edge’s retirement) proves it wrong. There’s plenty of room for a solid tag team division (and it’s also a great place to teach younger guys how to get over via working with more than one veteran at a time, not to mention test the waters for future singles pushes of promising rookies), plenty of workers to fill it up, so why not go for it? Oh, right, you need an actual answer and not a rant…uhhh…no. The E does not care about tag team wrestling.

Do you care what happens with the belts?

Nathan: Everyone should. Tag teams used to be the backbone of the WWE with a number of great teams. I’m hoping the division at least approaches that level again, but I’m not holding my breath.

Andrew Crow: Yes and no. I think a good tag match is just as good, if not better, as a good singles match, and there’s always the fact that several of the top names for the WWF/WWE of the last 15-20 years began as members of a tag team (Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, STEVE AUSTIN…any of those ring a bell?), so I care about tag teams in general. As far as the WWE Tag Team titles? I’ll care about them when the E cares about them.

Cody Rhodes is the current Intercontinental Champion. He’s feuding with Randy Orton off and on, but the belt wasn’t on the line at the last pay per view and I don’t see anyone who is directly challenging for it. Is Randy Orton too big for the division?

Nathan: Having Orton in the IC picture would certainly help the belt’s prestige. He could say he doesn’t like the way Rhodes is treating it and mention his time as IC champ and how it was a stepping stone for his career. It would be a step down for Orton, but I’m sure he could be persuaded into being a vital part of its renaissance.

Andrew Crow: Again, yes and no. Yes because he’s been around the WWE and World Heavyweight titles for the better part of the last 4 years, no because I like it when a main eventer goes back down the ranks in order for fresher talent to rise (“fresher” meaning either “younger” or “underrated,” depending on the situation). Cody feuding with Randy, especially if it’s a close feud, will do nothing but elevate the only in-shape member of the Rhodes clan by sheer virtue of him actually competing on a level field with a man who has been on top of the cards for years, and it also gives Orton a fresh(-ish) opponent to work with.

Do you even remember who Brodus Clay is?

Nathan: I do, but no one watches NXT so I doubt alot of people remember him.

Andrew Crow: Yes! He looks like a promising big man who doesn’t necessarily fit the “body builder” model that the E still adheres to as often as possible.

What do you think of the Brodus Clay vignettes? Has he caught your interest?

Nathan: It has, but whether WWE follows through on them is the real question.

Andrew Crow: Again, yes! The man looks like a living, breathing, walking, talking member of the Mad Gear gang from Final Fight. He’s not too shabby in the ring, either.

CM Punk forced Alberto Del Rio to give him a championship match at Survivor Series by putting the champ in the Anaconda Vice. What’d you think of the turn of events?

Nathan: Interesting. Plus I love how Punk brought back the Anaconda Vice. He used to use it all the time, but hasn’t used it in months.

Andrew Crow: It reminded me of when Mick Foley did the same thing on Raw years ago to Shane McMahon, demanding a title shot at the Rock or else he’d break Shane’s arms. I loved it then and I love it now, especially since it fits Punk’s attitude much more than it ever did Foley’s.

They’re hyping up Big Show as being a destructive force, but it’s not determined yet that he’s going to get another shot at Mark Henry. Should Big Show get another shot, and if so, should he be the next champ?

Nathan: He should since there wasn’t a real resolution to the match at Vengeance. He shouldn’t be the champ however. Henry is on a roll and holding the WHC for an extended period, perhaps to Wrestlemania will be huge.

Andrew Crow: NO. I love the Big Show, I really do, but he shouldn’t be given a reign with the World Heavyweight title yet, at least not while Mark Henry is on such a roll. His body is breaking down, he’s slower than ever, and a win over him is practically guaranteed to be a big deal due to his immense size alone.

Santino Marella or Zack Ryder – should either of them be the next United States champion? Who do you prefer, and which direction do you think WWE will go?

Josh J.:  Zack Ryder should absolutely be the next US Champion.  He and Ziggler have been having some really good matches, and Ryder’s pretty over with the crowds in general.  I think they’re handling him the way they could/should have handled Alex Riley, though Ryder’s popularity is way more self-made than Riley’s seemed to be.  As far as Santino goes, I think they need to find another person to tag him with.  I feel like he’s really good there.

Nathan: It has to be Ryder. He’s already in a feud with Ziggler and the WWE needs to capitalize on his success. Ziggler has shown some of his best mic work ‘invading’ Ryder’s YouTube show and I’m surprised that hasn’t been brought up on TV.

Andrew Crow: Ryder since he can actually work more than just a comedy match. I see the E going the same way, particularly since Santino is great comic relief whereas Ryder is actually OVER.

How do you feel about the way The Rock initially said he wouldn’t team with John Cena? The WWE spent all last week hyping his return through promos for Survivor Series, and that was leading up to John Cena making the request late in the show. Doesn’t it seem inevitable?

Andrew Crow: Yes, but it also fits his anti-Cena character to initially say he won’t team with Cena but then ultimately do it because Miz and R-Truth are worth it. Think about that: THE ROCK and JOHN CENA, two of the biggest stars of the last 15 years, feel that THE MIZ and R-TRUTH are worth putting their differences aside over as a means of defeating them. That puts Miz and Truth over more.

John Cena didn’t seem to have much difficulty trying to overcome The Miz and R-Truth in the main event. It was a singles match, but R-Truth certainly got involved, and at the end of it, Cena stood tall, celebrating with both members of Awesome Truth laid out. So why should we care about this Survivor Series match? Aren’t The Miz & R-Truth relegated to less than a side-story? Aren’t they basically just a prop at this point?

Josh J.:  I’ll preface this by saying that I am so so so over John Cena:  Superman. I think they’ve horribly mismanaged this entire angle.  Truth/Miz should be dominating Cena (because both had somewhat even programs with him in the last year) and it should be so desperate that a despondent Cena should be reaching out to the Rock, but this is like…  I dunno, just piling on, I guess.  I just feel like Cena should have been enduring Nexus level beatdowns where it looked like there was really no hope at all for him.  Then again, I suppose that might make Cena look too weak.  Either way…  not really a fan.  I love that the Rock is coming back, and will be wrestling.  Don’t like this angle that much. I think we can all figure out how the Survivor Series match will end.

Andrew Crow: Yep. See my point above? Completely invalidated by this poor, poor booking. But hey, SuperCena needs fresh souls to devour so he can continue being the hero of every young child and the bane of existence for every jaded older fan who actually spends their own money on the product. For the record, I’m not a Cena hater per se, but I certainly despise the “Superman” face and always have.