It started with 64 superstars, and now the WrestleMania Madness field is narrowed to 32. There were a few interesting match ups from the first round, but I dare say this round surpasses that. Some of the matches might be hard to pick… good luck!

The West Coast Bracket

They’re both┬áproud to represent their country. One of them dedicated the early part of his life to training for the Olympics. The other was carrying the WWF through the ┬ámajority of the first WrestleMania decade.

Goldust barely escaped his first-round match with The Big Show, and if their respective histories at WrestleMania is any indicator, he’ll fare far worse against The Animal.

They’re both wildly popular Canadians who won world championships late in their careers after starting out in the tag division.

JBL won a VERY close match against Ted DiBiase in the Round Of 64, and The Beast had no issues putting away the Natural Disaster in the first round. Something tells me that Lesnar can’t be bought, and that’s not going to bode well for the Texan.

The Connecticut Bracket

The Game brutalized Brutus Beefcake in their opening round match, and Lex Luger just barely overcame his match against Sheamus.

CM Punk has built himself a huge fanbase and will no doubt be considered a legend, but has he reached the point where he could surpass Andre The Giant? Can he find a way to defeat him? It would seem that King Kong Bundy was a good warm-up fight.

The Heartbreak Kid had almost no difficulty against The Mountie. Roman Reigns faced a much tougher task in taking on Rey Mysterio, but he survived. Will Reigns take a step towards becoming a legend at the expense of Mr. WrestleMania?

They’re both outspoken with a flare for the dramatic. Will the vote favor the Old School or New School?

The Death Valley Bracket

The Undertaker virtually squashed The Big Boss Man in a true rematch of their Hell In A Cell WrestleMania match. Eddie Guerrero was nearly as successful in his battle with Sgt. Slaughter. Will ‘Taker start a new streak by winning his second in a row?

The saying goes that you never trust a snake, and something tells me that’s not going to be a problem for Daniel Bryan. Fun fact: if the either one of the first-round matches these two were involved in had gone the other way, we’d have rematches from historic feuds (The Miz vs Daniel Bryan OR Jake Roberts vs Rick Rude)

When you talk about an epic match, I don’t think it gets any bigger than this. In terms of all-time dream matches, this one would certainly be on quite a few wish lists.

They’re both crazed fighters who are tough as nails. If this one is Falls Count Anywhere, it’s certainly going to be one of the best fights of the tournament.

The Armed Forces Bracket

How many times did these two go to battle? This might be one of the more boring battles of the second round… because we’ve seen it all before.

Back in the early 90s, this match could have very easily headlined WrestleMania.

When WWE bought-out WCW, this was one of the amazing feuds which were spawned by the merger. What would the outcome be this time around?

This marks the first time that a former tag team squares off against one another in this tournament, though it might not be the last. Which side of the team do you stand with?