WrestleMania is the biggest pay per view of the WWE calendar, and this year’s event holds the potential for some hugely historic happenings. Can you expect each of them to occur? Why would WWE want to go one direction as opposed to another at WrestleMania 29? Let’s take a look at each of the matches from bottom to top and explore how likely each of the scenarios is to occur and what the fallout could be from different directions.

Pre-Show Intercontinental Championship Match
Wade Barrett (c) vs The Miz

Most Likely Scenario: The Miz picks up the win and takes the belt 

Though Wade Barrett is super talented and a great option to be Intercontinental Champion, it’s time for someone new to hold that championship. Also, because this match is on the pre-show, they need something to add a bit of prestige to the pre-show. This has very little to do with The Miz, and more about other factors.

Fan-dan-go vs Chris Jericho

Most Likely Scenario: Chris Jericho makes Fan-dan-go’s in-ring debut an unpleasant one 

Despite not yet having competed in a match, Fan-dan-go has generated quite a bit of heat for himself. I’m a bit surprised at the high profile nature of Fan-dan-go’s first match and his opponent. While Chris Jericho has certainly been willing to put people over in the past few months since his return, don’t expect that to happen on the biggest of stages. I expect that Fan-dan-go won’t be happy with the result of the match, and the feud will continue into Extreme Rules – possibly with the end of Jericho’s current tenure with WWE.

Inter-Gender Four-on-Four
Team Funk vs Rhodes Scholars & The Bellas

Most Likely Scenario: Team Funk gets the win 

At this point, neither of these two teams has much in the way of credibility, but they do have a certain amount of heat. For the Rhodes Scholars, building up heat and credibility won’t be significantly difficult if they fail to win this match. They have two very credible competitors in their squad. Tons Of Funk doesn’t have that luxury, and they need the victory.

Mark Henry vs Ryback

Most Likely Scenario: Ryback gets the victory 

Mark Henry doesn’t have momentum to maintain at this moment, but Ryback does. If Mark Henry wins, Ryback takes a considerable step back, especially given his history of pay per view losses.

Six Man Tag
The SHIELD vs Orton, Big Show & Sheamus

Most Likely Scenario: The tyranny of The Shield finally comes to an end 

The on-going storyline of The SHIELD being unbeatable as a group has to end at some point, and given the make-up of the group they’re facing at WrestleMania 29 and who they’ve already beaten, there aren’t really any options for whom they would face if they win here. This is the type of long-term storyline which should end at WrestleMania.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

Most Likely Scenario: New tag team champions as ZiggE find a way to win the straps

It’s time for Team Hell No to lose the tag team championships. They were an entertaining team, but at this point they’re almost after-thoughts, being over-shadowed by their opponents and the storylines involved. The inner-team strife needs to return so this team can split up, allowing them to go their separate directions. What better place to do that than WrestleMania 29? Not to mention the fact that ZiggE is the perfect team to take the belts from them. It’s time for Big E to finally get into the ring on a regular basis, and there’s no better way for him to do that than to have the incredibly gifted Dolph Ziggler get to carry the matches.

World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio

Most Likely Scenario: Alberto Del Rio retains the championship… for a couple minutes 

If Jack Swagger hadn’t been arrested, there’s a strong chance that he would leave WrestleMania 29 with the belt, but at this point, WWE can’t and shouldn’t bank on him in this sort of position. That said, I don’t believe Alberto Del Rio is going to leave the arena with the belt either. I’m predicting Dolph Ziggler cashes in the Money In The Bank suitcase, capturing his second championship of WrestleMania 29.

No Holds Barred
Brock Lesnar vs Triple H
If Lesnar wins, Triple H must retire

Most Likely Scenario: Triple H gets the victory 

Has Triple H gained the upperhand at any point in the feud between he and Brock Lesnar, aside from in random moments during RAW? That said, I can’t imagine that Brock Lesnar yet again gets the best of Triple H, ending his career in the process.

CM Punk vs The Undertaker


Most Likely Scenario: The Undertaker continues The Streak with a victory 

There is talk that this could be the last WrestleMania for The Undertaker, but I’m not seeing that as unarguably true. I could absolutely see him returning for next year’s event, given that he still seems to have something in the tank. Even if something happens and he’s unable to wrestle next year – or ever again – it’s not the end of the world to have the streak remain in tact forever. Given the way CM Punk has gotten the upperhand essentially the entire feud, there’s no way… AND THE ROB MEANS NO WAY… that CM Punk is going to end the streak at WrestleMania 29.

Once In A Lifetime: Take 2
WWE Championship Edition
The Rock vs John Cena


Most Likely Scenario: John Cena takes the WWE Championship from The Rock 

Because The Rock won their match last year, it would make sense that John Cena would get the victory this year, and in turn not just the championship, but the proverbial torch. I’ve heard no word that The Rock is going to be around for SummerSlam (the next BIG event on the WWE calendar), so there’s no reason to keep the belt on him. If they’re going to make a title-switch, why not have it happen on the huge stage known as WrestleMania?  The only thing that makes me second-guess this option is the fact that The Rock has his contract extended through at least next month’s Extreme Rules pay per view.

[Note: I assure you, this article was written prior to WrestleMania’s pre-show beginning, but is getting published late due to technical difficulties]