At GuysNation, one thing we try to do is to cover various stories and events from multiple perspectives through our Round Table format. Today, we consider ten questions pertaining to WrestleMania 28.

Does Triple H end “The Streak” at WrestleMania 28 and do you agree with the decision?

Red River Jack (@BeardofMikeKnox): No, Triple H doesn’t end the streak. And he shouldn’t end the streak. Undertaker seemingly has one match a year left in him and the main allure (and money drawing) is in the streak. Besides, Triple H winning doesn’t make WWE any money, and it certainly doesn’t elevate anyone including Triple H.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): The Streak makes it to 20-0. That streak should only end with the retirement of The Undertaker, which is something that probably will happen after this match anyway. The matches are still drawing support, but a healthy Undertaker only assures that. Without that, it becomes something sad. Undertaker isn’t about elevating talent anymore. It’s all about Undertaker’s legacy at this point and it has done all that it can do.

Patterson: Triple H won’t end the streak. As much Trips gets shit for holding people down or getting himself over he is a student of the business and there isn’t really anything to be gained by HHH beating Taker. When it comes to backstage pull Trips has a lot, but I don’t even think he has more pull than Taker when it comes to the outcome of Taker’s Mania matches. I think only one person right now is at the right spot to beat Taker and I’ll get to that later, but I’m in the firm belief that Taker will never lose at Mania.

Nathan: Absolutely not. There’s no reason for him to win, except of course to boost his ego, if it needs any more at all. Nowadays when you think of Taker, you automatically think of The Streak. The only other guy on the roster who could win is Cena and he like HHH doesn’t need it, as both men’s legacies are set. This may or may not be Taker’s last match, so he’ll win to make it 20-0 and he won’t need to be carried out like last year. He’ll win decisively and walk out under his own power.

Mister M: I don’t see that happening at all. The streak has become this iconic fixture of the WWE, and I’m of the opinion that Taker’s record will remain unbroken until he finally rides off into the sunset for good. If Shawn didn’t beat Taker the second time, then Trips isn’t going to beat Taker the second time.

HEELWrestling: No way in hell. I can’t think of a single former WWE writer who hasn’t come out and said “The Streak never ends” for one, and for two, it makes no sense. So I agree with not ending The Streak. Triple H surely can’t push himself that far, as the guy who ended the streak. It’s plainly ridiculous, and it makes no sense business-wise, as @BeardofMikeKnox said. I honestly see Undertaker taking the streak through to WrestleMania 30 and retiring there.

xiv (@sirmhayesxiv): *Cue Vince’s music* “NO CHANCE… That’s what you got.” Unfortunately Hunter spoiled the ending in one of the early promos for this match. Ending the streak is bad for business. Nuff said. Lets say HHH DOES win… it really does a disservice to give that win to someone who isn’t an active member of the roster and can use it.

HEELcolgan: I don’t think so, obviously there will be a huge excitement factor to this match like last years where most are aware of the backstage pull that HHH has and he will have his major “I thought that was it” nearfall like the tombstone last year with it obviously being a spectacular match but as Red River Jack stated there’s too much money in the streak and HHH doesn’t need to be elevated. If the Streak ends, it should be a young gun like Cody Rhodes or Dolph Ziggler or Wade Barrett and they should be treated like a HUGE deal for the rest of their career.

GSM (@SAVE_US_GSM): -I say Undertaker goes 20-0, he’s not retiring just yet. I completely agree with the decision to continue the streak.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): How is this even a question? Does anyone in their right mind actually think “The Streak” will ever end? Streak equals money, and the Streak will be what gets people to catch WrestleMania until the year Undertaker finally decides to quit.

Will: Triple H won’t end the streak. It’s been said already, but if HBK couldn’t do it in two tries, then it isn’t happening for Hunter, either. If the Streak absolutely HAS to come to an end, give it to someone who is gonna be there day in, day out, not to someone who is essentially going to be a bit player like HHH.

Rob (@GNWrestling): It’s nice to see everyone saying “No”, because I’m going to be a bit distraught if Triple H ends “The Streak”. You all certainly seem to agree that he’s the absolute WRONG person to do that – if it should ever happen. My fear keeps me wondering whether the mythical beast known as the Triple H Ego will rise up to the surface like Loch Ness Monster and be the one to put the blemish on Undertaker’s record.

What role will Shawn Michaels play in the outcome?

Red River Jack (@BeardofMikeKnox): I suspect there will be inadvertent strikes from both Triple H and Undertaker on HBK. I suspect HBK will get angry at one point and strike one of not both of them back. I think the most predictable ending would be HBK trying to hit Sweet Chin Music on Undertaker, but kicking Triple H instead and costing him the match, either intentionally or unintentionally. Rumor is WWE is looking at HHH vs HBK for Mania next year, but I really don’t want to see that. HBK costing Hunter the match would be the easy setup for that though.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): HBK will try to heed Undertaker’s advice by calling it down the line. Eventually, Triple H will think it is over, but Undertaker will kick out. Triple H will take exception and Michaels will be the one that ultimately does Triple H in. It’s going to have to be done in the right way. Michaels doesn’t want to come back and, in order to keep him as a man of his word, WWE will have to spin it in just the right way.

Patterson: I think Shawn may try and help HHH to prove that Triple H is not as a s good as him and can’t beat Taker without his help, but HHH doesn’t take the help and it costs him in the end leading to issues between Shawn and HHH for a possible Mania match next year. I’m thinking Shawn hits Taker with the superkick, but HHH refuses to make the cover. This leads to either HHH eating a superkick too, or Taker getting back up and the match continues with Taker winning. Either way I think it will be done in a way that neither wrestler gets a completely clean win or loss.

Nathan: The easy answer would be HBK Sweet Chin Musicing HHH to give Taker the win because Shawn’s ego couldn’t handle his BFF Hunter doing what he couldn’t. But that seems too obvious, given the way the promos have gone. I think it will be something inadvertent as Red River Jack suggested that sets off a chain of events that leads to HBK being involved in the finish.

Mister M: I’m personally hoping he plays no major role at all. I don’t particularly want to see a screw-job ending for a Streak match, regardless of who is getting screwed. In recent memory most of the Streak matches have been “pure” as Taker puts it, and I’d like them to remain so. HBK can bring his usual flash to the referee role, but I’d prefer the ending to be clean without tarnishing it in favor of pushing some other storyline. From a personal standpoint, I have no interest in seeing Trips/HBK have another shitty feud anytime in the near future.

HEELWrestling: I’m torn on this one. We’ll either see Triple H in a position to end The Streak only to get some Sweet Chin Music, or Michaels will play it down the middle and they’ll have the two competitors as the main attractions (a la Judgement Day 2000). They’ll certainly tease interaction between all three men, though.

xiv (@sirmhayesxiv): He’ll count to 3. I don’t see anything happening other than maybe some pushing and shoving during the match, but SOMEONE is getting superkicked after the match.

HEELcolgan: I would love to see a spot where HBK sweet chin music’s Taker to try and give Hunter the win but communicates through his facial expressions that he realizes The Streak must be kept “pure” so Sweet Chin Music’s Triple H too. Then perhaps Triple H’s arm still landing on Taker, 1…2… 2! As for the actual finish, Shawn shouldn’t really have much to do except count the “pure” victory for Taker. I’m thinking back to Cyber Sunday 2007 where Austin referred Taker/Batista where he didn’t do anything notable and was quite frankly a waste. So I’m hoping for a bit of physical contact, not to determine the finish though.

GSM (@SAVE_US_GSM): -Shawn Michaels delivers Sweet Chin Music to both men during the course of the match.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): The obvious role Michaels will play will be that of the guy who counts to three. My guess is he inadvertently hits Trips with Sweet Chin Music (Booking For Dummies).

Will: I’m sure he’ll have his role during the match. Whether it’s being directly involved with the outcome, or just simply laying both men out after the match, HBK is going to get physically involved. Otherwise, why have him there? Any of their current referees can count to three: it’s their job.

Is John Cena going to officially take the torch from The Rock by beating him at WrestleMania?

Red River Jack (@BeardofMikeKnox): No. John Cena doesn’t need the Rock’s torch, I don’t think the Rock’s torch will mean anything if it is passed, but he won’t be proverbially pass the torch none the less. There is no way The Rock loses in his first singles match back at WrestleMania in essentially what is his home town in front of a crowd that will surely be more divided against Cena than they are The Rock. I suspect The Miz costs Cena the match (yes, despite his involvement in the Battle of the GMs) and The Rock wins. That allows WWE to do an immediate re-match at SummerSlam if they want, or again, set up the main event of WrestleMania 29, which The Rock said he’ll be at – and I doubt it will be in a “guest host” or “special referee” capacity again. There is money in Rock/Cena II and even Rock/Cena III as a rubber match.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): I don’t think John Cena was ever going to take The Rock’s torch. There are similarities that can be drawn to one another, but Cena is his own man. It wasn’t on the shoulders of any man that Cena became a big deal. Brock Lesnar never got him over and he won his first high profile matches against Big Show and JBL. Cena has never really takent handouts from those that came before him.

Patterson: I think this match could go either way, but it’s this match that makes me certain Taker doesn’t lose as I think it makes Taker/Cena perfect for next year. Cena winning and saying the only thing he hasn’t done is beat Taker at Mania. Taker has been the WWE legend for decades, but now he wrestles once a year and Cena wants his shot at immortality before Taker is gone for good, if Cena loses challenging Taker would be his redemption. Looking at the match though what does Rock gain from winning he adds another foot note to his already Hall of Fame record, but than is back to the movies and shows up a couple times a year and maybe a handful more matches. Cena on the other hand has gained some credibility in my eyes on the promos he has cut on Rock over the past year and the win would solidify all of that and truly make him the “Icon” of his generation.

In response to RRJ I agree that Rock is the hometown hero in Miami and does give him an edge towards winning, but I’m not sold that they are doing Cena/Rock II next year as I think we get Cena/Taker unless they are hoping Taker stays healthy enough to do that at 30. I expect Rock has already agreed to go into the Hall of Fame next year whether he wrestles or not though again they could be saving that for 30 as well.

Nathan: In a word, no. He doesn’t need any torch at all. At this point in his career he’s the guy who would pass the torch to a rising star. Given what Rock has said about Mania 29 I can see a rematch having next year.

Mister M: I’m assuming yes. The Rock is not going to commit to anything full-time with the WWE, and his “I’m back and I’m never going away” stance is just typical charismatic Rocky bullshit. I see the torch being passed here with Cena snapping up the win because he’s the one who would actually benefit from it since he’ll still be around after Wrestlemania.

HEELWrestling: I’m of the firm belief there’ll be a riot in Miami if Cena goes over. WrestleMania crowds have been anti-Cena for years, no matter where they are, and this year will be even worse. I really hope we don’t see any outside interference. I expect to see Rock take the win, although in more of a “Hey, you got me” manner than a “Rocky destroys Cena” manner. This can in turn lead to a rematch down the road, which is something WWE clearly have in mind whether it be for SummerSlam or WrestleMania XXIX. I also believe giving Cena the win restores his Superman status, which is the very thing that has killed the main event scene over the last couple of years. And I think – well, hope – WWE writers know that now.

xiv (@sirmhayesxiv): Nope. He should. But they’re IN Miami. This is a once in a lifetime match. The Rock didn’t come back and put forth all this effort to eat a loss. Plus there are a lot more interesting things for Cena to do if he loses. Tease the heel turn.

Heelcolgan: As for taking the torch from The Rock, I agree with Red River Jack in that Cena doesn’t need The Rock torch in the respect that Cena has already carved his own hall of fame career and will go down in history as one of the greatest. I’ve been flip flopping on my prediction as the dilemna seems to be that if Cena wins there’s the uproar from hardcore fans and there isn’t really any way to set up a rematch since Cena’s already proved that he’s better but on the other hand if Rock wins why should fans watch Cena wrestle for the rest of the year when The Rock who isn’t a full time wrestler has beat him. Been thinking long and hard about it and came to the conclusion (for now) that Cena should and will win because he’s the current generation and the fans may turn pro Cena the match is fantastic. As well as this how much better would it be next year you’ve got Cena who’s looking very strong gets challenged by an obsessive Rocky who will do anything to get his rematch in WM 29 and the rubber match which Cena should win at WM 30.

GSM (@SAVE_US_GSM): -Nope, The Rock will win, eventually leading to rematch.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): I’m not sure there’s really a torch to be passed. It’s been eight years since The Rock wrestled/was relevant in the wrestling world. At least when Rock beat Hogan at WM 18, Hogan was still active, so there was still that “torch passing” moment there. I think Cena will win, but only as WWE’s way of saying to fans “LET THE ATTITUDE ERA GO ALREADY!”

Will: Nope. The Rock may have come in, said he wasn’t leaving, and then left again, but still, this is Miami at Wrestlemania. The whole point, I feel, is to let Rock come in and get the win. It’s not like it’s going to bury Cena’s career to have him lose here. Maybe down the line, Cena gets the win back, but I don’t see it happening at Mania.

Rob (@GNWrestling): I’m torn on this one, which makes this Round Table mostly split on the issue, as 5 of you think Rock wins, 4 of us are undecided, and 3 think Cena will win. Personally, I really like the idea of The Rock winning, then declaring he wants to have the belt, and then have him win it before the G.I. Joe movie comes out, allowing him to take it to Red Carpets and on late night talk shows. Put over the belt, for once.

Out of those two matches, which are you more highly anticipating?

Red River Jack (@BeardofMikeKnox): I am more highly anticipating Rock/Cena is more because these guys have a lot to prove to both the casual and devoted fans. Triple H vs. Undertaker will have the gimmicks of special guest referee HBK and the Hell in a Cell to cover for what those two can no longer do in the ring. Rock/Cena has to deliver on a purely one on one no gimmick level, and thus will be more interesting.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): How is the answer anything except for Rock and Cena? It’s a match literally one year in the making with the hype that has driven this entire event. There’s no gimmicks, no large cage around them, and no special referees. It’s just two men that represent their eras in a grudge match. I can’t actually believe that these two guys are buddies. I also can’t truly believe I know who will win. It’s like watching Hogan and Rock at WrestleMania a decade earlier, except that both are still in fantastic physical condition.

Patterson: Taker/HHH is definitely the one I’m looking forward to, while the story this year hasn’t been as great as last year and the two years with Shawn it’s been interesting. Rock/Cena on the other hand while I see both being favorites of some fans neither one have ever really been the reason ive tuned into a Raw or PPV, so definitely HHH/Taker.

Nathan: Rock/Cena has alot more hype and build riding behind it, but I’m looking forward more to Taker/HHH because of the Cell. I’m hoping it regains some of its former glory since having a PPV dedicated to it has watered it down.

Mister M: Taker/Trips II. I’ve never been a big fan of The Rock, and I can tolerate Cena only in small doses. Taker holds my interest pretty much all the time, so nine times out of ten his match will be the one I want to see.

HEELWrestling: Rock vs Cena, because it’s huge. Gigantic. I should point out here I’m quite overtly anti-Triple H when it comes to his on-screen presence; between his thirty minute promos, calling the roster broomsticks and giving his feud it’s own theme music, he just gets under my skin. More than that, though, I can’t remember the last Hell In A Cell match where we actually saw the guys leave the cage – let alone get on top. And I’m not sure we’ll see it in Miami either, because WrestleMania or no, this is still a PG environment. I also find Special Guest Referees are pretty much guaranteed to detract from a great match, no matter who they are.

xiv (@sirmhayesxiv): Rock Cena. I love me a spectacle. Plus they’re two men who are still near or in their prime. Rocky has never looked more in shape. You can’t say that for either guy in HitC.

HEELcolgan: tough one, I’m very excited for both as I am a big Cena fan despite online criticisms and let’s be honest who doesn’t love Taker? Not a big HHH fan and feel The Rock is very overrated which balances out until I take into consideration the Hell in a Cell stipulation, the Shawn Michael’s refereeing and the fact that Cole and Lawler even though I love them are going to verbally kissing up to The Rock meaning Undertaker/Triple H is looking that bit more epic. Its going to be a great PPV for the fans in terms of work rate and the spectacle with the real winners being the fans. I disagree with xiv (@sirmhayesxiv) who said that Undertaker/Triple H are past their prime, I’m not sure how I feel about Hunter but Taker has developed the Shawn Michaels/fine wine syndrome in that his matches have only got better by him aging as these last 5 have been amazing.

GSM (@SAVE_US_GSM): -Undertaker vs. Triple H.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): I hated HHH/Taker from WM last year, and I’m not expecting anything special this year, either. As for Cena/Rock, for 48 or 49 weeks, I did not care the slightest bit for this match, but the promos the last few weeks have been excellent, and I’m sold. I’m not pulling for one or the other, but I have a gut feeling that they will deliver a great match.

Will: Good question. Tough question. The marky answer would be Cena/Rock, but the adult in me wants to say HHH/Taker. Cena and Rock are going on last, for sure. They’d be stupid to put any other match in that spot, to be sure. And while I enjoyed the push of the feud all year round between them, they could have done more, and done less. More throughout the year, instead of just keeping it to Twitter and Survivor Series, and less in this past month in a half. I feel like it’s been crammed down my f’n throat since Elimination Chamber. At least Rock’s been there, though. Fuck it. I’ll just say Cena and Rock and be done with it.

Rob (@GNWrestling): Wow, so at this point it’s 6 people liking the Rock / Cena match and 5 people liking the Undertaker / HHH match. Much closer than I thought it would be. Honestly, I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by the build to both of these matches. They started to do something interesting with The Undertaker in trying to get HHH to accept the match, and then they just sorta dropped it. Taker shaved his head, giving himself a totally different look, and we haven’t even seen it yet. He could’ve played up some scare tactics or included an aspect of him being the Grim Reaper, but we got none of it. As for Cena / Rock, there was no physicality to the build. The promos got a bit repetitive each week, and I personally found The Rock to be less entertaining this time around than he has been in the past. They say it’s personal but you’d think there would at least be a little bit of shoving here or there. I’m probably most interested in Undertaker vs HHH because to me, there’s only one right answer on how that match should end, and I’ll be pissed off if Triple H wins it. As for The Rock vs Cena, the outcome doesn’t really matter because I agree with several of the comments from the Round Table, I believe we will see a rematch at some point.

Are any of the other matches on the WrestleMania card more interesting to you than Rock/Cena & Undertaker/HHH?

Red River Jack (@BeardofMikeKnox): To the casual fan? Probably not. To more involved fans, obviously CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho might be more interesting from a work-rate basis. I don’t know if I’m MORE interested in Punk/Jericho than the other two matches, but I’m probably as interested in that match as I am in the other two. The Battle of the GMs also looks like it will be fun as well.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): How is nobody talking about Daniel Bryan and Sheamus? I blame WWE for not believing enough in these two and giving them a real storyline to stand on. Sheamus shocked fans with his Royal Rumble win and many are still surprised that Daniel Bryan is a world champion, let alone one at a WrestleMania. The match that was pushed to the dark match a year ago is a world title match and likely the opening contest? Let the discussion begin, people.

Patterson: While those two matches have the hype i think Punk/Jericho will steal the show ringwork wise while at the same time telling a good story. In response to Aitken I give a lot of credit to Sheamus/Danielson from getting bumped to a dark match that got turned into a battle royale last year, and now having a amtch at the same show the following year for the World title. I fully expect these guys to show why htye are the next generation of top stars and work their but off to put on a great match.

Nathan: I have to agree with Red River Jack on this one. Casual fans will be more hooked into Rock/Cena, but for dedicated ones it will be Punk/Jericho, simply because it will be a better ‘wrestling’ match.

Mister M: Yep. It’s no secret that I’m a super biased Kane mark, so the # 1 match on the card that I’m looking forward to is Orton vs Kane. So far this feud has gotten a bunch of negative feedback, which I don’t understand because I think the build has been good and the backstory leading up to it has been solid too. I think it’s just become a trend for people to shit on anything that Kane becomes involved in because it’s the cool “IWC” thing to do, but yeah, I never buy into that. Definitely looking forward to this one.

HEELWrestling: I guess the answer to this would be “YES! YES! YES!”. I’m looking forward to both title matches more than the Hell In A Cell, for the reasons stated above. I think Jericho/Punk will be the pure wrestling match of the night, much as Punk/Orton was last year. I’m interested to see what Daniel Bryan looks like working on a night like WrestleMania too, given how incredibly talented he is. Will be interesting to see how he and Sheamus combine, given the latter is a stiff brawler-type worker.

xiv (@sirmhayesxiv):Jericho/Punk. Basically you have My all time most favoritest (Jericho) and my current favoritest (Punk). You have the internet’s wrestling match wet dream. Jericho was the first world wide web wunderkid. He was so widely embraced by the internet dating back to his time in WCW. Punk is there now. From a feud standpoint its been great. Great mic work. They have had little to no physical interaction. I can’t wait for this match, Sunday.

HEELcolgan: Jericho vs Punk is as important if not more, I like Punk as a wrestler and he has great mic skills but his snarky/sarcastic attitude can annoy me. Jericho is one of my favourites of all time and an amazing wrestler and on the mic, I’m anticipating this match to be a classic like Jericho/Mysterio and Jericho/Shawn so just like HEELwrestling stated on pure wrestling alone Jericho/Punk is looking very exciting. I’m enamoured with Daniel Bryan’s character but the entire feud with Sheamus hasn’t been as exciting as the big 3. Kane/Orton will be a good wrestling match but will pale in comparison to the rest while Big Johnny vs Teddy will be hilariously entertaining.

GSM (@SAVE_US_GSM): -Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk. I’ve been waiting for that for a long, long time.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho. This is a dream match for me. My two favorite active wrestlers in a Main Event match at WrestleMania. Thank you, WWE.

Will: More interesting? Probably not. AS interesting? Maybe Punk/Jericho.

Is Big Show leaving WrestleMania with the Intercontinental Championship?

Red River Jack (@BeardofMikeKnox): I’m going to say no. Traditional booking logic would indicate that Big Show will get the upper hand, beat Cody Rhodes, and have his WrestleMania moment. Big Show has plenty of Mania moments, even if he was on the losing end. Big Show doesn’t need the Intercontinental Championship (though holding it would be an interesting footnote because I’ve read its the last major title he hasn’t held). I suspect by hook or by crook, Cody Rhodes will find a way to beat the Big Show. He’ll rub it in Show’s face post-match, which is where Big Show will slap him down and get a fan friendly feel good Mania moment.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): He’s leaving with that title. Cody Rhodes has had a historic reign, among the top three longest reigns of the last two decades. However, Big Show has had his WrestleMania career questioned and ridiculed. Big Show has also won all titles in WWE currently except for the Intercontinental title. The title change frees Rhodes for a push to the main event and cements Big Show’s legacy. It’s a win-win.

Patterson: This is tough to call, Big Show has never had that big Wrestlemania moment as he has one of the worst Mania loss records, but if he wins this match he will have held every active WWE title. On the flipside Cody has been doing great with this heel run and is breaking through into the top level of performers and this IC run has really done wonders even if he has been losing a lot on Smackdown. I could see Cody coming close to or breaking Honky Tonk Man’s IC title run record, so with that I’m saying Cody retains.

Nathan: The only he would is if Creative has plans to push Cody into the main event, but that doesn’t look like it’ll happen. Plus, Show doesn’t need the IC Title certainly. The bets he can do is put over Rhodes, who will use this as a launching pad.

Mister M: I think they’ll finally give Show his Wrestlemania moment. I’m a fan of Rhodes, but he’s had a decent run with the belt so far and his “embarrassing moments” approach with Show has been pretty entertaining. They might try a sketchy ending for this one to keep the belt on Rhodes, I guess we’ll see.

HEELWrestling: I agree with Knox again here. The entire feud has suggested the face will overcome the bullying heel at WrestleMania and finally capture himself a singles victory at the biggest show of them all. However, I just can’t see Big Show with the Intercontinental Title. It doesn’t do him or the title any favours. Cody will be – alongside Ziggler – the main man for a main event push through the Summer, that much is guaranteed. But I don’t think Big Show is the man he drops to. Expect Cody to use the ropes, or a weapon.

xiv (@sirmhayesxiv):Yes. Time for his moment. Plus he then shuts up Cody Rhodes, who has dominated this feud. The story has all been leading to a Wrestlemania win. So him leaving with the title is part of that.

HEELcolgan: I have a soft spot for Big Show and have really enjoyed his recent work with Henry/Bryan and Cody both in the ring and the extra emotional layers added to his character. As have I enjoyed Cody’s promo’s which have drawn good heat and been very funny at the same time ala using Big Show as a verb “I’m going to the toilet to take a big show.” But Show seems to never get a proper break see his 45 second title reign for evidence. I’ve enjoyed Cody’s very long title reign in which he is adding credibility to the title and I personally see Cody retaining either by Disqualification or cheating.

GSM (@SAVE_US_GSM): -Nope, but he might win via DQ or count-out.
Another IWC Jerk (AnotherIWCJerk): I’m gonna say no on this one. I’ve never been a fan of former World champs ging after secondary titles. It’s such a step down, and even though Show has never won the IC title, he doesn’t need it. It won’t help his legacy, though it won’t hurt it, either.

Will: Wait, what? Since when does WWE defend the IC strap at Wrestlemania? Yes, Big Show wins the match, yes he leaves Rhodes laying in the ring, but I’m sorry, I’m undecided on whether he leaves with the gold. They could pull a DQ finish, where Rhodes gets himself intentionally disqualified to keep the belt, and then Show snaps off a WMD. Or they could have Show go in and dominated from bell to bell. I hope I don’t see THAT.

Rob (@GNWrestling): I really like the idea that Cody Rhodes gains credibility by getting a victory over a guy who has held the World Title on a couple occasions and just about every other belt in the business. There’s something to be said for letting Big Show get ONE run with the IC title before he retires, and to let Cody move up the card this summer and get a shot at a Main Event feud for the big belt, but I also don’t think it’s a great time for Cody to have the World Title, and I’d like to see him as a multi-time Intercontinental Champion. After failing at getting the World Title, he’s just going to move back down the card to reclaim the Intercontinental Title? That doesn’t sit right with me. Ideally Cody and Show feud over the belt for a few months before Cody ultimately has another great run with it, and if that means Big Show gets his WrestleMania moment, so be it.

Who’s going to be the General Manager after Team Teddy vs Team Johnny, and who’s going to get the pinfall in that match?

Red River Jack (@BeardofMikeKnox): Some people don’t like him, but Johnny Ace is an interesting enough character. At this point, he’s better than Teddy “We’re Going To Have Ourselves A Tag Team Match, Playas” Long. I think Team Johnny wins and Ace runs both shows, for a short while. I’m sure he’ll try to embarrass Teddy in the weeks following Mania and will book a match offering Teddy his job on Smackdown back, which Teddy will “surprisingly” win. Oh, and The Miz picks up the pin fall, just to make us think he’s done for the night before interfering in Rock/Cena.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): Johnny gets a better reaction negatively than anything Teddy Long has gotten in any regard. Team Johnny wins and, call me crazy, but David Otunga gets the pinfall. It becomes an automatic feather for his cap and at least justifies his pending push in the company.

Patterson: Teddy has had a long run, so i expect Team Johnny to get the win. I think Miz gets the pin on Santino to lead to a feud.

Nathan: It has to be Big Johnny. Teddy Long as a character is way played out, and Ace is just getting started. He’s already a good heel authority figure but he can be much better. As for the pin, it’ll either be Miz, just to give him his Mania moment after being buried or Otunga, because the company weirdly likes to give him big ‘wrestling’ moments.

Mister M: I’m thinking Team Johnny takes this one. Big Johnny’s mannerisms are pretty funny now and then, and Teddy running both shows would get boring pretty fast. I’d like to see Otunga get the pinfall to push his character a bit more, because I think he has potential.

HEELWrestling: There’s no question in my mind, it’s Mr Excitement. Big Johnny. He’s far more entertaining than Teddy Long, and at least amongst those I talk to, that’s a pretty unanimous view. Even from people who hate Johnny Ace. I think having one general manager is a step towards the end of the roster split, much like the SuperShow has been another. The Royal Rumble highlighted exactly how thin the WWE roster is right now, and if you have everyone feuding across both shows you can help SmackDown’s ratings by putting bigger names on there, and you can actually give time to lower card feuds. Hell, it might even help Superstars as a show. I think we’ll see Miz or Mark Henry pick up the win, probably over Ryder or Khali.

xiv (@sirmhayesxiv): Johnny. He’s the more interesting character. Much more interesting stories/interactions with Johnny. Plus Johnny then pushing all the members of Team Johnny coming out of Mania would in and of itself be entertaining.

HEELcolgan: There’s been various scenarios suggested including Teddy removing Big Johnny’s commentator Cole from Wrestlemania in favour of JR when he wins or Miz turning face. Personally I don’t see either occuring and think Johnny Ace is hilarious and has been a surprisingly great general manager. I’ve turned into an Otunga mark and would love to see him get the pinfall over Khali/Santino probably after a World Strongest Slam from the return to dominance of Mark Henry. Bottom line is if there’s any Non Wrestler not named Cole I would love to have on two shows, it’s good ol’ clown shoes, funkman, Mr Excitement: Big Johnny!

GSM (@SAVE_US_GSM): -John Laurinaitis will pick up the victory, and Miz will be the deciding factor.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): I’m hoping John Laurinaitis. I’ve never been a fan of babyface authority figures, and Teddy Long is getting pretty stale and predictable as GM (“tag team match, playa”). I think Miz will probably end up with the winning pinfall, though I’d nominate Dolph Ziggler as well. I’m hoping for Johnny to hit Teddy with an Ace Crusher to send him packing. A guy can dream, right?

HEELWrestling: An Ace Crusher would be amazing! The ultimate salute to those of us who know our stuff. I’d be absolutely stunned (Stunnered would probably be a better word) if we saw one though.

Will: Johnny. Teddy’s time has come and gone. And then several years have passed since. I see either Ryder or Santino taking the fall for this one, with either Otunga or Henry picking up the win. Probably Otunga, even though he sticks out like a sore thumb as a Team Captain, considering that Dolph Ziggler, who was just in the World Title Picture, and Mark Henry, who was just the most dominant heel in 2011, are on the team.

Rob (@GNWrestling): I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Teddy Long is ready to retire. He’s over 60 years old and he’s had his fun. Laurinaitis is a lot younger and the points made by the Round Table were accurate – a heel GM is more interesting. As much as it pains me to say this, I’m actually starting to like David Otunga as a character, and I hope he’s featured well in this match.

Is there any chance that CM Punk AND Daniel Bryan both leave Miami as World Champion?

Red River Jack (@BeardofMikeKnox): The chances aren’t very good. Sheamus must win the World Heavyweight Championship for his own personal momentum, for the sake of the somewhat lackluster feud, and for the sake of his Royal Rumble win and to reverse the dismal streak past Rumble winners have been on in trying to win a world title at Mania. I think Punk/Jericho could go either way at this point. The idea of a Punk/Bryan double-champion celebration moment to mirror or replace the Guerrero/Benoit one is tempting, but I think they already got that on free TV in the days following Bryan’s title win.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): I don’t know if either leave as champion. WrestleMania has seen double title changes in the past and this year’s won’t be shocking. Punk could go to Extreme Rules in Chicago next month as the challenger and Sheamus has just been too hot to think that Bryan could cool him down. The experiment of having the fan favorites as champions is officially over… for now.

Patterson: While I think Punk has a chance of ratianing, I think Danielson is going to take the loss giving Sheamus his Mania win and what I expect to be a long run til possibly SummerSlamFest.

Nathan: Not at all. Whether Punk does or not is irrelevant to this question because Sheamus has to win thus rendering the question moot. The Pale One has been built up these past few weeks as if he has a better chance of winning then Bryan. Plus if Sheamus doesn’t win, then that officially makes winning the Rumble not mean anything.

Mister M: Punk, of course. I feel DB is on borrowed time though because I doubt they’ll waste Sheamus’s Rumble win by allowing DB to keep the big gold. He had a good run as World Champ, and I’m sure they’ll find other things for the character to do after this.

HEELWrestling: For both? I think we can safely say, no. I wonder how many times that’s happened since we’ve had two Heavyweight Champions. I see Bryan retaining, thanks to a shocking heel turn from AJ, and Punk dropping to Jericho. Many might cry that Jericho is going on tour with Fozzy and working part-time for a while, but he recently extended his contract – and, as a kicker – Extreme Rules takes place in Chicago.

xiv (@sirmhayesxiv): Nope. I don’t think EITHER do. Punk has a decent shot. That match I see, as a 50-50. DB is a LLLLLLLLOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG shot. They are engraving a “Sheamus” nameplate as I type.

HEELcolgan: In regards to HeelWrestling’s query about how many times Two Heavyweight champions have retained since WM 20, ONCE: last year with Cena and Edge. I do agree that there isn’t a good chance that Punk and Bryan leave both as World Champions and I would predict two new World Champions: Sheamus and Chris Jericho. It’s necessary to keep the Rumble prestige alive and Jericho deserves to have his moment at Wrestlemania by doing something he’s never done in his illustrious career, winning the WWE title at Wrestlemania. I still think Jericho/Punk has legs and Jericho will be a great champion.

GSM (@SAVE_US_GSM): -Yeah, since Daniel Bryan might cheat his way to victory by using AJ.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): I think there’s a good chance. Due to having to hype two main events featuring “part-timers,” the World title matches kinda got ignored. Sheamus hasn’t really been built as a credible challenger, aside from winning the Royal Rumble. Jericho, on the other hand, is a credible threat just based on his history, but I don’t think we see the major titles going anywhere.

Will: I’d like to say yes, but probably not. I bet both lose their straps, and I wouldn’t be disappointed if they did. Jericho is Jericho, and Sheamus has been on it during this face run, and then with his surprising Rumble win. Would not surprise me, given his current run as WHC, if Bryan found a sneaky way to retain, whether it’s using AJ, or getting counted out, or just plain cheating, just to keep the feud going. WWE aren’t going to worry about sending the crowd home happy with faces winning both title matches, considering that they are match #3 and #4 (possibly 5 with Kane/Orton on the card) behind the two huge main events, so maybe the heels take both, but we’ll see.

Of anyone not featured on the card (injured, unbooked, or part of the 12-man tag), who are you most disappointed doesn’t have a prominent spot at the biggest event of the year?

Red River Jack (@BeardofMikeKnox): Am I understanding this question correctly? Is it saying the 12-man tag isn’t a prominent spot on the card? It sure beats not being on the card at all. Would it be nice for Dolph Ziggler or Mark Henry or Zack Ryder to have something “bigger” to do? Probably. But if it wasn’t this Battle of the GMs match, they’d just be lost in some Money in the Bank match anyway. It’s too bad Christian is apparently still injured and won’t have a match at all, but I suspect he’ll be out there in a neck brace and on crutches for Team Johnny. I think its disappointing that creative couldn’t find something worthwhile for the now uninjured Alberto Del Rio to do considering he won the Rumble last year and was in a world title match, and now he’s no where to be seen. I still hope Ricardo Rodriguez can work in an entertaining Mania appearance. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are somewhat missed for various reasons. Wade Barrett was on a roll before his untimely injury, and his appearance and conclusion to his feud with Orton is missed. A serious women’s match featuring some combination of Beth Phoenix/Kharma/Natalya/and even Tamina would have been cool, but wasn’t in the cards for a variety of reasons. Otherwise, everyone who should have some kind of spot at Mania has one, so I can’t complain too much.

Robert Aitken (@RobertAitkenBR): So, Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble a year ago and had a good feud brewing with Edge. Does that mean nothing anymore? He could be on Team Johnny if need be because he is healthy. I’ve seen him at house shows recently. Would it kill you to put him on the card? He’s okay to go. Even if you barely feature him, he could stand there and make a paycheck. He was a part of the group that started this idea rolling back at Elimination Chamber. He should help finish what he started.

Patterson: Rey Mysterio, he always puts on a good match and has a lot of of fun having special outfits/masks made for the event. WWE was originally trying to break the most makss worn at an event record this Mania with Mysterio and possibly Sin Cara, I’m guessing they save that for next year. In response to Aitkens I fully believe Alberto Del Rio will be on the show most likely getting invovled in one of the other matches on the card to set up his next feud. The rumor is that they thought the 12 man tag wasnt a good enough return for Del Rio and he would get lost in the shuffle.

HEELWrestling: I was thoroughly relishing the prospect of a Bryan/Henry World Heavyweight Championship match prior to the Royal Rumble, so Mark Henry for one. I think he’s been one of the biggest stand-out guys in 2011, alongside Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler (I’m not sure it’s worth my time telling you Punk’s been good, too). I’d have liked to have seen Dolph Ziggler get his own feud, with actual mic time. I think realistically he was set for the Money in the Bank match anyway, but Barrett’s injury put a swift end to that. I’m disappointed Natalya’s turning face subtly and they’re not having her feud with Beth. That could be an incredible title match, although perhaps it would be overshadowed at WrestleMania, whereas in a couple of months it could get the heat and the attention it would deserve.

xiv (@sirmhayesxiv): Maybe… MAYBE, Ziggler. But I’m not upset he’s involved in the 12 man. So, really? There’s no one. I mean the 12 man ends up being a way to get 12 more guys on the PPV. There are 5 singles matches all of which might take up 15-20+ minutes (if not longer).

HEELcolgan: Two words: MARK HENRY. The man had a standout 2011, increased Smackdown’s ratings and had a very good series of matches with the Big Show on PPV, along with a Wrestlemania quality Cage World Title Match against Bryan on Smackdown. Henry deserves to be defending his title against Bryan or a hot babyface at Wrestlemania. Christian and Barrett who both have been sidelined had great years especially Christian who was money in his feud against Orton and with all due respect to Kane both would’ve made a better opponent for Orton in a No 1 contenders match maybe? Ziggler is another as is Edge who had to retire from injury and could’ve defended his World Title against Christian this year in his last match. The bottom line is it would take forever to list all the potential talent who deserve a spot at Mania and that is why I find it ridiculous when people say “The Rock coming back doesn’t mean he’s taking people’s spots”, he obviously is.

GSM (@SAVE_US_GSM): -Christian by far.

Another IWC Jerk (@AnotherIWCJerk): Three names. First, Wade Barrett. He was on a roll before his injury, and ready to finally live up to the potential he showed during his initial run with the Nexus. Next, Alberto Del Rio. He was in the World Heavyweight Championship match against Edge last year, and is supposedly medically cleared to come back, but apparently they decided to put Drew McIntyre on Team Johnny (not that I’m complaining, I’m a fan of McIntyre). Of course, he could always do a run-in, or interfere, but what are the odds that happens? The third person who shuld have a spot is the Funkasaurus himself, Brodus Clay. Why not? Put him in a squash against one of the mid-carders.

Will: Rey Mysterio is a tired act for me. There’s only so many times I can see him defeat the odds as the plucky underdog before I want something fresh. Very glad he wasn’t thrown in the 12 man tag as was rumored. Very disappointing to see Christian pulled from the card, whatever the reasoning is. They didn’t need Alberto Del Rio, either. At least they put Miz on the card. Would have been ridiculous to have the man who main evented WM27 as WWE champ turn around and not even wrestle on the show, even though he is able to.

Rob (@GNWrestling): Wade Barrett is a guy who I believe to have a big future in WWE, and it’s a shame he was lost to injury because I had hoped to see big things from him at WrestleMania. I don’t mind that Alberto Del Rio is sitting this one out, because quite frankly he was underwhelming over the past 11 months. What he did at Royal Rumble 2011 and the feud with Edge leading up to WrestleMania 27 doesn’t mean anything to me, and if the rumors of his backstage attitude are true, maybe it’s a good thing he’s being forced to sit back and eat humble pie while he watches people compete. Drew McIntyre has waited long enough and suffered through a frustrating de-push, and I’m happy he got a spot on Team Johnny instead of Alberto Del Rio.

Which individual wrestler from this year’s inductees are you most excited to see make it into WWE’s Hall Of Fame?

Red River Jack (@BeardofMikeKnox): Most excited? Eh. I’m equally indifferent to nearly all of them, but I will say that all of them deserve their inductions for sure. I handled Edge in a “real wrestler” e-fed probably a decade ago now, so I’ll go with him for the sake of the question, even though I feel they should have held off on his induction until WrestleMania came to Canada again.

Robert Aitken (RobertAitkenBR): Yokozuna is way overdue. His dominance was second to none at his time. Had he not been so overly obese, he could have even accepted the honor in person perhaps. It is fitting that The Usos induct him too. Even though he was always marketed as Japanese, the fans knew better. It’s just a classy moment all around, especially because it nearly didn’t happen.
Patterson: Arn Anderson is one of my top five of all time and possibly my favorite talker ever so I’m glad to see him go in even if it’s as par tof the Horsemen and not solo.

Mister M: Edge. Always been a fan, and it’ll be good to see Edge get inducted while his character is still fresh in our minds.

HEELWrestling: Yokozuna, assuming the question is written to exclude the Horsemen. I think it’s been a long time coming, because he was fantastic to watch. For a guy of his size and stature to pull off the moves he did, it was… well, he was a spectacle. I think Edge is in too early, and that he’s primarily in this year to help sell Bending The Rules and to get him at Axxess while he’s still a strong attraction. For financial means, in other words. Which is a shame. On the basis you have so many guys who aren’t in that should be in, like Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, Mike Rotunda, Rick Rude, Vader or Mick Foley, and Edge finds a spot? It just doesn’t sit right for me. And that’s without even making mention of more controversial suggestions like the nWo, Owen Hart or Paul Heyman.

xiv (@sirmhayesxiv): Edge. Huge Edge-Head. Looking forward to Christians induction speech, and his acceptance speech. Should wreak of awesomeness.

HEELcolgan: Edge and Ron Simmons. The APA were a very fun tag team who I was a huge fan of back in the day and I’m very excited to see one of the best heels: JBL once more and listen to his stories about Ron. As for Edge, I would argue once again with HEELWrestling (sorry!) that Edge deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame more than those guys (excluding Savage) and would put him almost on the same level. Edge is in my fave five all time and he’s proved his value to the company time after time, it only makes sense to induct him this quickly into the Hall of Fame since his career is officially over and done with and he is still a drawing power.

GSM (@SAVE_US_GSM): -Edge. He deserves it.

Will: Edge. Absolutely Edge. Second is Ron Simmons, then the Horsemen.

Rob (@GNWrestling): Yokozuna did great things for the business for a five year span, and so he’s certainly more deserving than a lot of the guys in the Hall Of Fame. Edge’s induction is coming too soon, and it may be a personal bias due to having not watched a ton of the early WCW stuff, but I wouldn’t have put the entire Four Horsemen crew into the Hall Of Fame. Though he was underutilized, I think Ron Simmons was a tremendous talent, so I’d say he and Yokozuna are the top two inductees that I’m excited about this year.

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