It’s the biggest wrestling event of the year, and GuysNation is here to live-blog it for you!  Keep checking back throughout the evening to catch what’s happening!

Wrestlemania gets started, the video screen is the biggest I’ve ever seen, and The Rock is the first one to make an entrance.  The Georgia Dome is so big that you can barely hear the crowd’s reaction.

After standing on the stage for about two minutes, The Rock makes his way to the ring, and this is probably the longest ramp they’ve ever had.

We’re now five minutes into the show and no one has said a word.

“FINALLY… The Rock has come BACK… to Atlanta, and Finally the Rock HAS COME BACK to WrestleMania!”

The most pointless cheap-pop reference ever, as most of the crowd isn’t FROM Atlanta.

The Diva’s match just got three minutes shorter because The Rock rambled on by pandering to the crowd in Atlanta with his catch phrases.

World Heavyweight Championship – Alberto Del Rio vs Edge (c)

The official predictions from the GuysNation Wrestlemania viewing:  J-Day & 4thStooge going for Edge, and Rob’s got Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio shows up in a Rolls Royce and rolls it right up the little ramp that the wrestlers use, underneath the Titan Tron, which is showing a huge image of ADR’s “estate house”.

Christian gets his own entrance, and then it’s Edge coming to the ring.

Early on, Alberto Del Rio gets the advantage and holds it for the most part, working over Edge’s shoulder when possible.

The car ADR drove out in is still located atop the ramp.  4thStooge called out a bit for someone going through the windshield.  I doubted it, but we’ll see.

Edge does a high risk move to the outside and Michael Cole mentions that Edge rarely puts his body into danger like that… and I guess he has missed some of Edge’s biggest moments at Wrestlemania:

– Spear through the ropes on Foley through a flaming table

– Spear from the announce table through the time keeper’s barrier last year on Christian

– Just about everything he did in the Money In The Bank match a couple years ago

You’d think the self-professed “voice of WWE” would pay more attention to WWE history!

ADR does get the cross-arm breaker on Edge, but Edge gets to the ropes.  Before Edge can fully capitalize, ADR gets back on the attack.  Outside the ring, Brodus Clay takes out Christian.

Edge avoids some offense from ADR, then drops him with a DDT, then sets up for a spear… tries for it, then ADR side-steps the spear, and Brodus Clay forces Edge into the corner turnbuckle.  Another Cross-Arm Breaker, another escape from Edge.

Edge locks ADR into his version of the Sharpshooter (which has its own move name, but out of respect for Bret Hart, I’m not going to use those names).  ADR escapes.  Brodus Clay gets kicked by Christian as he tries to get involved, and Edge gets into position and then a SPEAR connects from Edge.

Outcome – Edge retains the title by pinfall

After the match, Edge and Christian beat the hell out of the Rolls Royce and Alberto Del Rio just cries about it.  I almost shed a tear, as that was a nice car.  There’s some doubt amongst the GuysNation crew as to whether or not it was really a Rolls Royce.

Match – Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio

The official predictions from the GuysNation Wrestlemania viewing:  J-Day going for Mysterio, and 4thStooge & Rob’s got Cody.

Cody wearing a cool looking leather jacket, with no knee brace to speak of.  Rey Mysterio with a Captain America themed outfit, obviously branded with the 6-1-9 and the “M” on the forehead instead of the traditional “A”.

Cody Rhodes in total control for the early part of the match, with Rey not getting much offense at all for the first five minutes.  Cody had a great spot where he put Rey in the corner, wrapped his legs over the second ropes, then backed up and hit a running headbutt with his facemask.

Mysterio got back into the match a bit, got to the top rope, but Cody climbed up and hit him with a headbutt and then hit a vertical suplex from the top.

Quote of the night so far goes to Lawler:  Michael Cole talking about how Rey will probably want to rip off Cody’s mask to show the world Rhodes’ face, and King reminds us that the mask is see-through already.

Rey does rip off the protective mask, just as predicted, and Mysterio hits the 6-1-9.  As that doesn’t lead to a pinfall, Mysterio puts the mask on and starts using it against Cody with leaping headbutts, then does a springboard falling headbutt, getting only a two-count.  J-Day points out that Cody’s leg was under the bottom rope anyway.

Cody had taken off Rey’s knee brace and thrown it outside the ring, and while he was regrouping on the arena floor, Cody got the knee brace and hit Rey in the head with it as Mysterio went for the dive through the ropes.  Cross-Rhodes from Cody… and it’s done!

Outcome – Cody Rhodes wins by pinfall

Backstage, Snoop Dogg is auditioning talent to go on tour with him.  William Regal with an awesome rap, Great Khali & Beth Phoenix with a lame song, Zack Ryder getting knocked out by Roddy Piper as he sang some stupid pop song, Yoshi Tatsu and Chris Masters doing a weird Queen version of We Will Rock You with Yoshi singing and Masters flexing his pecs.  Hornswoggle with a weird moment where he showed up, Snoop left, and Hornswoggle actually rapped with the Bellas dancing behind him.  Weird moment, but it got a few laughs out of the GuysNation crew.

Match – The Corre vs Big Show, Kane, Santino & ???

Something was “wrong” with Kozlov, so Kofi Kingston fills in.

The official predictions from the GuysNation Wrestlemania viewing:  J-Day & Rob going for The Corre, and 4thStooge’s got Big Red Nasty Santi-Kofi.

Craziest match so far by a lot, with all the guys hitting their big moves early and shockingly… it’s over.

Outcome – Santino hit Heath Slater with the Cobra, Big Show hits the big punch and knocks out Slater and pins him for the win

Backstage, The Rock has a segment with Mae Young where she mentions she wants The People’s Strudle, and The Rock makes fun of her a bit and then dispatches her with Eve Torres.  Stone Cold shows up and he has a few words with The Rock in a great segment for long-time viewers.

Match – Randy Orton vs CM Punk

The official predictions from the GuysNation Wrestlemania viewing:  J-Day & Rob going for CM Punk, and 4thStooge’s got Randy Orton.

Michael Cole once again says that this is as personal a match as you’ll see at Wrestlemania, clear hyperbole, as Orton vs HHH was more heated than this, as have been a ton of other matches in the history of the event.  Savage vs Flair comes to mind.  Austin vs Hart.  I could go on, but I have to keep typing.

A decent mix of offense from both guys early on, but Orton is still selling the leg injury from two weeks ago, and Punk targets it with his offense.  Nice jaw-breaker style move from Punk on Orton’s leg to start the onslaught.

Orton caught in a tree of woe, and Punk gets up onto the top rope and just stands on Orton’s leg, then hops down with a knee to the head.  GuysNation really enjoying Punk’s performance, just a couple years after he was used as an extra for John Cena’s gangster-style entrance crew.

Punk signals for the Go2Sleep, but Orton uses the elbows and drops down, tries for the RKO, but Punk hits a high kick that knocks Orton down for a 2-count.

Orton hits a SUPERPLEX – OFF THE TOP ROPE, but that doesn’t help his cause much, as Punk soon gets a Figure Four locked on around the corner ring post, and then puts on a leg-lock in the middle of the ring, with Orton really showing signs of being in pain – escaping the hold with headbutts on Punk after trying to rip his ears off.

CM Punk gets a little more offense, but the majority of the remainder of the match is completely in Randy’s favor, aside from Orton collapsing when he tries to punt Punk in the head.

Outcome – Randy Orton hits an RKO as Punk leaps off the top rope

Backstage, The Rock talks with Mean Gene for a moment, then finds out that Cena’s biggest fan is showing up… and it’s Pee Wee Herman.  The Rock converts Herman into a member of Team Bring It, and Herman asks if we can SMEEELLLLL WHAT THE PEE is COOKING!

I’m not, but maybe I’m in the minority.

We get a reminder of who the Hall of Famers are for this year, with Shawn Michaels getting a decent reaction from the fans, and the other inductees standing there live get decent reactions.

The next match is Lawler vs Cole (or it’s at least coming up soon, with those guys getting ready), and for the time being, it’s Jim Ross and Booker T filling in on the announce crew.  I’m not going to say anything about Michael Cole running down Jim Ross before the match, other than to say it happened.

Match – Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler

The official predictions from the GuysNation Wrestlemania viewing:  J-Day & Rob & 4thStooge all going for Lawler.

During the entrance of Jack Swagger, with Michael Cole already in the ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin drove to the ring in his ATV, scaring the hell out of Jack Swagger and Michael Cole.

Lawler with some cool ring attire for his entrance, a full cape that starts at his waist, goes up and over his head and down the back.  Definitey something to see.

Right from the start, Lawler goes after Michael Cole on the outside, Swagger tries to get involved, but Lawler takes out Swagger.  Cole hides in his penalty box and tries to beg off.  Cole offers a handshake through the opening in the box, and Cole grabs him by the hand, then pulls him head first into the wall of the box.

As the match continues, Swagger gets up on the outside and takes out Lawler, first with a clothesline, and after Michael Cole hits a baseball slide (you read that right), Swagger locks on the Ankle Lock.

Miachel Cole gets some offense and holds control for a bit.  When Jerry Lawler gets the advantage back, Jak Swagger tries to throw in the towel, but Stone Cold refuses to accept it.  Swagger then argues and gets a stunner for his trouble!

Lawler with tons of punches to the face, including one from the second rope, but he goes for the pinfall and only gets a two-count… because he pulls Cole up off the mat.

To finish things off, Jerry Lawler puts on an ankle lock, and although Michael Cole taps out fiercely, Stone Cold takes a moment to “ensure” Cole wants to give up… and he does.

Outcome – Jerry Lawler wins via submission.

In a weird twist, the Anonymous GM speaks up, and apparently Stone Cold being “biased” causes the GM to disqualify Lawler and give the win to Michael Cole.

No DQ Match – Triple H vs Undertaker

The official predictions from the GuysNation Wrestlemania viewing:  Rob & 4thStooge going for The Undertaker, with J-Day thinking the Game is going to break the streak.

Metallica’s FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS plays, and although it seemed like that might’ve been Undertaker, guys with shields show up and then between them emerges Triple H.  The song fades, the lights go out, and Triple H’s regular music hits for his entrance.

The Undertaker’s gong hits and there’s flames from all over the entrance arches.  The “fog” rolls in and the Johnny Cash song that sounds like it was written for ‘Taker hits, and The Deadman makes his way to the ring.

I’m still in shock that this match isn’t going to be the last match of the evening, which gives me even more reason to think that The Rock is going to be leaving the arena with the title currently held by The Miz.

Very early on, the brawling heads outside the ring, and they tease the destruction of the Spanish Announce table, but instead they destroy Michael Cole’s penalty box.

The brawling continues for a bit inside the ring, with Triple H getting the better of the offense, and then it goes outside and Undertaker continues to get battered.  Triple H then clears the regular announcer’s table and sets Undertaker up on it.  Undertaker blocks the offense, tries for a chokeslam.  Triple H blcoks, tries for the Pedigree and Undertaker back body drops him off the table down to the floor.  He ALMOST hit his head on the side of the table on the way down.

They’ve got a damn good match going on, so it’s hard for me to follow everything AND type about it, but they definitely decimated the Spanish Announce table, Undertaker got a chokeslam on Triple H, The Game hit The Pedigree, The Last Outlaw hit the Last Ride… and the match continues.

The move that I thought was going to end things was when The Undertaker did his flying dive over the top rope onto a standing Triple H… and almost as bad as two years ago, Undertaker looked like he hit his head on the arena floor.  Triple H might’ve cushioned it a bit, but not enough that it would’ve made a lot of difference.  Though Undertaker looked dazed, he continued.

Tombstone Piledriver in the middle of the ring by Undertaker… crosses Triple H’s arms over his chest… and it’s a kickout at 2!

Undertaker gets a chair, tried to hit a Tombstone on a chair, but Triple H reversed it and then hit a DDT onto the chair.

Both men up… Triple H hits another Pedigree… and The Undertaker kicks out again!  (though he could’ve just reached two inches and grabbed the rope)

I’m thinking there’s going to be a sledgehammer used!

Triple H gets a third Pedigree into his opponent, but it’s still not enough.  After Triple H rests for a moment, he gets the chair and beats the hell out of Undertaker… but he doesn’t go for the pinfall yet.

With wobbly legs, Undertaker gets up and Triple H tells him to stay down, but he won’t.  Triple H picks up The Deadman and drops him onto his head with a Tombstone Piledriver, crosses ‘Taker’s arms over his chest… but Undertaker kicks out at 2!

If Triple H had won that way, I’d be SOOO disappointed.

The Game exits the ring, he pulls back the apron… and he pulls out a sledgehammer.  For the 37,000th time tonight, JR reminds us that the Sledgehammer is legal!

Triple H goes to use the sledge on ‘Taker, but The Deadman pulls him in and locks him into the Hell’s Gate submission.  Triple H fights and tries to find the Sledge, eventually he does… but he starts passing out before he could use it.

The Undertaker keeps the hold locked in… Triple H continues to fight, continues to try to find the sledge… but he can’t, and with his last bit of energy… Triple H taps out!

Outcome – The Undertaker gets the win by submission

After the match, a cool moment where fans in the arena hold up paper tombstones with the names of ‘Taker’s opponents from past Wrestlemanias and the associated years.  As Triple H gets up and tries to leave the ring, Undertaker is still laid out on the mat.

Mixed Tag Match – John Morrison & SNOOKI & Trish Stratus vs Dolph Ziggler & LayCool

Trish Stratus and Michelle McCool with some nice work with one another.  The best spot of the meele was when Trish did the Matrix backwards bend to avoid a clothesline, then McCool stomped her in the abs to drop her to the mat.

Things continued, and John Morrison got involved to take out Dolph Ziggler on the outside.  Though he didn’t end up getting into the match, Morrison did do a Starship Pain from the top rope down to Ziggler on the outside.

SNOOKI hit a CRAZY backflip into a back handspring into a back elbow smash into McCool to put her on the mat for the final time.

Outcome – SNOOKI gets the win for her team

There’s a great hype video for The Miz using Nas’ “HATE ME NOW”.

World Title Match – John Cena vs The Miz (c)

The official predictions from the GuysNation Wrestlemania viewing:  Rob & J-Day going for The Miz, with 4thStooge thinking John Cena’s going to win.  None of us are remotely sure.

The Miz shows up first, with some crazy “AWESOME” balloons blocking the entrance path, but The Miz shoves it aside.  Again he wears the leather trench coat which appears to be stylish, though none of the guys at the GuysNation viewing party would wear it.  Alex Riley at The Miz’s side in full effect, still carrying a briefcase though none of us can figure out why.

Before John Cena makes an entrance, we see that he’s got a church choir up on stage… and let me reiterate that it’s a HUGE choir.

Some track from DMX where it’s a prayer to God is played, then the chorus sings about trying to get victory because their “time is now”.

Cena’s JUMBO Titan Tron has a new red white and blue logo on it, and it seriously looks like they’re going for a Confederate Flag styling for the Georgia crowd.  Strong red background, blue bars on a diagonal with white stars in it.  Not enjoying it…

NOTE: Tonight, before I go to bed, I will be adding polls to this article!

Now we’re officially under way….

John Cena showing his strength advantage early on.  They sell The Miz’s intelligence, so we’ll see how they put that into the course of the match.

The Miz gets the advantage back with a shoulder block, but Cena leapfrogs him as The Miz sprints, then Cena with a big hiptoss.  Reset things, and they lock up in the middle yet again, this time The Miz looks like he’s actually going to do a test of strength, which would be really lame.  They don’t, and The Miz works Cena into the corner and knocks him to the mat and starts stomping him.

Jim Ross compliments Cena on his “government mule toughness”, and then John Cena gets the advantage back for a moment before The Miz takes control again.

Cena finds a way to get back on the offensive and hits the legdrop off the top onto The Miz… but somehow John Cena didn’t end up staying on the offensive, and The Miz took over yet again.

Without The Miz actually doing a ton of offense, John Cena starts doing his running shoulder blocks, but after a moment, The Miz hits a DDT and gets back in control.  The announcers mention that Cena doesn’t seem like he’s totally there… aside from when he “Hulks up” and gets huge bursts of energy.

John Cena gets on the STF, but The Miz gets to the ropes.  John Cena gets up, stumbles away and Alex Riley hops up onto the apron, slams Cena’s head into the exposed turnbuckle, and then The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale.

Outcome… The Miz only gets a two count

Fooled you there, right?

John Cena gets in on the attack, ends up knocking down the referee, hits the Attitude Adjustment, but there’s no one there to count.

Alex Riley gets into the ring and hits Cena with the briefcase.  The Miz goes for the pinfall when the ref is back up, but he only gets two.

Alex Riley complains about it being a slow count, The Miz grabs the briefcase and tries to knockout Cena, but instead he hits Alex Riley.  John Cena lifts up The Miz and hits the Attitude Adjustment, but he only gets a two count.

Outside the ring, John Cena clotheslines The Miz over the time keeper’s barricade.  When The Miz gets up, John Cena tackles him into the crowd.  We’re looking towards a double count out here… and I smell what The Rock is cooking.

Outcome – Double Count out

You know it’s not going to end in a draw… and The Rock shows up, takes off his jacket and has something to say about the outcome…

Apparently so does the Anonymous General Manager.

The Rock tells JR to back off and he gets up on the podium and asks for peoples attention…

As The Rock starts reading the email, the GM says “I think…” and The Rock says it doesn’t matter what the GM thinks.  The Rock gets back into the ring, and as the host, he’s not going to let Wrestlemania end like that…

When the match restarts, it looks like John Cena is going to be totally in control, and The Rock hits The Rock Bottom, and The Miz gets back into the ring and immediately pins John Cena.

I guess payback is a bitch.

The Rock stays at ringside and watches The Miz celebrate, then he gets into the ring, ducks a beltshot from The Miz, then drops him.  The Rock hits The People’s Elbow, celebrates the fact that he dominated the World Champ, and that’s the way the night ends.