If you could see the statistics for people accessing wrestling-related articles on GuysNation (which you can’t, unless you’re an administrator), you’d know that the biggest question on people’s minds with 27 days remaining surrounds what Triple H will be doing at Wrestlemania 26.

I like to give people what they want, so I’ll discuss the potential matches for Triple H.

Sheamus – Let’s jump right to the most likely option.  Given the events of the past few months, this has been the most likely match all along.  The only other option was a match against Shawn Michaels, but that would’ve involved some changing around of alignments, and although it would’ve been a good option, the Triple H vs Sheamus fight seemed most likely.  A few times Triple H has been thrown with Sheamus’ finishing maneuver – be it on RAW or in the Elimination Chamber.  My thought was that the WWE should go in a different direction for Triple H at Wrestlemania 26 for a few reasons I’ll mention in a moment) and that these two would meet at a different pay per view main event sometime prior to the start of 2011.  Sheamus needs the chance to shine and flourish after losing the WWE Championship, not take another step back by losing to Triple H – even if it is at Wrestlemania.  I would’ve liked to see Sheamus compete in the Money In The Bank ladder match, giving him the opportunity to have a few eye-opening moments on the biggest stage of the year, even if he doesn’t win the match.  I don’t think it’s likely that Sheamus will defeat Triple H, and because of that fact, the WWE is making a mistake by wasting the title run Sheamus just had – although they proved during that title reign they didn’t care if they promoted him very much, which makes me wonder if Sheamus defeating John Cena in the table match was an accident.

Money In The Bank – don’t even worry about this one, it’s not actually an option.  Triple H is WAY too big of a superstar to be in the Money In The Bank match.  Whatever match Triple H is involved with at Wrestlemania 26, he should be a main focus of the match.  With Money In The Bank, he’d get lost in the shuffle of the 8-man ladder match.  It’s inevitable.  WWE won’t let that happen.

Shawn Michaels & Undertaker – there was some rumors out there about how Triple H was likely to get involved in the Wrestlemania 26 match against Shawn Michaels and Undertaker, but the way that match is being built up, it’s NOT going to be a triple threat match.  Undertaker has no reason to allow Triple H into the match from a storyline perspective, which would mean that even if Triple H were to turn on HBK and kick his ass, that’s still only half the story.

Legacy (DiBiase & Rhodes) vs Randy Orton & Triple H – last night when Legacy was beating down DiBiase & Rhodes, the thought occurred to me that Triple H could team up with Randy Orton and the duo could take on Orton’s former proteges in a tag match at Wrestlemania 26.  Although I have my doubts that Triple H would want to be relegated to a tag match on the event, I could see it being a big deal.  With the Degeneration X breakup in process, I don’t see any reason why this couldn’t have happened.

I think it’s clear at this point which direction WWE is going to go.  Hopefully for Sheamus he will perform well in a losing effort at Wrestlemania 26.

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