On the Playstation Network, there is a free demo to EA Sports’ 2010 FIFA World Cup video game available.  I dowloaded it in hopes that it would lessen my fears regarding my lack of experience with futbol (the international sport we know as Soccer) affecting my ability to enjoy this year’s World Cup.

It’s the most popular sport world-wide for a reason, and so I’d like to get more familiar with it.  I’m really hoping to watch a few of the World Cup games on television this year, not just those involving the United States, but a variety of pitch-contests to increase my appreciation.

For some reason, I thought this video game – likely one of the highest-played over the next few months – would help my appreciation for the sport and lessen my fears of a tough learning / appreciation curve.

So far, it hasn’t, and I don’t think it’s because the game is only a demo.

I find myself getting bored and frustrated as I run back and forth on the pitch.  The game constantly changes which player I’m controlling, a frustrating part of the game because I find the new guy running in the totally opposite direction from where he SHOULD be going due primarily to the fact that I was pointing the previous player to run that way.  That mistake puts me out of position, allowing the opposition to set themselves up and either put a shot on goal (of which there aren’t many opportunities for during this demo) or at least keep it in my zone, keeping me on defense.

I’ve played about a dozen games of this thus far, a few with Spain and even more with Italy, those being the only two teams in the game.  They only allow for 2 halves of 2 minutes a piece, and thus far in a dozen games I only have about a half dozen shots on goal total.  Zero goals to my credit.

I didn’t lose all the games.  I definitely lost the first three games.  I have played to several 0-0 ties, and there were some fun moments when I thought I was doing something productive, but those typically occur during games where I end up making a mistake anyway and the other team scores.

If one of my friends has this game for PS3, I’d like to play the full version of it.  If the video game rental store I frequent has a copy of this game, I might rent it for a bit in June or July, but it’s not high on my priority list.  The shelves would have to be pretty bare for me to pick it up.  If I could find someone willing to try some multiplayer and had some time, that might be fun.  There’s very little chance that I’m going to play it online with random strangers, most of whom I’m sure are good enough to beat the computer.

Oh well, my intentions were good.