Between WWE and TNA wrestling, the landscape of beautiful and talented women in the business is vast at current, and I’d like to take a moment to go through my list of how I’d rank them in terms of their status, using various characteristics which I won’t name until they come across in the article.

Enjoy some pictures of a few of the ladies as we go through the list as well.

Rosa Mendes
I think Rosa’s big time in the WWE is yet to come.  She played her role nicely as a potentially bi-sexual fanatic fan who worked her way into the spotlight at the expense of Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix.  Since then she’s done a decent job moving over and becoming a valet.  From what I’ve heard, she’s an incredible wrestler, and something tells me that with her looks and in-ring skills, she could be near the top of this list a year from now.  Until then, she’ll just have to wait her turn.

Katie Lea Burchill
Supposedly the angle the WWE was going to do with Katie Lea a year ago or thereabouts was to have an incestuous relationship between she and her on-screen brother Paul Burchill (who I don’t believe are related in real life).  I’m glad they didn’t go that route, but I am disappointed that Katie Lea hasn’t been given much opportunity to shine.  I could see her being released by WWE in the very near future, and although I think she could potentially be an interesting part of a storyline with Desmond Wolfe (formerly Nigel McGuinness), I don’t believe TNA would care enough to bring her onto the roster unless she had some in-ring ability, and for the life of me I can’t remember when the last opportunity she had to wrestle.

Although Serena has only been in WWE for a few weeks now as a member of the Straight Edge Society, she is an important part of C.M. Punk’s group.  Any time a woman shaves her head, it makes an impact – be it in wrestling or movies (seriously, can you forget even the commercials for Demi Moore’s bald role in G.I. Jane?).  I’ve also heard quality comments about Serena’s performance in the ring in independent wrestling organizations, so I wonder at what point the WWE might allow her to enter active competition.

So Cal Val

So Cal Val makes a guy consider moving to the West Coast

So Cal Val makes a guy consider moving to the West Coast

Seemingly for years, male fans sat by and caught glimpses of TNA’s ring girl and wondered about the blazing-haired beauty.  Bit by bit we learned more about her, starting with her name.  As her role in TNA expanded, I was pleased with the results.  She did well enough in her dramatic role as the crux of the feud between Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt, and then an equally decent job as an interviewer backstage.  I don’t know what I would have her do next in TNA, though wrestling does not seem to be something she’s interested in.  Spokesmodel seems like a decent start, though, given her photogenic nature.

Natalia Neidhart
It pains me to not put the daughter of Jim “Anvil” Neidhart any higher on the list than here, but I just can’t warrant it at this moment.  She’s not great at delivering promos, but she is a good wrestler and manager as part of the Hart Dynasty.  Unfortunately WWE doesn’t seem to care enough about the group or the third-generation competitor to allow her to display her skills, so this is as high as I can put her on the list at present.

I’m not a big fan of Jillian’s character, but I can appreciate what dedication she puts into her work.  She does a great job to make herself as annoying as possible, and when it comes to wrestling, she does a decent job with that as well.  I’m just glad WWE stopped having her wear the unsightly artificial “growth” on the side of her face from years ago when she was paired up with JBL.

Though I believe I’ve only heard Sarita talk on the mic once or twice, her in-ring work speaks volumes for her.  TNA hyped her as a great wrestler before her debut, and what we got when we tuned in for her first few matches was a female luchador.  Pairing her up with Taylor Wilde to become TNA’s first women’s tag team champions was a great pairing as well.

Though she entered TNA with less fanfare than Sarita, I believe Hamada to be the better wrestler (though it’s close).  I’ve enjoyed her matches, involving the unofficial one she had in an otherwise empty arena a few months back (with whom I can’t recall, Alyssa Flash I believe).  Her pairing with Awesome Kong is an intriguing one, though I somewhat believe TNA is likely to let the women’s tag team championships fade back off the landscape.

Traci Brooks
I don’t know where Traci Brooks is right now.  For all I know, she might be done with TNA all together (though there are quite a few people who are being underutilized by TNA at present, but that’s a different story).  I do remember hearing that she had some sort of injury (arm or neck, can’t be bothered to research it right now) that would keep her from being too active in the ring.  I put her into this spot on the list because of her importance in the history of TNA.  I’ve seen her as both a face and a heel, and I think I like her best as a heel – as Ms. Brooks alongside Robert Roode and as part of the Main Event Mafia.  She’s super nice in real life, helping with merchandise tables at live events and also signing tons of autographs.  She’s stunningly attractive if you see her in person, which doesn’t always come across as well when you see her on television (though she’s still attractive, the cameras don’t do her justice).  All this, and she can wrestle, too.  Here’s a video showing off her sense of humor and some of her better assets as well.

Lacey von Erich
Sure, Lacey von Erich isn’t the best wrestler in the world, but she deserves her spot in this business due to her family being one of the best wrestling families in the history of the “sport”.  Not only that, but she’s a perfect addition to The Beautiful People in TNA – a group which is supposed to be HOT women who are evil.  I always thought Angelina Love was playing it up too much and she got annoying in her role.  Hopefully Lacey will get better in the ring, because she’s a fun part of the TNA Knockouts landscape… not to mention she’s one of the top 5 hottest women in the business.

Bella Twins
I feel bad for the Bella Twins.  They’re good wrestlers, VERY attractive, tons of potential, and what do they end up doing?  They escort celebrity guest hosts on RAW, end up in stupid segments and typically find a reason to fight one another.  They would be great in the TNA Knockouts Tag Team division, but that would probably involve TNA having to add a second show.

Alicia Fox
If there’s one WWE Diva who is improving by leaps and bounds, it’s Alicia Fox.  Her in-ring work a year or two ago left something to be desired, but recently she has shown a ton of improvement, pulling off a couple moves which surprised me with how well they were executed.  She’s a very attractive woman, and her acting ability has improved quite a bit from her first couple times on screen.  She did alright as Edge’s Wedding Planner, and I’d like to see what she could do as the valet to someone who has a chance of winning matches, because if a competitor isn’t winning matches (or getting intentionally disqualified), there’s no real reason to care about his manager / valet.

Roxxi Laveaux / Nikki Roxx
Having seen her compete live and talked to her in person, I can tell you that she not only is a great wrestler, but a cool person – and hot, too.  It pained me to watch her shave her head in TNA, but I respect the dedication, and I liked the fact that TNA gave her a decent push at that point.  Though some might not have noticed that she was even gone, I disliked it when she was released / suspended from TNA due to an alleged altercation with Rhaka Khan backstage or on a plane somewhere.  I was glad to see TNA brought her back, if only for a few matches.

Madison Rayne

She’s my least favorite member of The Beautiful People, but she’s still talented and attractive.  She plays her role well, and I have to respect what she can do in the ring, which is why she is ranked higher than Lacey Von Erich.

Taylor Wilde

Attractive?  Yes.  In-ring talent?  Definitely.  Then you watch her and see all the energy she’s got, and there’s just some sort of intangiable quality about her.

Layla El

Layla El

Layla El - she's got a body and knows how to use it

When the new ECW brought out their dance squad (whose name I can’t remember), it was hard to pick a favorite.  The best dancer of the trio was always Layla El, and the more the WWE features her, the more attractive she seems.  Not only is she gorgeous and curvaceous, but she knows how to move seductively, something she should’ve taught Kelly Kelly when they danced together.  There’s a big difference between HAVING a hot body and KNOWING HOW TO USE IT.

Alyssa Flash / Raiesha Saied / Cheerleader Melissa

From the standpoint of playing different roles, Alyssa Flash could be a huge asset to TNA if they used her right.  She’s hot, a quality wrestler, and did well in her role as not only The Future Legend, but also Raiesha Saied.  From what I’ve heard, she might be gone from TNA, which would be unfortunate.


She’s got one of the more unique looks in the business and one of the craziest gimmicks as well.  TNA missed the boat when they didn’t give her the Knockouts Championship when she was on top of her popularity, but there’s always the chance she could return to the top of the business someday as well.


Melina Perez

Melina Perez

She started off as a pretty face and a good valet, but then as she started competing in the WWE Women’s division, she showed that she could be talented in-ring as well.  Injuries have held her back from being a bigger star than she is right now.

Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter - TNA President

Dixie Carter - TNA President

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting Dixie Carter in person, and I can tell you that although she’s attractive on television, the cameras do her no justice.  Not only is she hot, but as owner of TNA she’s also arguably the most powerful woman in the business.

Beth Phoenix

Not an unattractive woman by any stretch of the imagination, Beth Phoenix’s strength is the fact that she’s stronger than a lot of the guys in the business and she’s a better technical wrestler than others.

Eve Torres

I didn’t care too much for her during the Diva Search, but she has really worked on her in-ring skills and mic skills.  She’s definitely more comfortable on the mic, and it allows her to show how hot she is.  Any doubts?  Find a video of the segment she did a couple weeks ago on RAW with Tommy Chong where she seductively had her head massaged.

Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly

Michelle McCool

For a long time, I didn’t like Michelle McCool at all.  I didn’t think she was a very good manager, and I didn’t particularly think she was anything special in the ring.  Then I heard that she and Undertaker were dating backstage, and I slowly started noticing her improve on the mic and with her in-ring skills.  She’s still not one of my favorites, but she’s a lot better than she used to be.  Although she’s not my “cup of tea” so to speak, a lot of people I know find her to be HOT.

Angelina Love

She was great as a member of The Beautiful People, and now she’s growing on me as a rival of theirs and a fan favorite.  I don’t find her as attractive as some people do, but I do respect what she can do in the ring as a competitor.


I wasn’t sure what to think when she was made to be the public face of the new version of ECW, but after some rocky promos at the start, she grew into her role quite well.  Now that ECW is gone (again), I look forward to seeing what she can do as an in-ring competitor on Smackdown.  Some of the non-WWE pictures I’ve seen of her?  HOT HOT HOT.

Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme is Red Hot

Christy Hemme is RED HOT!

Whether she’s interviewing, wrestling, or posing for Playboy, Christy Hemme is RED HOT.

Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis - All we can say is WOW

Maria - All we can say is WOW

There’s a reason that Maria Kanellis was picked to pose for Playboy AND to be on the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice – she’s hot AND multi-talented.  Though I don’t know when the next time we’ll see her in the ring, I’ve appreciated every time she was on screen and I hope she stays in the public eye even after Apprentice is over.

Gail Kim

Gail Kim - picture from TNA, back when she wrestled frequently

Back in TNA when they let Gail Kim wrestle on a regular basis, she would’ve been higher on this list.  Even as I write this, I still consider putting her higher, but what she’s been doing in WWE, I just can’t do it.  She’s very attractive and can wrestle with the best of them, but WWE doesn’t give us the opportunity to see it.  Out of sight?  Out of mind.

Awesome Kong

Big Talent. Hugely Unique.

I don’t know anyone who could honestly say that Awesome Kong is one of the more attractive women in professional wrestling, but most who have seen her wrestle would say she’s easily one of the most talented and most unique.


Tara / Victoria

Sure, her spider makes me want to turn my head when she’s holding it out in plain view, but apart from that, she’s tough to take my eyes off of, given not only her wrestling ability, but also because she’s really attractive.  I was happy when she made the move to TNA Wrestling because WWE wasn’t using her, and when they were, she was treated like a joke – a shame because at the time she was one of the most talented women’s wrestlers in the business.

Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky has all the tools...

Although TNA tried to make Angelina Love the center of attention in their Beautiful People pairing, it was always Velvet Sky who caught my eye.  The ring entrance of Velvet Sky is a part of TNA Impact I look forward to every week because she’s “stripper hot” and knows what she’s doing.  Inside the ring, she might not have the skills of Hamada or Sarita or Trish Stratus or Lita, but the things she does are very effective.  On the mic, she plays her role so perfectly that I don’t think I’d actually want to meet her at a bar because I fear it’s not a gimmick she’s playing.  The fact that she’s dating one of my favorite wrestlers – Gregory Helms – means that it could be extra awesome to see her at a bar.

Velvet Sky - The Best Entrance in the Business

Mickie James

The moment I first saw Mickie James – at the time playing an obsessed fan of legendary wrestling goddess Trish Stratus, I knew she had something special.  Despite the stupid storyline she’s current involved in where Michelle McCool and Layla call her “Piggy James”, the physical beauty of Mickie James is one of the many reasons why GuysNation loves her as not only a competitor, but also as a personality.


Ever since she debuted with WCW a decade ago, I’ve had a thing for Daffney.  When I saw her in the crowd on my television during an episode of TNA Impact when Awesome Kong was inviting women to come out of the crowd to try to beat her, I hoped that Daffney would make it onto my television in a recurring role, and I got my wish.  I wasn’t too thrilled when she played “The Governor”, but she did show her acting ability through that angle with the Beautiful People, doing a great job as a mock Sarah Palin.  When she started dressing Goth again and got paired up with Raven and started getting violent, I was really interested.  Her in-ring ability is really good, as she seems to really know how to perform moves and sell moves when she’s on the defensive.  I can’t complain too much about her “Zombie Hot” nickname, since the character differentiator is the reason TNA puts her on television, but I’d like to just say she’s “hot”.  Out of anyone currently in the business, Daffney’s my pick for the one I’d most like to meet in a hotel bar and take a picture with.


Maryse - Hottest & Most Talented Women's Wrestler Today

For a moment, let’s forget the fact that Maryse Ouellet is likely one of the top 10 hottest women on the planet.  If Maryse was a male wrestler, she’d be on the fast track to getting a World Title reign.  She’s not the best female mic worker in the business, but the only reason she’s not is because English is not her first language.  Her delivery when she’s comfortable with the words she’s saying is great, and when she speaks in French, you can see how comfortable she is on the mic.  She always does well to work over the crowd, and she adds little flares to her moves.  Even when she’s celebrating a victory, she does so in a manner that proves she knows how to work this business.  There are a few female competitors who are better in the ring than she is at the technical execution of moves, but they’re not too superior to her in that area, and she surpasses them in others.  She is undoubtedly the top woman’s wrestler in the business today, and she will likely keep that spot for as long as she wants it, much like Sable and Trish Stratus before her.

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