Probability: Medium

If she had already cashed in her Money In The Bank briefcase, I might actually say the odds of her winning the Royal Rumble would be high, but at this point, she wouldn’t be a good feuding partner for either of the current title holders, neither of which I see losing their championships before WrestleMania. She could very well cash-in at WrestleMania, though.

Mickie James
Probability: Medium

She did well in her feud with Alexa Bliss, but she’s not going to lead this very talented division, full of young, charismatic women. She’s a great feuding partner and will do well to help the other ladies perfect their skills. Maybe at some point she’ll have a transitional title reign, but her days of being a great option to be in a high profile spot at WrestleMania have past.

Probability: Medium

Remember what I just wrote about Mickie James? Yeah, essentially THAT. She’s had some decent feuds and great matches, but she’s not a name that most fans are going to get excited about the prospects of seeing against Charlotte Flair AGAIN, nor Alexa Bliss. I could see her putting someone over at WrestleMania, but not with a title involved.

Probability: Medium

For whatever reason, Bayley doesn’t “move the meter” as much on the main roster as she did back in NXT. In 2018 she’ll undoubtedly have some good feuds, barring injury, because there are quite a few good stories to tell with her, but for now, she feels a bit stale and has lost momentum. The timing isn’t right for her to rekindle things with Alexa Bliss, and the dynamic isn’t quite right for a WrestleMania feud with Charlotte Flair. I do have a couple other ideas, but more on that later.

Nia Jax
Probability: Medium-High

While her in-ring skills show improvement, there’s still plenty of room to go with that. A title shot against Alexa Bliss does make sense, and before Enzo was fired, WWE definitely seemed to be working on driving a wedge between Bliss and Nia. WWE likes to utilize the Royal Rumble as a way to push the larger, stronger characters, and with a Nia Jax push seeming inevitable, she might have quite a few eliminations to her credit by the time the night is over. Still, her best chance of getting in a title match before 2018 is over would be to team up with Alexa Bliss and go after WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, as they’re probably the most likely duo apart from any return of the Bella Twins.

Sasha Banks
Probability: Medium-High

Until Sasha Banks hits a heel turn, she’s going to be stuck in this seemingly disingenuous gimmick where she smiles a lot and plays sidekick to Bayley. THE BOSS deserves better, and if she considers herself the LEGIT Boss, then she needs to ditch Bayley and push her way to the top of the pack. That sort of gimmick would work really well for a feud leading into WrestleMania with her current Best Friend, who she will hopefully eliminate tonight, but it doesn’t mesh well with Charlotte Flair (against whom I’m tired of seeing her feud), nor against a heel Alexa Bliss.

Probability: High

She’s very talented in the ring, charismatic, and WWE has already shown interest in having her atop one of the two Women’s Divisions. A feud with Charlotte Flair could be decent, but I’m not seeing her hop over to RAW to feud with Alexa Bliss at this point. Being the first ever winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble is an honor I could see her getting, though she probably isn’t the most likely of the 18 names already announced.

Probability: Very High

It’s quite obvious at this point that Asuka has the best odds of being the one to win the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble. Whenever there’s someone who seems THIS obvious to win a match like this, I always envision WWE going a different direction to get a shocking reaction from the fans. And yet, I can’t deny that WWE has kept pushing her forward at every foreseeable opportunity, and it would be a surprise if she doesn’t win tonight. As a bonus prediction, I’m betting she’d target Charlotte Flair if she does get the WrestleMania title shot, despite it seeming obvious that she would dethrone Alexa Bliss. Her incredible in-ring talent and lack of promo skills makes her seem like an obvious fit for the Smackdown roster.

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