It comes to my attention that it’s about time for me to remind people of how beautiful the women of wrestling are, so here are my reminders.

Feel the glow, indeed! {Naomi}

The top pick from Smackdown! {Becky Lynch}

The female version of Goldberg, with a winning-streak exceeding the original! {Asuka}

The second generation Canadian! {Nattie}

The second generation Nature Girl! {Charlotte}

The lovely Australian I wish would get more on-screen time! {Emma}

The newest addition, the prodigal babe returns! {Maria Kanellis}

Money in the bank, twice over! {Carmella}

Wife of the Ring Of Honor World Champion! {Brandi Rhodes}

The Most Must See, Intercontinental Wife! {Maryse}

I’m running out of fun things to say, but I’ll take a hug! {Bayley}

Last but not least, The Ravishing Russian who models bikinis better she wrestles! {Lana}


And the RAW Women’s Champion!

Yeah, Alexa, I agree, you deserve an article all your own!

Did I miss anyone?