According to a report on The Hollywood Reporter, the three main characters from the Hang Over series, Ed helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Bradley cooper AKA the Wolfpack, are asking for 15 million dollars each, PLUS a back end percentage for the next film. That is an incredible raise seeing as how they each made about $1 Million each for the first films $32 Million budget, and about $10 Million each (only five coming from actual salary.) That’s a 150 % raise. Now the deals are final yet, but it’s pretty darn close, which is good, because the report also says that although Bradley Cooper let slip that the script was done and they were going to film in September, Warner Bros wants to fast track this and get it out Memorial Day 2013.

Warner’s really need a tent pole for 2013 with Harry Potter having just ended, and Batman ending this summer. Along with their other big moves being postponed due to budget issues, it’s no surprise they are doing this. And why not, considering the script is done… Now well people will go see it, to make the investment worth it is a different story.

A lot of people were put off by the second one, do it being the same movie in a different locale… Bradley Copper in his earlier interview promised the storyline is different for this one, and that the action takes place around Los Angeles this time. I guess time will tell. In either case, it better not onlybe the best movie of the series, but also the best movie of 2013 with the amount of money these guys are going to make.

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