If the WNBA puts together an exhibition game with their top players mid-season, but most guys don’t even realize a season is in progress, can it really be considered an All Star game?

Call it the “Best Players” game or “Most Popular” game, but it shouldn’t be considered an All STAR game if the women who are competing aren’t “stars” by most definitions of the term.

It’s not that there are other players in their league who are more deserving of the term, it’s the fact that the league as a whole, based on its popularity and societal standing, isn’t deserving of using the term. If they’re not pulling in ratings or attendance, it doesn’t matter how good they are, most of those ladies aren’t STARS.

Disagree with me? Here’s a challenge for you: Name five WNBA players.

Succeed in that? Challenge 2: Go check out the WNBA “All Star” rosters and tell me that you recognize more than three of the names. That’s all I recognized.

If you pass both of those things, congratulations, you’re in a very small group, and it’s highly likely that you didn’t just stumble across this article on GuysNation. Chances are good that you were searching for the WNBA All Star game on a search engine, saw this article and wanted to complain. For those of you, enjoy the exhibition with your league’s “best/most popular” players. Most of the world doesn’t even know it’s happening.