First it was Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton.

Then when trades were made, some players stated they didn’t want to play for the D.C. franchise.

It looked like one of the bright spots in this whole rebuilding ordeal would be Andray Blatche, who didn’t start for the Washington Wizards prior to the roster moves but is now averaging nearly 30 points per game and almost 10 rebounds.

Last night, Andray Blatche showed signs of immaturity which are causing many to say he should be “shut down” / benched for the remainder of the year.

In the first quarter, coach Flip Saunders benched Blatche, reportedly wanting to talk to him about getting back on defense and shot selection.  Obviously frustrated, Blatche said he didn’t want to hear it, and Flip said that until Andray would allow the coaches to talk to him about what they wanted him to do, he wouldn’t go back in the game.

Blatche remained in his seat the remainder of the game.

The vocal outcry in the D.C. area slams Blatche for quitting on his team and setting a poor example for young fans.  A movement is afloat amongst fans to stop attending Washington Wizards games, not wanting to waste their money if a talented young player like Andray Blatche is going to just quit playing like he did last night.  I, for one, was intrigued by Blatche’s play a month ago, writing more than one blog on the idea that he could be a force in helping the Wizards make a run at the playoffs (with over 10 straight losses, I couldn’t be more wrong).  I even told my wife that I was interested in buying Wizards tickets and attending a game for the first time since I watched Michael Jordan play for the Wiz during his final days as a player.  Now?  Not interested.  Not unless Blatche gives a public apology and does something to show he’s fully dedicated to helping this team be competitive.

Benching Blatche for the remainder of the season would send a strong message, but it’s not a route I would take.  If Blatche continues to be openly defiant and uncoachable, it would likely be the only option.