It has long been understood that this is going to be Steve Carell’s last season on The Office, but it was recently determined that Steve Carell is not going to finish the entire list of episodes on the slate for this season.  The producers determined that it was better to finish out the remaining few episodes by showing what happens when there is a power vacuum created when the long-time boss leaves his post.

While there are still plans for one of the members of the full-time cast to eventually take the helm vacated by Michael Scott, the head offices are sending a short-term replacement for Michael Scott, and if anyone can fill the shoes of a great comedian like Steve Carell during the final few episodes of the season, it’s one of the only comics in the world who is higher profile – Will Ferrell.

Having worked together in the past, Will Ferrell wanted to help Steve Carell with the transition, and (according to he contacted the show’s producers to offer his assistance.  Ferrell will appear in the final one or two episodes in which Carell’s character is written, and then remain in the post for the remainder of the season.

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