After leaving people wanting at E3 from the lack of price or launch information, Nintendo yesterday put all those questions to rest during it’s press conference.  Nintendo is sticking to their odd Sunday release schedule so the WiiU will be available in the US on November 18, 2012.  If you’re in Europe, you’ll need to wait a few weeks for November 30.

The WiiU gets release date

Currently, the WiiU is split into two different consoles in a Basic model and a Deluxe model, the differences of which are broken down below.  Have a look:

WiiU Options

WiiU Basic Model Price: $299.99

What do you get? Sporting the traditional white look, this model comes with 8GB, HDMI cable, sensor bar, GamePad, and an AC adaptor for both console and GamePad.

WiiU Deluxe Model Price: $349.99

What do you get? The “upgraded” version comes with a 32GB hard drive and a black paint job.  Not only that, it comes with a GamePad charger cradle, stands for the console and pad, everything else in the Basic Model. You’re also given a membership to Nintendo’s “Deluxe Digital Promotion” which rewards points for digital purchases that can be used in the eShop.  NintendoLand will also be packed in to the bundle as well.

Other WiiU Details

Games are going to be priced at the standard levels of PS3 and Xbox 360 now at 60 bucks. The snazzy “Pro” controller will also be selling for $49.99 and Nintendo has not commented on a price for a standalone Gamepad (WiiPad?) as it’s looking like they’re not going to sell standalone pads at retail initially. Why is that? Well, from what I’ve read, Nintendo’s launch window games don’t need a second one.

WiiU Nintendo TVii

Nintendo TVii (really guys?) was also announced and it’s a feature that will allow users to watch movies, sports, and even television using the WiiU or the GamePad.  TVii also includes social features letting you do a lot of things like polls, communicating with other users via Twitter, Facebook, and a few other ways.  Included in TVii is Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, TiVo, and the ability to watch TV.  Depending who is “signed in”, the menu will be personalized for you and TVii will even make recommendations based on your tastes.  Sure, it’s not 100% unique, but you have to admit, for Nintendo, this is pretty neat especially coming over from the Wii which you can admit wasn’t the most Online friendly device.

The announced games so far I have to say are pretty impressive especially when you compare it to the normal Nintendo offering.  It seems like they’ve gained a ton of support and plan to start strong even though Nintendo is using a very vague “Launch Window” to hype some of these titles.  The launch window for them extends from November to March.  Activision and Platinum Games seem solidly on board as a big surprise was that Bayonetta 2 is not only a WiiU exclusive, it’s also being published by Nintendo.  Other big titles include Call of Duty: Black Ops II, 007 Legends, Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros U, Darksiders II, Rayman Legends, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.  Want to see the complete list?  Take a peek here.

I was initially concerned about the seemingly low hard drive space as most of you know who follow me on Twitter (@GamerCrash) I’ve maxed out my 60GB Xbox pretty easily. Nintendo has come out and said that those limitations will be easily expandable through flash drives or external hard drives.  I’m also wondering how backwards compatible (if at all) the WiiU is.  Not sure if I missed that datapoint somewhere in the announcements.

So what are you impressions on all of this news?  Surprised by some of the games? Upset at the price?  Planning to pick it up at midnight?  Let me know in the comments.

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