Why should you read this blog?

My intention isn’t to make this another space where one person rambles about random things and hopes that people care.  What I’m hoping to do is to reach out to friends and family across the nation to get different perspectives while providing a forum to let people voice their opinions.  Accountability is also key with this blog.  Anyone who shares their analysis of a situation is subject to review once history proves in their favor or otherwise.  Accountability breeds credibility, which leads to trust.

Another aim of this blog is to grow into an enterprise which provides opportunities for individuals which most reporters and columnists take for granted and don’t appreciate.  They’ve grown numb to free access to sporting events and the chance to speak directly to professional athletes and other celebrities.  I hope to be able to use these new opportunities to ask questions that common fans want asked.

If a fresh perspective from smart fans doesn’t sound interesting to you?  This isn’t a blog you’re going to be interested in.