Born and raised in Dallas Texas, Elizabeth works as a chiropractic tech and owner of her own online business. She loves all of the fine arts and having adventures whether it’s rock climbing or road trips. She is an Actress and Cosplayer, who exotic looks brings fresh variations on the people she Cosplays as. I had a chance to get Elizabeth to answer a few questions for us over at Guysnation.

Mr. Incredible: What got you started in Cosplaying?

Elizabeth Avery: Acting and my love of playing dress up ever since I was a kid.

 Mr. Incredible: What were some of your first Cosplays?

 Elizabeth Avery: Fraya from Chobits and Fran from FFXII

 Mr. Incredible: Do you have a Cosplay that you are well known for?

Elizabeth Avery: Catwoman10150812_604746259622145_6209603385183332873_n

 Mr. Incredible: How do you go about picking a Cosplay to be?

Elizabeth Avery: I look for someone I admire or look up to, then at the body type.

 Mr. Incredible: What goes into creating a Cosplay for you?

 Elizabeth Avery: Truly becoming the character, understanding why they are who they are and do what they do.

Mr. Incredible: When you got started, were their characters that you want to do off the bat?

 Elizabeth Avery: Yes, of course! Lol

 Mr. Incredible: How do you handle the attention you may receive from the more sexier Cosplays that you do?

 Elizabeth Avery: I try to just view it all as friendly and or innocent. I try to not to make it all about T n A.

 Mr. Incredible: Do you feel that sometimes females who Cosplay get misjudged?

Elizabeth Avery: Of course, happens to me all the time too.

 Mr. Incredible: Are there Cosplay etiquette for Fans?

 Elizabeth Avery: Respect. Golden rule. Not that hard.

 Mr. Incredible: What do you say about Cosplay helping people deal with their self image issues?

 Elizabeth Avery: It does help, it gives them confidence and they get an extra boost of that when people acknowledge the work they put in, or the courage it took and don’t bash them. Negativity never helped self-esteem.

Mr. Incredible: How does your family, friends and those you date feel about your Cosplaying?

Elizabeth Avery: Lol, parents think it’s a waste of time and money, but it’s my time and money. Other than that, they and everyone else are pretty chill about it.

 Mr. Incredible: Who are some of the Cosplayers you like to check out?

 Elizabeth Avery: I look to my local peeps. People in the NTC (North Texas Cosplay) group. They are all sooo talented!!!

 Mr. Incredible: Now I hear that you are also an actress?


 Elizabeth Avery: Yes, it’s how I do cosplay. And I hope to someday do big screen jobs.

 Mr. Incredible: Will we be seeing you in anything soon?

 Elizabeth Avery: Meh.

 Mr. Incredible: Well, thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans and readers?

 Elizabeth Avery: That I appreciate them and that I hope to continue to serve them with my best. Just keep sharing and loving.

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Photo Credit: BILLY SURFACE, Brett Cox

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