Call me apathetic but I don’t know that this is the best year to pose this question as both finals have been lackluster.  NHL to start since it’s already over.  Ok, Blackhawks vs. Flyers.  Philly was a tremendous story this year what with their coming back from their 0-3 deficit against the Bruins in the conference semis.  That’s nothing short of historic.  Chicago’s one of the Original Six.  Pretty compelling storyline there.  However hockey was at a major disadvantage not being able to showcase any face-of-the-franchise type players.  Most non-puckheads couldn’t identify most of the players on both teams in a lineup.  Duncan Keith getting seven of his teeth knocked out was attention-worthy, though.  Jeremy Roenick crying was a nice touch.  Also, the fact that the series was done in six and ended on an anti-climactic was-that-a-goal doesn’t help.  Though, the NHL’s efficiency in downtime between games helps.

Which provides the perfect seque to the Association.  Having a handful of days between games is a killer!  If you can’t remember who has the series lead because of the amount of time that has lapsed between games, there might be too many off days.  Howeva…  This year’s NBA finals feature one of the league’s marquee match-ups and most intense rivalries.  Lakers, Celtics is classic.  What makes is slightly less remarkable is that it’s not the same Bird, Magic rivalry and the same finals happened in ’08 with not a whole lot of fanfare.  It seems people are watching, though.  This finals series is enjoying monster ratings.  Celtics are a surprising contender as they were written off as too old to make it this far and have the series evened at 3 apiece.  A tied up series bodes well for any playoff.  No superstars on the C’s but Rajon Rondo is exciting to watch.  The Lake Show has Kobe Bryant.  Enough said.  Phil Jackson’s psychological warfare, Doc Rivers outcoaching PJax…  Or I am just dorky enough to care about that more than most?  The game time start times ain’t helping the NBA’s case.  Since when does a game tip at 9?  Lunacy.

So now that I’ve talked myself through this exercise, the NBA would win the cage match.  This year anyway.  Not like a Chuck Lidell knockout or anything; it’d be close.