BAyFTsKCIAAfWUhRemy LaCroix first delved into the adult film industry back in late 2011, but her career seemed as though it might be short-lived. Only six months later, it was announced that she was leaving porn. Her fans didn’t have to mourn the loss long, as she returned to filming in November 2012. Since that time she has taken the industry by storm. In 2013 the awards and accolades started rolling in. LA Weekly named her to a list of stars could might be this generation’s Jenna Jameson. Another list she found herself on was CNBC’s yearly “The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s Most Popular Stars” list, on which she was included for both 2013 and in 2014. But even as those are groupings of performers, Remy LaCroix won a few awards for her very successful 2013:

2013 AVN Award – Best New Starlet
2013 AVN Award – Best Tease Performance
2013 XBIZ Award – Best Actress
2013 XRCO Award – New Starlet
2013 XCritic Fans Choice Award – Best New Starlet
2013 TLA RAW Award – Best Female Newcomer

She is also a specialty dancer, with performances ranging from fire dancing, aerial silks and some amazing hula-hooping that has been the cause for quite a few of her fans to initially take notice. One of her more notable hula-hooping performances was at the Burning Man festival.

What many don’t know is that she has a bachelor’s degree in biology, proving that you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. When you delve deeper into Remy LaCroix beyond her performances, you’ll realize that she really has a grasp on her pursuits. In her words “What you’re doing is selling sex. Of course you want it to feel great, but you’re selling it. You have to balance between being camera-aware and camera-unaware. If it’s panning up to your face, do something interesting with your face and not your vagina. But I don’t oversell it. It’s a fine line.

I caught up with the darling of the industry and got her thoughts on a variety of things…

Mr Incredible: Ok, as of record, you officially got into adult films in 2011, working with I guess the first question is a two part one. What made you want to get into adult films, and why start with a company know for more of an authentic BDSM feel like instead of the normal adult film companies? Your initial first run only last about 6 months. Can you give us a little insight on why that was?

Remy LaCroix: The main reason I stopped shooting that summer was that I was burned out. As much as I wanted to be strong and not admit defeat, it’s what happens. The body of work I built only took me 6 months. My life at the time was without moderation; it was completely consumed with all things porn. I shot constantly and I didn’t hold anything back, and my body started to hate me for it. And once my body wasn’t feeling it, my head checked out. Porn had become more business than pleasure and that’s not what I wanted. Porn should be fun for the performers or it’s just not fun to watch.d970ed942cd1d227a691741eb5453604

Mr Incredible: November 2012, you decided to return. What spurred that decision to return?

Remy LaCroix: I didn’t come into any of this with a plan. I wasn’t trying to get rich, bask in recognition or awards, or be the hottest new thing. I literally just wanted to get gang-banged. And I did. And it went really, really well. And from that I realized how much fun porn can be for me if I don’t take it too seriously. Everything in moderation, or whatever.

Mr Incredible: Now since coming back you have been nominated for many awards. How does it feel to be recognized for all the work that you have put in since coming back?

Remy LaCroix: The feelings never changes, I feel great and happy for people to recognize my work.

Mr Incredible: There have been adult stars that have made that jump from Adult Films to main stream, most recently, James Deen. Is that a move you would like to make in the future?

Remy LaCroix: Sure.

Mr Incredible: Outside of the work you do in adult films, you are also a specialty dancer which, for those who don’t know, entails fire dancing, aerial silks and hula-hooping. You’ve even performed at Burning Man and other music festivals. Are you still willing to do events as a specialty dancer, if the time is right?

Remy LaCroix: Yes if its in my ability, sure!

Mr Incredible: Recently there was an outbreak that shut down the industry. Do you feel in light of this, the adult industry need to get better health policies?

Remy LaCroix: Yeah that’s one major points most industry are looking at, the height of health in the industry. I believe they are definitely working on it.remy2

Mr Incredible: On Twitter (@RemyMeow), you have over 134,000 followers. How do you think social media has affected your career?

Remy LaCroix: Well it has affected me positively and negatively, as a porn stars you get people mocking you for your work and at the other hand people encouraging you too keep the good work on.

Mr Incredible: How has being an adult film star have an effect on your family and dating life?remy-lacroix-hot-wallpapers-41-_16

Remy LaCroix: Well at first it was pretty difficult for me and my family at a point I was at the verge of been disowned, but after so many years they understood what It was like and were happy with my job. It isn’t really affecting my dating life

Mr Incredible: Do you feel like since you are an adult star, people have this insane notion of what dating you would be like?

Remy LaCroix: People have their believes and it doesn’t bother me.

Mr Incredible: So when you aren’t hard at work, what do you like to do, relax and have fun?

Remy LaCroix: Yes or simply go on vacation.

Mr Incredible: Now a days a lot of adult film stars have been showing off their geek side, from doing Web design or cosplay. Do you, yourself, have a geeky side with some geeky pleasures?

Remy LaCroix: No, not really.

Mr Incredible: Will there be a point where we will see you step behind the camera?

Remy LaCroix: I hope so.

Mr Incredible: If you could put together an all star cast of people you would like to work with or already work with…who would be on the cast?tumblr_maxe9jKCEh1qa193yo1_500

Remy LaCroix: I can’t really say, all of em are perfect.

Mr Incredible: When it is all said and done with your career…what would you like your peers to say about you?

Remy LaCroix: Hmmmm I don’t know I think its from there own point of view, their own perspective. For me, anyone can recommend me for my career, and anyone could just write me off.

Mr Incredible: Well thank you for taking time out to do this interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans or any projects or websites you would like to promote?

Remy LaCroix: Well nothing much to say. Just a big shout out to my fans who cherish my job and also watch my films online. I love em all. There are few fans of mine which I would like to send a special shout out to. I think they are the best fans I’ve met on social media. Their names are: Peter Schut from Holland, Rodrigo Silva from Brazil, Edgar Kuijpers from Holland, Rachel Elliot from the USA, Donald Eggler from the USA, Bryan Romero from the USA, Jean Francois Chedville from France but lives in the USA. Also I’m also looking forward on bringing on a new act to the industry, she goes by the name Mary Ann… 


You can find Remy LaCroix online at:

And be sure to check out more clips of her working the hula hoop. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


Seriously, you won’t be disappointed, but some of it’s Not Safe For Work, so be forewarned.