R Truth: Due to technical difficulties, all I see is Truth getting angry and knocking down displays. I was more shocked to see that Zack Ryder has a shirt then anything. Though the tech problems are probably part of the conspiracy against Truth. The tossing water/soda/etc on the dad perfectly plays into the continuing evolution of R Truth as a heel. Though the main event end was kind of a letdown after the whole show.

Dolph Ziggler: Thankfully he went back to the blond hair, although with the longer hair he could do what was his trademark gesture where he ran his hands through the hair and flipped it outwards. Speaking of things that happened a long time ago, Dolph locks on the sleeper at one point. Then Cole calls it ‘his patented sleeper’ or some such. Really Cole? A Sleeper is one the basic submission holds.

Miz/Riley: So Riley is on RAW now? The GM can do that? This is an underrated feud as Riley was the snake to Miz’s mongoose or the mongoose to his snake or the Luke to Miz’s Darth Vader. So write it down for Miz vs Riley at Capitol Punishment. This is a chance for WWE to create a new star in Riley, one they cannot really afford to turn into another Jack Swagger. Is ‘bastard’ really the best insult Cole could’ve come up? I mean even with PG restraints?

CM Punk: Words cannot express adequately how awesome Punk is, it’s just one of those facts of life. Its the little things, like the finger wag taunt he used at one point. He even does the GTS signal which I haven’t seen in a long time. Did anyone else catch when Cole referred to Otunga & McGillicutty as Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty? I can’t believe he wasn’t called out/corrected on that.

Kharma: Well I was surprised they came out with the pregnancy explanation. In a typical career promo, she talks about her two dreams. She probably should’ve added getting out of TNA as one, I know I would.

Del Rio: In the crowd there was a sign that read ‘Del Rio was President 2012’, making it the Crowd Sign of the Week.



Christian: So he has a mic in hand, standing in the ring and they cut to commercial? Then he takes a poll of the audience? Do they need to keep bringing that tactic up? So he’s made the special gust referee instead? It’s just a ploy to get Christian involved in the main event.

Spunk & Beauty: It appears as if they are committed to this Natalya/Kaitlyn/AJĀ  storyline, though it’s unclear why they start off by losing. Maybe a heel turn for one of them? Natalya needs to be wrestling in a ring. Does anyone remember when she bent Melina with a sharpshooter? That was damn impressive.

Cody Rhodes: There was some great shadow play on Rhodes’ face during the closeup. He’s also spot on when he calls Daniel Bryan ‘dull’, as Bryan has no personality whatsoever beyond his wrestling ability. Though there was the introduction of BagView.

Wade Barrett: Why even have the IC match if it’s going to end in a Countout? If you’re going to bring prestige back to the title, at least have matches worthy of the history of the title. Interesting development as Barrett leaves Gabriel and Slater to get beat on by Ezekiel Jackson.

Main Event: Chimel announced the wrestlers as they both stood in the ring. I really like that as it adds a bit of drama and tension. It was an interesting image as Ref Christian holds up the WHC, as it foreshadowed the show’s ending. The long purported Christian heel turn started as he knocked out Orton with the title and walked off with it as the show ended.