Tough Enough: I personally thought Luke had more charisma and potential to be an interesting heel. Although, it was great to see an old school Stone Cold-McMahon interaction. What better way to welcome Andy into the WWE then with a Stunner?

McMahon: Even he got in some jabs in at Truth. After the usual interruptions getting a number of people in the ring, The Chairman tells Michael Cole to SHUT UP! How great was that? If he was going to make the main event, why not just reveal the GM anyways? There was already some high emotion.

The Miz: All I’ll say about Miz this week is that when came out and did his ‘Really?’ catchphrase, people in the audience were saying it along with him, just like a few weeks ago.

Divas: Did they really have to show the Bellas’ fat comments on Kharma? It’s distasteful, though not as much as when Cole kept bringing up Lawler’s mother. Why then run a Be A Star promo where you have the Bellas a part of the anti-bullying campaign?

CM Punk: I might need to dedicate an entire article to how great Punk is and how criminal it is the way he’s being misused. His mic skills were great as usual, but that’s nothing new. As were his in ring skills, especially when he has the body scissors locked on Mysterio, then rolls it into a pin and adding a semi-sleeper later. This is one of the few times I agree with Michael Cole, when he defends Punk against Lawler’s inane complaints.

Zack Ryder: Not only is he on for more then 5 seconds, he’s actually in a match??? I would say that the WWE is paying attention to his growing popularity, but are they really that perceptive? Ryder even throws in a fist pump taunt. Then Cole and Ziggler plug the Z! show. The IWC must be pissing their pants right now.

Booker T: As if the shock of The Z being on camera, Book is in an actual match??? Though he hasn’t actually wrestled in years, his experience on Tough Enough should shake some of that ring rust. Cole even throws in a ‘Vintage Booker’ comment? Booker could’ve used a suplex and Cole would’ve said the same ‘Vintage’ comment.


Christian: Wasn’t so much a heel turn as it was Christian ‘breaking up’ with the WWE Universe. Of course he deserves to be World Heavyweight Champion, but why was Cole even involved in that segment? Cole’s an instant heat magnet, but why does Christian need help getting heat? He’s been an effective heel before. His mocking of Teddy Long was quite funny.

Corre: So are the Usos now faces because they’re teaming with Big Zeke? Does Creative even bother with explanations anymore? Booker T was right on when he said The Corre is holding Barrett back. So are they really over now? Barrett can go into the WHC picture, Slater can go to Superstars or FCW and Gabriel can get the push he deserves.

AJ: What kind of entrance music is that? Cole was in perfect form mocking Natalya as a ‘coach’. As annoying as he is, he can be humorous at times. I have a feeling we’ll have a 6 woman tag match soon with Natalya, AJ and Kaitlyn taking on Tamina, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes. At least we’d see Natalya actually wrestling.

Cody Rhodes: He got downright philosophical in that promo. ‘Maybe I’m nuts maybe I’m a genius’ might be an apt description of Rhodes. DiBiase even got surly with Cody, could this be the beginning of a feud? Nothing going for Ted right now. Well now we have a tag match? I’m sure no one could see that coming when they all starting brawling.

Main Event: So no DQ? I imagine a match that involves weapons, maybe a chair or two, perhaps even a table. Or is that a No Holds Barred or Extreme Rules match? You know what I miss? Tables, especially from when the Dudleys used them. ‘D Von get the tables!’ always got the crowd on their feet. At least Sheamus finally used the ring steps, but got scooped slam onto them for his efforts, which was impressive. Then a kendo stick is used! Several times at that. A good main event ends with Sheamus getting the pin after a distraction by Christian and definitely a way to build heat for him.