Yo, I’m Nathan and I’m new to GuysNation. Looking forward to contributing to the site. One of my big interests is watching WWE, even though at times it can be agonizing. For my first column I thought I’d share my thoughts, impressions, etc about what’s going on. The title says weekly, but it may end up being something different, as might the ‘wisdom’ part, as I was trying to be clever.

CM Punk: His win over Kofi Kingston might signal a turnaround for perhaps the roster’s most talented performer. He is pure gold on the mic and really deserves to be in the WWE title picture, but then again SuperCena is there, so that won’t happen anytime soon. Speaking of which…

Cena: I’m not as much of a Cena Hater as some are, yeah his promos can be lame and the Five Moves of Doom are more predictable then Cena in an I Quit match, I’m more indifferent then anything. I stopped following wrestling sometime in 2002 and picked it up post-Wrestlemania in 2009, so I haven’t had to bear his 5 years or so of dominance. That being said, one who uses toilet humor in their promos is hard to be taken seriously.

The Miz: As good as Punk is on the mic, Miz is definitely up there. For me it isn’t just that Miz can talk, it’s the way he emotes, gestures, the facial expressions he makes that really sell it for me. When he was in the ring with Del Rio and Mysterio last week on Raw, did anyone else catch when the crowd starting shouting ‘Really?’ along with Miz? Evidence he might be able to pull off a face turn.

Justin Gabriel: Some say he would be better as a face and I do agree. However, when he is about to deliver the 450 Splash and he looks to one side, that expression does look sinister. Plus the evil twin beard helps.

Capitol Punishment: A new PPV concept to cover for Fatal 4 Way, the question is what will they do with it next year, if they keep the name at all? It’s in the nation’s capital, hence ‘Capitol’. I think this can become an on-going thing. Just have it every year in a state capitol, like Sacramento, Denver, Nashville, Austin or Phoenix to name a few.

Cole v Lawler: As The Miz would say, “Really? Really?” Not much to say other then I can’t imagine why Creative thinks dragging this thing out is a good thing.

Kharma: I really liked when he she flicked her fingers right at Kelly Kelly, connecting back to her initial video promo. Continuity isn’t something that you see a lot of lately.

That’s it for now. Tune in next time.