I’m going to try something different this week. Instead of doing a big paragraph on the recruit, I’m going to break it down into Pros and Cons so as to make the evaluation more clear and less cluttered. I’ll also be adding Scout.com rankings to get a bigger picture fo the variance in ranking systems.

D.J. Singleton
6’3” 200 lbs
Jersey City, NJ
Commitment: Wisconsin
ESPN: 4 star, #18 S   Rivals: 3 star, #42 S   Scout: 4 star, #14 S

Pros: Plays safety with the aggressiveness of a linebacker and has the initial size to play that type of game. Could play either position. Ability to close on ball carrier quickly and tackles well. Long arms can keep opposing players at bay.

Cons: Not as good a pass defender and some inexperience playing the high safety position. Needs to bulk up some in order to take on bigger linemen if he plays LB. Some needed refinement on footwork.

Jason Croom
6’5” 212 lbs
Wide Receiver
Norcross, GA
Commitment: Tennessee
ESPN: 3 star, #42 WR   Rivals: 4 star, #43 WR   Scout: 4 star, #39 WR

Pros: Good athleticism that he uses it get open. Toughness to catch passes in traffic and fight for yards. Big size and may become a TE. Good hands to grab balls in the air and good acceleration to get away from defenders.

Cons: As a WR, lacks the top end speed to get those big plays, so better suited for TE or even a slot receiver. Possible trouble adapting to a new position.

Geno Smith
5’11” 170lbs
Atlanta, GA
Commitment: Alabama
ESPN: 4 star, #2 CB, 31st overall  Rivals: 4 star, #4 CB, 47th overall  Scout: 4 star, #7 CB

Pros: Playmaker with excellent cover abilities. Can transition and move almost effortlessly. Can track the QB and the throw in order to zero in on the receiver with good tackling ability. Recovers from mistakes extremely quickly.

Cons: Needs more bulk in order to play up on bigger receivers. Quick, but lacks top end speed. Not as good playing press coverage.

Caleb Peterson
6’4” 295 lbs
Offensive Guard
Auburn, AL
Commitment: Southern Miss
ESPN: 4 star, #4 OG, 76th overall   Rivals: 3 star, #43 OG   Scout: 4 star, #17 OG

Pros: Elite strength he can use to keep defenders off balance and create running lanes. Has experience at OT and shows flexibility and quickness to get the initial upper hand on defenders. Strong run blocker that will get him some immediate playing time.

Cons: Will need some refinement in all areas in order to become truly elite. Better suited for guard then tackle.

LaDarrell McNeil
6’1” 190 lbs
Dallas, TX
Commitment: Tennessee
ESPN: 4 star, #12 S   Rivals: 4 star, #5 S, 107th overall   Scout: 4 star, #7 S

Pros: Plays a physical game with a nose for big hits. Very disciplined, gets good leverage if blocked and can separate and pursue quickly. Not flashy but a steady, instinctive player who will produce at the next level.

Cons: Lacks top speed and not very fluid in transitions and direction changes. Some stiffness could cause problems in man-to-man coverage against quicker receivers. Not as good in zone defense as when he has a receiver in front of him.

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