Week 2 is only days away, so here’s a preview of the games on tap:

Chiefs @ Browns (OFF)

The Chiefs visit Cleveland coming off an upstart win over the San Diego Norv Turners.  If Kansas City wants to make it 2 in a row, Matt Cassel is going to have to throw for over 100 yards.  While I think that will happen, the Browns secondary is underrated and will keep Dwayne Bowe in check.  However, Jamaal Charles will run wild once again if Todd Haley gives him the carries.  Speaking of carries, Eric Mangini – give Jerome Harrison the rock!  It’s an injustice that he only had 9 carries vs. Tampa last week, but Mangini got his in the end with a big fat L for not playing his best RB.   Prediction: Browns 20 – Chiefs 17

Bills @ Packers (-14)

Buffalo travels to the not-so-frozen tundra for a butt-whooping.  The Bills cannot move the ball on offense – Trent Edwards is their QB for crying out loud!  The Packers on the other hand have a top tier offense even with underachieverBrandon Jackson stepping in for Ryan Grant.  The Bills secondary is above average, but Aaron Rodgers is a man among boys; he will torch the Bills for 250 yds and 3TDs.  Start all Packers this week (and pretty much every week), and the only Bill I’d even consider is CJ Spiller for his explosiveness but he’s not a must if you have other options.  Prediction: Packers 34 – Bills 13

Ravens @ Bengals (+3)

The Ravens are coming off a hard-hitting war vs. the Jets from Monday night and might take a while to get started vs. the Bengals.  Cincinnati on the other hand just got a beat-down at the hands of New England and didn’t look strong on either side of the ball.  Ray Rice should have a bounce-back day and run for over 100 yards plus get his share through the air.  It’s hard to know who will catch the ball with the Ravens because they have 3 solid options, but I don’t think you can bench Boldin in any league.  Housh and Mason are good starts in PPR and deep leagues.  As for the Bengals, I believe Benson is pretty much worthless this week against the Baltimore front 7, but Ochocinco should burn the Ravens’ DBs for a good fantasy day.  Prediction: Ravens 24 – Bengals 17

Steelers @ Titans (-5.5)

Denis Dixon leads the Steelers into Tennessee to face the best RB in the game – Chris Johnson.  Johnson truly is a special talent, and I highly recommend watching this guy if you get the chance; he can break a 99 yarder at any moment.  But other than CJ, Tennessee has nothing in the way of fantasy football talent.  The Steelers, however, do have some players who can still help you this week: Mendenhall and Hines Ward.  Ward continues to produce even as he gets older and has a crappy NFL QB under center, and Mendenhall is a starting RB on a team without a legit vertical game; he’s starter material.  Prediction: Steelers 21 – Titans 20

Eagles @ Lions (+6)

No Kevin Kolb, no problem – this week that is.  As great as Vick looked last week in relief of Kolb, he now has to face an NFL defense that has had 7 days to prepare for his shenanigans.  I think Vick can put up 60+ rushing yards, but I think Detroit will hold him in check through the air to something around the tune of 10 for 21 for 165 yards 1 TD and 1 INT.  LeSean McCoy and Calvin Johnson are must starts, and Desean Jackson, Brent Celek and Javhid Best are all fringe plays this week.  I’m just worried about depending on Vick for the Eagles’ receiving numbers, and Best didn’t look great last week and now gets a much stiffer test.  Prediction: Eagles 23 – Lions 21

Bears @ Cowboys (-9)

The Bears come into this game off a ref-aided win last week and look to try and Mike Martz their way to win #2.  I gotta admit that Mike Martz makes fantasy owners drool.  Matt Forte still looks like his rookie year was a fluke in terms of running between the tackles, but he could be reborn with Martz – last week is evidence #1.  You MUST start Forte in PPRs, and I really don’t see any reasons not to start him as at least a #2 in almost all leagues – he will get his share through the air.  I also like Devin Aromoshadu if he can stop the dropsies.  On the Cowboys side, Romo, Miles Austin and Witten are the obvious plays here.  I’m still scared of their RB situation (even though I’m praying for Felix to emerge for my own benefit), but Dez Bryant looks to be for real as Austin’s complement.  Feel safe to roll with him as your WR3.   Prediction: Cowboys 37 – Bears 20

Bucs @ Panthers (OFF)

Yuck.  Well, mostly yuck.  Rookie WR Mike Williams had a nice enough debut last week for the Bucs with 5 catches and a TD, and I think he will continue to mature as their #1, so I can see him being played as a WR3 in many leagues going forward.  Cadillac is still the RB in TB and you could have worse options at RB (Darren Sproles, Laurence Maroney, etc.).  The Panthers offer a little more higher level talent with the Original Steve Smith and the 2 Headed RB Monster in D-Will and Stewart.  Downside of that platoon is that you will have games where 1 of them gets less than 10 carries, but you can’t predict which one or when it will happen.  For the most part, you start them if you have them and hope the Panthers get ahead early and run the ball.  I see that here.  Prediction: Panthers 26 – Bucs 16

Cardinals @ Falcons (-7)

Opposite outcomes for these two teams last week as Arizona barely held on vs. St. Louis but got the win all the same while Atlanta lost on a 50 yard run in OT to Pittsburgh.  I think the trend reverses this week, and the Falcons get back on track.  Look for Michael Turner to establish himself early and for Matty Ice to redeem himself for that awful pick last week.  If you have Roddy White, you know what to do.  On the flip side, you must start Fitzgerald because he gets all of the targets, and the RB job looks to be migrating back to Beanie.  He had individual workouts on Wednesday and looked good and participated in practice on Thursday.  That couple with Hightower’s fumbling problems lead to Beanie being the lead back once again.  I like him as a RB2 this week.  Prediction: Falcons 24 – Cardinals 14

Dolphins @ Vikings (-6)

Chad Henne, Brandon Marshall and Ronnie Brown travel to the great Brett Favre-dome.  The Fins barely beat a bad Buffalo team last week, but this week they hope to establish a little more on the offensive side of the ball while maintaining their defensive prowess.  Marshall is a no-brainer every week, but I’m not so sure on Brown or Ricky Williams this week running against the Williams Wall.  If you have other options, you may want to consider leaving the Dolphins RBs on the pine.  Brett Favre should serve as a good starting QB this week, and I believe he will start to rely on former Fin Greg Camarillo to move the team up and down the field through the air.  Adrian Peterson will be Adrian Peterson.  Studly for the most part.  Prediction: Vikes 27 – Fins 24

Rams @ Raiders (-3)

Not writing much about this one.  Steven Jackson should shred Oakland if he is healthy, and I believe he is.  They are just resting him to play it smart during the week.  Mark Clayton might be useful as a WR3 in deep leagues, but beyond that the Rams are horrible.  Oakland isn’t much better, but Jason Campbell should get the ball to Zach Miller more often, and Michael Bush may return this week.  I still think he can be a RB2 – don’t believe in RunDMC at all.  Prediction: Rams 23 – Raiders 17

Seahawks @ Broncos (-3.5)

The other Mike Williams!  Yes, Seattle has a WR named Mike Williams just like Tampa.  However, the difference here is that this one has been in the league for years and has been horrible, unmotivated and fat.  Now he’s the #1 WR for Seattle – get happy Seahawks fans!  Even though that’s a sad case, this Williams has looked much fresher than in years past and had a decent week 1; he could provide serviceable.  Sleeper TE I like this week is John Carlson of the Hawks.  He’s going to be lining up in the slot a lot.  Hey, that rhymed.  Cool.  On the other side, Jabar Gaffney is the only WR you want but only as a WR3 in deep leagues.  Knoshown Moreno scares me.  Injured all preseason, mediocre week 1 and now the Broncos just traded for Laurence Maroney.  Ok, he is Laurence Maroney, but still, that doesn’t show much comfort from Denver in Knowshown.  Prediction: Broncos 24 – Seahawks 16

Texans @ Redskins (+3)

+3 – are you joking?!!?  Love the Texans here.  If you read my Week 1 review, you know I am now an Arian Foster fan.  And who’s not a Matt Schaub or Andre Johnson fan?  Raise your hand, I dare you.  The Texans will put up points in this one, so get them in your lineups.  I don’t live anyone on the Redskins.  Prediction: Texans 30 – Redskins 16

Jags @ Chargers (-7)

Jags are coming off a win vs. Denver, and MJD looks okay.  That’s good news for his owners especially because the Chargers’ run defense still looks like poo.  I expect MJD will have a nice 150 yard 2 TD game on Sunday but not much else from the Jags.  The Chargers on the other hand need to come out and establish control after a disappointing loss Monday.  Philip Rivers will shred the weak Jaguars secondary which means nice days from Gates and Malcolm Floyd, and I see Ryan Matthews bouncing back and living up to the hype for at least this week.  Prediction: Bolts 30 – Jags 17

Pats @ Jets (+3)

Pats in this one easy.  Revis and Co. are still great on defense – nothing has changed there.  In fact, I expect Revis to once again frustrate Randy Moss and his fantasy owners, but Tom Brady will pick on Mr. Penalty Cromartie and rookie Kyle Wilson with Welker and Brandon Tate.  And I don’t expect jack from Mark Sanchez.  LT and Shonn Greene might serve as mediocre RB plays this week, but that’s all I see from the J-E-T-S.  Prediction: Pats 24 – Jets 10

Eli @ Peyton (-6)

The Manning Bowl.  I love the Colts and Peyton in this one.  I would start all Colts passing crew in this one minus Anthony Gonzalez.  Addai will prob get a goaline score, but I don’t see much in terms of yardage from him.  On the other side, Ahmad Bradshaw should have a good game vs. a porous Colts run defense, and I still like Hakeem Nicks to get his.  However, Peyton won’t go to 0-2, especially at the hands of his squirt brother.  Prediction: Colts 40 – Giants 27

Saints @ 49ers (+6)

Home dog on MNF almost never fails.  Mike Singletary will have his boys ready for this one after the embarrassment that was last week in Seattle.  Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and Frank Gore will all come to play.  I expect Brees and Co. to show up as usual, but I like the 49ers to pull off yet another MNF upset at home.  Prediction: 49ers 31 – Saints 28

What do you guys think?