Needless to say, the Cop was Vegas last week, and I am on the car.

Needless to say, the Cop was Vegas last week, and I am on the car.

LAST WEEK: 5-9-1

Let me begin by saying I am sorry and I realize last week was terrible. If you took my picks to vegas, your knees could be in jeopardy, but here me out. The Raiders were a terrible (and stupid) penalty away from making that game close and worth watching. They were driving and had all the confidence in the word in their QB, but Gallery just had to draw that huge penalty. Am I bitter? Yup.

Two stories have been flooding the sports world, Tiger Woods and Ron Artest admitting to drinking during halftime in the past. Now, with Artest, he is to the point where you just nod and accept ANY story you hear about him. He is in the weird area on pop culture where you can tell someone “Hey Artest showed up to the game last night in a pink nightie on top of an elephant”, and the majority of the time they wouldn’t blink. Now, look at the opposite side of that spectrum. Tiger Woods. Before the car wreck, I would have trouble telling you a story about how Tiger got too drunk and smacked a Hooters waitress on the rear end, much less this drama.
Who else is in the “Artest Arena” for crazy celeb/sports people that you wouldn’t be shocked over anything they do. Who fits into the Tiger Woods camp of being completely shocking if they did a small thing that seemed improper? I want a good list going, hit me up with an email and I can put the list maybe next week.

Onto the picks..

NYJets @ Buffalo (+3)

-I know, I blasted Buffalo last week, but that was before I realized Trent Edwards wasn’t in the game to throw the ball two yards short each medium to long pass play. Once again, I am sticking to my guns and betting against Sanchez in the cold. If he can light it up tonight in Toronto, I will change my mind, but I gotta believe to see it.

Philly (-5) @ Atlanta

-Most should be selling you on how this is Atlanta’s “Must Win Game” (it is) but at the same time, how can Philadelphia afford to lose it? Even with Jackson out, I simply trust McNabb in December over a depleted Falcons squad.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-6)

-Isn’t it weird I am excited some teams are playing without their starting QBs? Jake Delhomme has proven to me he is not the same. Now, they are crying injury, but a bum shoulder doesn’t force you to throw a lollipop amid three defenders. I honestly don’t know who I like in this game, but I am hoping that John Fox (look for the guy who will be jobless this spring on the sidelines) finally understands he has one of the top 5 rushing attacks in the league.

-Another point, from this point on, don’t ever trust the Panthers to go 11+ wins again. They just don’t have the pieces, and you know the D is falling apart. Another reason? I heard they have Ron Meeks, the Colts’ former D Coordinator. Yes, the man who built the same Colts D that forced Peyton and Co. to score 28+ a game just to win.

St. Louis +9 @ Chicago

-I don’t think people fully have come to the terms with the Bears being terrible yet. They are one of those few last teams that the betting public just keeps backing week after week assuming they are that possible playoff team we talked about in the preseason. One reason? Hardly any fans can bring themselves to watch an entire Bears game to see how poor they have been? Well, unless you bet the over on the picks thrown by Cutler.

Detroit @ Cincy (+13)

-STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. The Bengals have shown all year that they tend to underwhelm against weak opponents (Hello, Browns). Its weird a team that gets so amped and takes down teams like the Steelers and Ravens would worry you at home against the Lions, but they do.

Tennessee (+7) @ Indianapolis

-Yes, my beloved Colts pulled it out again last week, but this is the time where Vegas has given up betting against the Colts. If this game was a week or two ago, the line would be around +5.

-Rooting for a team who nonchalantly goes down by double digits and wins is tiring, and I can only imagine what it happens to the team itself. They do struggle with faster running backs (MJD, Sproles, etc) so I could see Chris Johnson having a big game and slowing down the tempo to keep the game within a TD.

Houston @ Jacksonville (EVEN)

-Houston has no heart and no killer instinct. Beyond that, if this game comes down to a last second FG, would you want to bet on Kris Brown? Me either.

-Jax is sneaky, but then again, they burnt me last week by refusing to show up against the Niners.

Denver (-4) @ Kansas City

-Hmm, seems sneaky to me a playoff caliber team would only be spotting 4 against such a weak opponent. KC is tough at home (ask the Steelers), but this is assuredly a game Denver cannot lose if they want to survive in the playoff chase. Besides, I think Orton is back, which still feels weird to type.

Oakland @ Pittsburgh (-14.5)

-As much good as I saw out of Oakland during the holidays, I just can’t trust that offense. Their D is good for carrying them for seemingly 3 quarters and by the end, they look devastated.

-This has to be the game Big Ben comes out and throws 4 TDs just as a big “F U” to his teammates and the media for doubting him? Right? I swear every time this dude gets hurt he comes back on fire and then comes the murmurs about him not being as hurt as he leads on.

N.O. (-9) @ Washington

-In theory, the Skins are built to give the Saints trouble. They have a stout defense and are willing to dink, dunk, and pound the running game to keep games close, but after what I saw Monday Night, I am giving the points with the Saints probably here on out as long as its under double digits.

-I still say that game showed more about the Pats D than the Saints, you have to be impressed by the way they handled the Patriots and schemed for them. This game could be that classic “Monday Night letdown” but you never bet against the hot hand.

New England (-3) @ Miami

-The Patriots showed glaring weaknesses in the their passing defense, but the Fins certainly don’t have the talent to exploit that, especially after Henne’s meltdown last week.

-As the Saints doubled their safety help to shut down Welker, was I the only one wondering where were the deep throws to Moss? Even if it wasn’t there, just throwing it deep and keeping that in the Saints’ minds would have helped, but by midway through the 2nd half, you and your grandma knew the Patriots were gonna try and pound the ball with their shotty runningbacks and throw 5-6 yard pass plays.

San Diego(-13) @ Cleveland

-My theory about the Bengals? The Chargers are the opposite. Norv Turner gets his troops prepared to dominate cupcakes like nobodies business. (Right now Wade Phillips is upset) This is such a problem these Chargers dominate the Browns, Chiefs, and Raiders to the point they talk us into making them a Superbowl pick.

-The weather may save the Browns and allow them to stop S.D from covering, but that’s about it. Hey, at least you guys have dibs on Charlie Weis?

Dallas (-2) @ NYGiants

-So wait, you are telling me Eli Manning is still injured? And a few of their best defensive players are out? And they have been exposed in the middle of the field by slot receivers and tight ends?

-Yeah, I loathe picking Dallas in December, but I can’t help it. Giants are in more trouble than people realize.

S. F. (Even) @ Seattle

-So… This is even because Seattle won against the Rams last week? Meanwhile the Niners righted the ship by supposedly spreading their offense out more to fit the habits of Alex Smith. People are getting paid six figures in this league to consult and coach, and it took them this long to realize Alex Smith had trouble playing under center and in tighter formations? They realize they drafted him from a system that did the Shotgun/Spread offense the entire time right?

-I like the Niners to make their push to try and sneak into the playoffs. When they are on, the have a decent offense and a very good defense.

Minnesota (-3) @ Arizona

-If this was the playoffs, I would consider going the other way and backing Zona. I am praying they fall into the 6th seed and get 5-7 points early on in the playoffs. They are built for the dome (where the top two seeds happen to use)

-I can’t trust Warner and his banged up head until a few games. Concussions are starting to freak me out.

-Anyone else getting a little worried about Adrian Peterson? It feels weird but as I watch him get ran down by DBs and laying the football on the ground, I am starting to back off my hyperbole about how great he is going to be the next 5-6 seasons.

Baltimore @ Green Bay (-3)

-If the Ravens vaunted D can’t dominate Dennis Dixon, I worry how they are going to handle the resurgent offense of the Pack.

-I keep hearing there is something wrong with Flacco, but can’t find any definite injury reports or proof all together. Its weird, usually teams load up their injury information, but it seems they are trying to stay mum on him.

-Until they get back to controlling the clock and running the ball more, the Ravens are not a playoff team. I don’t care how smart Flacco is, or how good his arm is. Their o-line and WR core is built to have passing be like 35% to 40% of their offense.

So there you have it, my picks. Lets up I righted the ship and start going into the green. As always you can email me @ for questions, comments, or feedback!