Game four between the Washington Capitals was played up at Madison Square Garden and the talk during the days leading up to the game was that Bruce Boudreaux had dismissed the noise level at Madison Square Garden and that he thought the Washington DC crowd was louder.  When the Rangers went up 2 to 0 during the second period, the fans started a chant: Can you hear us.  Everyone could.  In years past, I would have given up hope, down by 3 in the 2nd period.  But I held on.  I watched.  I hoped.  When the tides turned last night in the 3rd period and the CAPS scored, I thought, they can still do this.

When the Capitals scored their second goal in the 3rd period, you could smell a CAPS comeback.  It was palpable, even through the TV.  The CAPS players were acting like they could win the game; they never gave up.  Somewhere in all of the CAPS scoring, we could no longer hear the Ranger’s fans and they definitely stopped their chant about hearing them.  It made me smile and I knew immediately, if the Capitals won, this was the story I was writing.

My heart sank when Ovechkin missed that one on one shot against Lundqvist, but by then, everyone was looking tired.  To me, it seemed that the Rangers were really starting to wear down faster than the CAPS.

Then it happened, just like in Game 1 in overtime, Chimera scored.  He stayed with the puck after Lundqvist tried to stop it and the just flipped it in.  Win.  This was a huge win for the Capitals.  For the CAPS to snatch the victory at home from a 3-0 deficit is a demoralizing blow to the Rangers.  Now, I know the CAPS still have to win another game to take the series and the Rangers are not pushovers.  I expect nothing less than a physical game on Saturday.  If you tell me about CAPS losing a lead last year, well that was last year.  This is a new year and we can’t hear you!