When I turned the radio on at work today, I was surprised to hear that another Pro Bowl Runningback is gonna be in the hands of Mike Shanahan, who loves to produce 1,000 yard rushers on his football teams.

“Fast” Willie Parker, who made the Pro Bowl for the Steelers a year or two  ago, is now the third high profile running back on the Washington Redskins.

How cool is that?

Yeah, all three of the Redskins’ running backs are potentially going to have attitude and be upset that they’re not in the game, but it’s gonna push all three of them to be at their best.  It’s not like any of them got huge dollar deals to be on the team.

They say that it’s tough to get a runningback to 1,000 yards once they get to 30 years or thereabouts, but if you got 3 guys who get 800 yards each, that sounds like more yards than Adrian Peterson got last year, and I’d be all good with that.

Now all we gotta do is to have Mike Shanahan tell the Redskins draft guys how important it is to have a dominating offensive line, draft that Okung guy, leave the high profile quarterbacks alone and get on to the season with Jason Campbell.