Past years, the Washington Redskins were the big move makers in the free agency period.  With a couple bad choices, it actually became a joke around the NFL media that the Redskins were the Champions of Free Agency, but that it didn’t equate to success once the real games started playing.

This year, some people got caught by surprise that the Redskins haven’t been signing no big names, limiting they choices to some role playing guys.

Well folks?  It’s about to start back up.

This week, they signed Phil Buchannon, a real decent cornerback.  He’s a veteran, but he should be able to force Carlos Rogers to figure out how to catch the ball, ’cause he’s got some skills.  A few years ago, Buchannon was a punt return guy, too, if my memory serves.

I didn’t write this article to waste your time talkin’ about a guy who probably won’t see the field too often.  I’m here to tell you about the big shakeup that nobody down at Redskins park wants you to know about.

A trade for Brandon Marshall is in the works.

You know, the 100-catch per season wide receiver who wants to get out of Denver ’cause the money isn’t working well for him right now and he wants to be disassociating himself with the town where one of his best friends and fellow Broncos player was shot and killed.

Denver placed a free agency tender on the Restricted Free Agent Marshall, meaning that if the Redskins or anybody else would sign him, they’d have to give up a 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick so that the Broncos get something back in the deal.  The chances of anybody doing that is slim, sure, but a trade?  That’s more like it.

What the Redskins are looking to give up is a combination of a second round draft pick and maybe some players.  The names I’m hearing are Fred Davis and Santana Moss.  Yeah, those guys have played well for us, but Fred Davis ain’t Chris Cooley, so he’s expendable.

Fred might have a decent season last year and possibly could’ve made the Pro Bowl if he had played the whole year, but if Chris Cooley 47 wasn’t injured, he would’ve definitely made the Pro Bowl.  And how many people do you think are going to trade in their Chris Cooley jerseys for a Fred Davis one?  I don’t want to get into all the reasons for it, but I can tell you that it won’t be happening.  Chris Cooley’s just too much the face of the franchise right now and there ain’t no way he’s going anywhere.  The Redskins also made Fred Davis expendable by signing Sean Ryan from the Chiefs a few weeks ago, and if you haven’t seen that guy play, you might want to start watching some YouTube videos because he will surprise you.

Santana Moss is exciting when the ball gets in his hands, and he probably got a couple really good seasons left in him, but a valid number one wide receiver?  I don’t think that’s really a good idea.  He’s tremendous at finding ways to get open, shed tackles, pick up first downs and such, but when it comes to finding the end zone and having upwards of 100 catches per year, that’s just not what Santana’s going to give you.  I hope the trade doesn’t involve Santana, but with the other young wide receivers we got on the roster who haven’t proven themselves enough to be considered trade bait, it almost has to include Santana.

Some people are hoping that Albert Haynesworth could be part of the trade to bring Brandon Marshall to D.C., but I don’t think so.  He doesn’t really want to play the Nose Tackle, he says he doesn’t fit at that spot, but maybe they could still use him there or maybe he could be a defensive end.  If the Broncos didn’t want to pay Brandon Marshall the big money, why would they want Haynesworth?  And why would Jim Haslett want to get rid of one of his best defensive weapons?  You can be sure he’d be talking to Shanahan and Snyder about keeping Big Al.

I would not be surprised if Fred Davis and Santana Moss both go to Denver in a deal that could bring the Redskins Brandon Marshall and a 3rd round pick, since the Redskins already used this year’s 3rd rounder a year ago on Jeremy Jarmon in the secondary draft thing they do.  The Redskins like Tim Tebow as a quarterback so they are going to want to hold on to their second round draft pick and not give that up.  One way or another, Brandon Marshall is the guy on the Redskins’ radar, and they’re going to make a play to get him whether you hear about it or not.