It’s early September and I’m very excited. (And for a guy my age that’s not easy) But, why not? A long holiday weekend with great weather. We’ve already gotten the earthquake and Hurricane Irene out of the way; A golfing outing for four at a top notch golf course that I paid half price for in supporting a breast cancer fund raiser; a high school class reunion where I get to see some old buds; and the Nationals bringing up some players with talent from the minors.

The Nationals baseball team has some potential. Now I know potential doesn’t win games, but Strasburg comes back and will join Jordan Zimmerman next year as their 1 and 2 right handers. Wang can provide some quality starts and hopefully will re-sign and return. Peacock and Milone may be ready to make the jump. Then there is Chris Marrero who looks like a player. Ryan Zimmerman at third, Morse in left, Werth keeps looking more like he may be worth the paycheck, Storen and Clippard as solid relievers, Espinosa a potential gold glove whose 19 homers are only 4 behind Morse; Lombardozzi a quality middle infielder to challenge Desmond and Espinosa. With the way Nix and Ankiel have been playing outfield, maybe Bryce Harper should spend more time at catcher as he prepares to come up.

What’s not to like?

The Nationals might not be ready to challenge the Phillies, but Washington has been very competitive against the Braves. Playoffs? 2012 seems more and more like a reasonable goal.

Eat wings, drink beer and stay thirsty my friends.