Ever get confused about what’s going on in a relationship? Don’t understand what the “signals” from your female counterpart means?

You know exactly what I’m saying.

Now there’s a podcast that is run by guys with the purpose of trying to help guys figure out how to navigate relationships.

It’s called The Victory Unlimited Show, and they provide a great service. Broken down into 30 minute podcasts, the host has over 30 episodes to help guys with things like “Babe Linguistics Translation”. Sounds like a class they should’ve offered in High School, because it can certainly be a foreign language.

Here are some episodes you should consider starting with to decide whether you should subscribe to the free podcast feed:

Mission #32 – Objective: Help! My Girlfriend is in love with a Bad Boy-Thug-Criminal!

For most of us, the whole “bad boy” routine doesn’t work out so well, because that’s not us or we dislike what we become when we try to use that means to attract someone. In this episode, Victory Unlimited breaks things down:

  • the influence of age, maturity and spirituality
  • understanding how to get bad girls
  • understanding “Thug-Addiction”
  • new insight into why women go for bad boy-thug-criminals in the first place

In addition to that, they also give insight into “the Myth of Mixed Signals”, “Babe Linguistics”, “Mutual Breakups” and some common phrases we’ve all heard before.

Mission #29 – Objective: Avengers Disassembled – What can the Avengers movie teach comic book lovers about how to attract women?

Marvel took a handful of their characters, setup distinct traits about each of them, showed us how they dealt with conflict, and then put together a billion dollar grossing project to show us how things don’t always run smoothly when putting personalities together towards a common goal.

Topics specifically covered:

  • If Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America existed in the real world, what kind of women would each of them attract——–and why?
  • What can Iron man / Tony Stark teach you about how to excite women and get them to chase YOU?
  • What can Thor teach you about the link between a man’s social standing and the kind of women he attracts?
  • What can Captain America teach you about how you can be actually be yourself and STILL attract women?
  • Also, what can the Hulk teach you about how NOT to attract women?
  • How to be a Comic Book Store “Chick” Collector
  • What makes a great first date lead to NO second date


Mission #27 – Objective: How a Player can get captured by the Game!

People who have spoken out about this episode enjoy:

  • getting the whole truth about male/female relationships
  • the differentiation between wannabe players and real players
  • the rhyme dropped along the way

It’s likely that throughout the dozens of episodes available, you’re going to find some information that helps you out with your situation, you’ll be entertained, or it will give you key insight that you can use in the future to better navigate the craziness you might encounter from females in your lives.