In just a matter of hours, TNA’s July pay per view Victory Road begins, and one of the big questions on peoples’ minds asks who Ric Flair picked to team up against Kazarian and AJ Styles.

For what it’s worth, the grayed-out profiles on the TNA image appear to be Scott Steiner and Christopher Daniels, but I highly doubt those guys are going to be in the match.  There are only a few possibilities, and only two right choices, so I’m gonna break it on down for you.

After we find out who it actually is, I’m gonna tell you what I think of that, too, so stay tuned and leave your comments about what I wrote, and about what actually happens.

This is the Bud View.

Looking at the established tag teams in TNA, one of the teams not booked is the team of the Young Bucks, or as they’re known in TNA, Generation Me.

Why would Flair pick these guys, though? It all comes down to motivation.

If TNA is looking for a chance to give AJ Styles and Kazarian an easy victory, this could be the team to do it against.

Alternatively, if TNA is looking for Kaz & AJ to lose their match in order to create more strife between them, Generation Me could be a good choice for that, too. TNA appears to be getting set to push these guys again, based on the matches they’ve had recently. This would give them a win in a fairly high profile match.

Ric Flair could pull the wool over Rob Terry’s eyes and convince him to be part of the tag team without telling him who his partner would be…

and then Flair could surprise him by having the partner be Orlando Jordan.

It would certainly help continue the feud between Terry and Jordan, and it would give AJ Styles and Kazarian an easy victory.

It’s a damn shame that TNA didn’t already put the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe, leader of the Nation of Violence, on the card for tonight’s Victory Road. He’s one of the best competitors they’ve got, a polarizing figure with a good fanbase.

This is the chance to get him onto the card, and TNA better scoop it up.

Samoa Joe has tons of in-ring chemistry with both AJ Styles and Kazarian, which means the match you’re going to get will be a great one.

If Samoa Joe isn’t one half of the tag team facing AJ Styles and Kazarian, it’s a big failure.

Question is: who does TNA put as Joe’s partner?

Amazing Red isn’t already on the card, and you know his high flying ability would match well with AJ Styles and Kazarian.

Not to mention the fact that he’s small enough that Kaz and AJ could throw him around easily, making their offense look better.

At the end of the match, when Amazing Red takes the pinfall, no big problem since Amazing Red isn’t nearly the stature in TNA that any of the other three are.

Also after the match when Samoa Joe gets pissed about losing and he destroys Amazing Red, it’s also no big deal because no one cares whether or not Amazing Red gets revenge for the attack. It would continue with Joe’s current angle that he started on Impact by attacking the helpless, harmless referee.

The Band's Eric Young

The Band's Eric Young

Since The Band isn’t doing anything on Victory Road, and it’s quite possible that they’re splitting up, Eric Young could be a candidate to be a member of Flair’s Fourtune group, and this could be his try-out.

TNA needs to see that Eric Young is a valuable part of their roster, so put him in this match.

Even if Eric Young isn’t going to be a part of Fourtune, this could be a good way for a feud to start between the two groups, especially if Kevin Nash is at ringside and he decides he doesn’t like what he sees.

Another superstar-in-the-works without a booking for Victory Road is Desmond Wolfe, and he could easily be Samoa Joe’s tag team partner.

Ric Flair obviously likes him as a potential member of Fourtune, so he’d probably want to give him a chance to further prove himself.

He would make a good opponent for Kaz & AJ, though, given their styles (no pun intended).

He wouldn’t make a good partner for Samoa Joe, though. Not if they’re trying to turn Samoa Joe heel. There’s no benefit to having strife between Joe & Wolfe if TNA wants Joe to be a hated member of the main event

The Lucha Thug himself, Homicide

As you’ll discover as you read more of my articles, I’m a big fan of the LAX tag team, and my favorite member is Homicide.

The Lucha Thug would be a great part of the TNA roster to elevate, given his ability in the ring and on the mic. He can work with all different parts of the roster, and TNA needs to get him back into the spotlight.

No doubt about it, my choice would be Samoa Joe and Homicide.

With their history together going back to Ring of Honor and their similar kick-your-ass-with-innovative-offense style, these guys would not only be a great pairing tonight, but they should team up and be part of a group for years to come.

I don’t think TNA is going to make this choice, but they should

And that’s The Bud View.