Vickie Guerrero is unquestionably one of the best managers from the past decade. The recent comparison to Bobby Heenan, arguably the greatest manager of all time, is a valid one.

In the era since the passing of her husband, the late, great Eddie Guerrero, Vickie has been on the scene, building a career for herself, and while she has done a great job, she could’ve been put to better use with better talents on her client list.

Who, during that era, should she have employed?

I’ve got a list.

Cody Rhodes

We’ve all seen what Cody Rhodes is capable of now that he’s gotten comfortable on the microphone, but in years past he was relinquished to the side-kick role in Legacy.

If he had Vickie Guerrero as his manager, the pressure of getting himself over while he perfected his mic skills would’ve been eased, and his in-ring talent could’ve spoken for itself.

With his famous father, he could’ve easily used that connection to get himself heel heat when he joined up with Vickie Guerrero (choosing her over him) or gone the other way with it (after working with Vickie for a while, Dusty could come along, convince Cody to turn face, and then a month or two later he could go heel again and not need Vickie).

Cade & Murdock

Despite being a talented tag team, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch never got to be the great heel tag team they could’ve become because their mic skills weren’t dynamic enough to help the fans take notice of them.

They’re the perfect example of the type of team Bobby Heenan would’ve taken to new heights.

If you disagree with this one, you clearly aren’t familiar with Heenan’s work with the Brainbusters and the Islanders.

Carlito & Primo

Carlito and Primo Colon are both very naturally gifted athletes, able to pull off some incredible moves inside the ring.

The fact that, as a tag team, the tandem weren’t utilized well is a reflection more about the tag division in WWE as a whole and less about them. Their mic skills are more than adequate.

Had the WWE put Vickie Guerrero with them, they could’ve taken their heel heat to the next level, thus elevating the entire division. Fans would’ve tuned in to see Vickie and The Colons silenced. Eventually, if WWE wanted them to turn face, they could have Vickie bring a new tag team into the fold and give the Colons a beatdown.

Can you imagine some of the promos between Carlito and Vickie? It could’ve been great.

Shelton Benjamin

Talk about a guy who had all the physical tools in the world but just needed a way to get over with the fans…

Shelton Benjamin slowly but surely put together some decent mic skills, but it took far too long. By the time he was able to do a decent promo, his popularity had passed him by and he missed the window to move up into the main event.

Had Vickie Guerrero been there in his corner instead of the character which was supposed to have been his Mama, who knows where Shelton would be right now.

Furthermore, when the Worlds Greatest Tag Team reunited apart from the guidance of Kurt Angle, Vickie Guerrero could’ve been the perfect option to help turn them into one of the biggest tag teams in the history of the business.

Hawkins & Ryder

We know Zack Ryder can talk. You can take my word for it that Curt Hawkins can wrestle if you don’t remember what he’s capable of due to the fact that WWE doesn’t use him.

These guys used to be known for the fact that they could be made to look alike when their hair was long and their attire matched. There was no mic time. There was just in-ring time for matches and then playing backup to Edge.

For a while, Vickie Guerrero was their manager, but the association was primarily due to the fact that they were allied with Edge and he was romantically linked to Vickie. Had WWE put some energy into letting Vickie get these guys some heat apart from Edge, using their own merits in a tag team setting instead of just attacking main eventers on behalf of the Rated-R Superstar, they might both be credible superstars at this point instead of enhancement talent, because that’s what happens when tag teams develop and get substantial heat. Ask Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Booker T or dozens of others. The fact that most of the people reading this article even know who Marty Jannetty is speaks volumes to the potential.

Hart Dynasty

Phenomenal wrestlers all three of them, their initial interest from fans was because of their ties to the previous generation.

Lack of mic skills and the floundering tag division caused fans to lose interest.

But what if Vickie Guerrero had stepped in, offering to help get them back to where they deserved to be?

They could’ve eventually turned on her when the fans had shown a significant interest in booing the team and the heel run had run its course. Another option could’ve been a power-struggle between Natalya and Vickie, which would give Ms Neidhart more practice with a microphone in an angle the fans would care about.

Instead, the once promising team has split and Harry Smith is looking for work, and the tag division suffers because of it.

Rey Mysterio

Though it’s hard to imagine many ways that Rey Mysterio could effectively turn heel, he could be a great heel character if done correctly, and one of the ways to do that would’ve been to pair him with Vickie Guerrero.

With that association, it wouldn’t be hard to make him a fan favorite again, and it could’ve added life to his career. No more would he need to do all the super high risk maneuvers. They could have him cheat, use foreign objects and simply out-wrestle people to get the job done. He wouldn’t have to be the super good guy for a while, meaning all those times he fought “to the bitter end” could’ve been matches where he simply walked away to fight again another day.

Mysterio is known for his time in the ring, not on the mic, and with a heel Rey Mysterio, he could easily get some backstage segments and some mic time in front of the crowds, but the weight of responsibility for getting “over” wouldn’t totally be on his shoulders.