A movie based on the famous Spider Man villain VENOM has been in the works for five years now. Previously Hunger Games director Gary Ross was attached to direct a script by Jacob Estes. Obvously nothing came of either the director, OR the writer.

So now reports are popping up that Sony Pictures is shopping around for a new writer and script, AND that Chronicle director Josh Trank is in negotions to take over the helming job. It’s just negotions, but nine times out of ten when an unknown director directs a movie that is pretty f’n good and does well in the box office negotiating means that he will be the director. I know if I was offered the job I wouldnt turn it down.

That being said, I don’t believe this movie needs to be made. I understand why, with the last incarnation of him being so miserable, but the Spiderman franchise has been rebooted. A new chance to do venom justice. And I mean, Venom is a villain, and the only time I can think of that he was remotely good was when he and Spiderman had to team up to fight carnage.

Now, if they did the carnage storyline, that’d be an interesting story to watch, but ultimately Spiderman defeated Carnage, so it would weird without Spidey. Or they could come up with a new character, for the suit to bond to…. But the best thing I can think of, is to use the new venom Flash Thompson. He’s a government agent who puts on the Symbiot suit for special missions, but can only wear it up to 48 hours without risk of it bonding with him. The government also has a kill switch to take flash out, in case he loses control. THAT  would be a cool movie, and since Sony is starting from scratch on the script, it could most certainly be a possibility. I will keep all of you updated of any further news.


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