When I picked up a bag of these chips from the grocery store the other day, it was far from the first time I had enjoyed Utz’s Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Kettle Classics Chips. In fact, I picked up a bag because of all the previous bags of the Utz flavor I’ve enjoyed in the past because I hadn’t written a review of it yet and I wanted to do it justice by not just recalling my enjoyment from memory.

Only once before have I found a brand of chips which takes the BBQ flavor and produced a snack this good. That other brand, Gibbles, is hard to find, whereas I’ve yet to find a supermarket which doesn’t carry Utz.

The first thing that hits is the sweetness which is as good as any Honey BBQ item I’ve ever had, and far better than any Honey BBQ sauce I’ve purchased from a grocery store.

The smokey aspect of the snack is perfect in the way that it compliments the sweet flavor, and yet it’s understated enough to just give the essence of something that just came off a charcoal grill.

Also mixed in is a hint of heat, though looking at the ingredients I can’t figure where it comes from, as there are no peppers on the list. It is subtle, though, and I would still recommend the chips to anyone who is worried about it being too spicy.

I have a much harder time reviewing snacks I love than the ones I’m disappointed by, so all I can really say is that if you like potato chips and you see a bag of the Utz Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Kettle Classics Chips, you should buy a bag. There are several different package designs I’ve seen, both the one pictured above and the one to the right. They taste the same, and they’re both great.

Anyone wanting to know the nutrition information, the Calories-From-Fat percentage is about 55%. Sodium is 100mg per ounce (20 chips).