When I saw that the Utz Kettle Classic line of chips had a Salt & Malt Vinegar flavor option, I was optimistic. The last time I had a bag of chips which said “MALT” in the name to describe their vinegar, I was impressed. The same could not be said with the “Old English Style” option from Utz.

The saltiness of these chips is mixed correctly, but it’s the vinegar aspect which falls short… though not to disasterous effect.

While other brands have made the mistake of putting too much vinegar into their chips, Utz seems to have the opposite problem. The vinegar is very understated, often not showing up until the after-taste. It is a good taste, all told, but it’s not exactly what I’d expect from a Salt & Vinegar chip.

As I mentioned before, it’s not a huge problem. In fact, I could eat an entire bag of these chips, and the same can’t be said for the other brands which over-loaded on the vinegar. Though I’m critical of this snack, it’s definitely above average, it’s just not my #1 rated Salt & Vinegar option… though it’s not too far behind that.

Similar to all other kettle chips I’ve tried, the crunch of these Kettle Classics is good, which leaves me optimistic for other offerings in the product line from Utz.

Let us know what you think of these chips (and any other snacks we review)!