There’s no denying that Usain Bolt has been arguably one of the most dominant Olympic athletes of the past 20 years. His record speaks for itself.

The past two years? Undefeated.

Beijing? Destroyed his competition. Won the 100 m by 0.2 seconds, and was even further ahead of the pack at twice the distance, winning the 200 m by 0.66 seconds.

On August 9th, he plans on being given yet another Gold Medal in London, and when he does, he’s got his trash talk all ready to go.

Talking to The Sun, he claimed that during the press conference at the end of the 2012 Olympic games, his opening statement will be:

“You are now looking at a living legend”

In our opinion, regardless of what he does in London (which we fully believe will be another Gold Medal effort), he’s already a living legend.