There are some great video games coming out, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about them!

And no, we won’t be mentioning the Dawnguard add-on for Skyrim. Chances are good that you already know about it if Skyrim is the type of game you’re into.

Same applies to Madden 13. You’ve already got this date circled on your calendar.

Deadlight (August 1)

Visually stunning zombie-killing survival game? PS3 owners are going to hope they’ve got a Xbox 360.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Releases June 19th)

Unless you’ve played the first Lego Batman game – or any other in the genre,¬† you’ve got no idea why it’s on our list.

Quantum Conundrum (June 21)

It’s a 3D puzzle game and it’s narrated by the guy who played Q on Star Trek The Next Generation and it looks awesome. Did I mention lasers?

Sound Shapes (August 7)

Who doesn’t like a good remix? Sony’s got a game for their Vita & PS3 coming up that lets you manipulate shapes to put your own songs together. It may not sound like much, but you can bet it’ll be a hit.

Sleeping Dogs (August 14)

It’s set in Hong Kong and has aspects of Grand Theft Auto, with graphics taken to the next level.

Darksiders II (August 14)

There’s a reason fans of the original have been anxiously awaiting the sequel. Seemingly stuck in development hell for far too long, there are reports that the game is twice as huge as it was originally going to be.

Super Mario Bros 2 (August 19)

Any time Nintendo releases a new 2D version of Super Mario Bros, it’s big news in our book. Maybe we’re just nostalgic.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (August 28)

If you played the previous game or have seen any previews for this one, you’re already excited. If the Transformers aren’t your thing, you might consider it.

Far Cry 3 (September 4)

Keep an eye on this open-world shooter for Game Of The Year. We’re hearing great things about the scenery AND the technology.

Borderlands 2 (September 18)

We’ve already covered this once, but it bares repeating.