Rarely does a movie go through a run at the theater without my hearing about it, regardless of genre and target age group.

Having seen other Pixar offerings – Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Ratatouille, The Incredibles and Wall-E,  I still didn’t have too much interest in “UP” when it hit the theaters this year.

Even as people told me how great the BluRay of “Up” was, I was still lukewarm on seeing it.  I hadn’t learned my lesson from previous Pixar films that I should have high expectations for the movie.

The BluRay edition of “Up” was out of stock at the local video rental store, so we got the regular version to watch as a family, and I will admit that it was a very pleasant surprise.

I don’t want to reveal too much about the movie, but the first quarter of the film is very touching, with an emotional depth the entire length of the film which I found to be surprising.  It wouldn’t surprise me if over half the people who have seen this movie have shed a tear or two.

It’s much more than a movie about a guy who attaches balloons to his house to make it fly.  If you’re thinking Nutty Professor, think again.

Unless you hate animated films, I’d suggest giving this one a watch.  In the next year or two, I could definitely see myself buying this one on BluRay.

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