At GuysNation, Joe and Rob do their best to predict fights on each televised UFC card. Sometimes they get things right, sometimes they get things wrong, but at least you get a little bit of logic in there from each guy as to what they were thinking in making their choices. This article focuses on the finale for the Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs Team Dos Santos season.

Main Card Predictions

Clay Guida vs Anthony Pettis

This is a tough fight for both guys. In one hand you have Guida, a in your face brawler, going up against a technical striker in Pettis. The fight comes down to who is going to control where the fight goes and it is hard to say Guida will not do that just based on his style.

Joe’s Prediction: Guida by decision.

Rob’s Prediction: Clay Guida does extremely well… when he’s not fighting elite competition. He has won his past three fights, one by opponent injury and the other two by submission (garnering him Submission Of The Night honors). That said, I think Pettis is emerging as a potential elite fighter, and I think tonight is a huge emergence party for him with a big win to hold him over until he can fight the winner of Maynard/Edgar 3. Winner by submission, Anthony Pettis

Ramsey Nijem vs. Tony Ferguson
I always have a tough time picking these winners. Experience almost never comes in to play because this is the first time on a big show for most of these guys. From the little bit of the show I have watched this season I’m going to go with Ferguson.

Joe’s Prediction: Tony Fergusson by decision.

Rob’s Prediction: Based on what I saw of them on The Ultimate Fighter, I far prefer Ramsey Nijem in this fight. I think Tony Fergusson caught some good breaks in his fights, whereas I think Nijem showed more skill. That said, I can see how others might think Nijem is going to leave himself open to similar opportunities… but I can’t let myself predict that way in this one. Plus, I like Nijem’s background better. Winner as a result of submission, Ramsey Nijem

Tim Credeur vs. Ed Herman

Two fighters on the comeback trail. Credeur is coming back from a scary head injury, and Herman is coming back from a knee injury. Since both are coming back with ring rust as well, it all depends on who can go the full 15 minutes. My guess…

Joe’s Prediction: Credeur by decision

Rob’s Prediction:  I’ve seen nothing impressive from Ed Herman during his tenure with UFC aside from his ability to somehow manage to stay employed by the company. Tim Credeur, on the other hand, has been very impressive in my eyes. He got knocked out back in 2006 by Chael Sonnen in a non UFC fight, and then his next loss didn’t come until September 2009, and I tend to discount losses by decision when the fight is considered FIGHT OF THE NIGHT. This one’s easy for me: Tim Credeur by submission.

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Fabio Maldonado

This should be a pretty good fight. Kingsbury has quietly gone on a 3 fight winning streak. Fabio has an 11 fight winning streak on the line. This could give Guida and Pettis a run for fight of the night if these two warriors decide to stand and bang. I am going with Fabio in this fight just based on his little extra experience.

Joe’s Prediction: Fabio by TKO

Rob’s Prediction: I have a hard time buying into the guys who come into UFC with a huge string of wins over no-name opponents back in Brazil, so I’m a little wary of Fabio. I don’t count his win over James McSweeney as being a huge quality win, since most people end up beating McSweeney. Kyle Kingsbury is on a nice win-streak of his own, and he’s shown good improvement since his loss in the finale of TUF Season 8. Winner by decision: Kyle Kingsbury

Chris Cope vs. Chuck O’Neil

I do not know much about these fighters other than the little bit of TUF that I saw this year. So much time passes between the show and their next fight it makes it tough to say. I am basically flipping a coin here.

Joe’s Prediction: Cope by TKO

Rob’s Prediction: I actually like what I saw from Chuck O’Neil a lot more than I do Cope’s “accomplishments”. Likely the deciding factor for me was how Chuck was able to put on a totally different fight when he had his rematch with Zach Davis, having more information and coaching to guide him to victory than their first fight in the house. Chuck O’Neil will probably win, and I’ll predict a submission to end it.

Quick-Hit Prelim Predictions:

Danny Downes vs. Jeremy Stephens

Joe says – Jeremy Stephens

Rob says – Danny Downes (I think Stephens is being used as a welcome mat / measuring stick to see if Downes is as good as he seems)

Josh Grispi vs. George Roop

Joe says – Josh Grispi

Rob says – Josh Grispi

Ryan McGillivray vs. Shamar Bailey

Joe says – Shamar Bailey

Rob says – Ryan McGillivray

Clay Harvison vs. Justin Edwards

Joe says – Clay Harvison

Rob says – Justin Edwards

Scott Jorgenson vs. Ken Stone

Joe says – Scott Jorgenson

Rob says – Scott Jorgenson

Reuben Duran vs. Francisco Rivera

Joe says – Reuben Duran

Rob says – Reuben Duran