DONNYBROOK IN DALLAS: A possible fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre could find a home in Dallas early next year. Photo courtesy Donald Miralle/Zuffa LLC

The almost meteoric rise in the popularity of mixed martial arts by the mainstream sports fan is well known by now, and it’s been well-documented on here. However, if results allow, the UFC could be taking another next big step forward as soon as early next year.

On November 17th, Georges St-Pierre (GSP), perhaps the most visible icon of the UFC today, will take on Carlos Condit. If he defeats Condit, a showdown with the equally famous Anderson “The Spider” Silva could very well be next.

If a Silva-GSP bout were to allow itself, it would be a head-on collision of supremely powerful forces not unlike what created Superstorm Sandy (or that one George Clooney and Marky Mark died in). The UFC is already seeing a monumental spike in the PPV shows it is selling and such a widely-hyped main event could push demand through the roof.

Of course, Dana White, the President of the UFC, knows all this and the brand is eyeing an equally-large locale to hold the event. Among the frontrunners? Cowboys Stadium.

Yes, Jerryland could be hosting a UFC bout in just a few months. A big fight by the biggest MMA brand in the big stadium that the NFL owner with the biggest ego built. Did I mention the UFC might be going BIG in 2013?

A real question being asked, though, is whether or not the fight could sell out Cowboys stadium. That would not necessarily be a precursor to landing the venue, but even so it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Last year on April 30th, the UFC sold out its UFC 129 event held at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, setting a record for the brand with a paid attendance of 55,724.

The main event there was also a GSP fight, the one where he defeated Jake Shields by unanimous decision. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here by saying Anderson Silva is a bigger “get” than Jake Shields.

The capacity in Dallas is around 80,000 people with another 20,000 additional possible in the form of standing-room-only admittance. Given the fight that would be involved and the overall increased viewership of the UFC that has and will have taken place in the two years in between, selling another 25,000 tickets is an accomplishable goal.

But if a deal with Cowboys stadium falls through, White has made it known that the UFC has no problem returning to the Rogers Centre. In fact, the location is already on the shortlist of backup venues.

While all this hypothetical talk is fun to shoot around, the fact of the matter is that any “Superstorm Sandy” bout would require St-Pierre to dispose of Condit the weekend after next. Can GSP do it? Absolutely. Is it a sure thing, though? Absolutely not.

Says White, “People are overlooking Carlos Condit and that’s a bad idea.”

If Condit defeats St-Pierre, White has already gone on record saying that a Silva-Condit fight would not be next. Instead, Condit would “defend the title against whoever’s next.”

That notion makes the fight on November 17th almost as equally exciting as a possible GSP-Silva bout. Knowing St-Pierre HAS to win against Condit almost creates a playoff-like atmosphere for the event where fans who want to see a mega match will have no qualms hiding who they’re rooting for.

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