The September 15th UFC Fight Night quickly snuck up on me, so I’m not left with much time to prepare a ton of analysis on why I made the picks that you’ll see below, but because I enjoy making these predictions, I didn’t want to miss a card… especially a card which is televised for free that most people can (and should) watch.  Also, the UFC Lightweight division is heating up, and this televised card has three of the fights which should help shape the landscape.

Preliminary card

* Welterweight bout:
United States – Brian Foster vs. United States – Forrest Petz

GuysNation is unabashedly a fan of Brian Foster, and while that didn’t work out for us back in February, we’ll try again.  Foster has never lost back to back fights.  The last three fights for Forrest Petz have gone to decision, something Foster has never had decide one of his fights, and I don’t think it will decide this one.

Prediction: Brian Foster (without needing a decision)

* Welterweight bout:
United States – Anthony Waldburger vs. United States – David Mitchell

I almost flipped a coin, but Waldburger has a background I like (BJJ purple belt mixed with wrestling) and he’s a Texas guy fighting on a Texas card.  If Mitchell has similar attributes… pretend I flipped a coin.

Prediction: Anthony Waldburger

* Light Heavyweight bout:
United States – Jared Hamman vs. United States – Kyle Kingsbury

Hamman got Fight Of The Night honors in his last time in the octagon, and prior to that he lost to one of my favorite fighters – Alexander Gustafsson.  Kingsbury won his last fight… but it was by split decision.  Not a fan of that concept.

Prediction: Jared Hamman

* Middleweight bout:
Poland – Tomasz Drwal vs. United States – Dave Branch

The only loss on Dave Branch’s record is when he got knocked out by a Gerald Harris slam, something I won’t fault him for.  Tomasz Drwal, in addition to having a fun name to type, has a great record (17-3).  Should be a great bout, but given that Branch made it to the third round against Gerald Harris, I’ll give him the nod.

Prediction: Dave Branch

* Middleweight bout:
United States – Rich Attonito vs. Brazil – Rafael Natal

Rich could’ve been in the finals for The Ultimate Fighter were it not for a broken hand suffered during the show’s tournament.  Rafael Natal is making his UFC debut… and I don’t typically like guys who are making their UFC debut, even if their name does sound oddly similar to a professional tennis player.

Prediction: Rich Attonito

* Lightweight bout:
The Bahamas – Yves Edwards vs. United States – John Gunderson

Yves has tons of professional experience but he hasn’t won a fight in UFC for over 5 years.  Gunderson has a similar winning percentage and looks to build a winning streak in UFC.

Prediction: John Gunderson

Main card

* Lightweight bout:
England – Ross Pearson vs. United States – Cole Miller

I like what I’ve seen out of Ross Pearson, but at GuysNation we’re a big fan of Cole Miller, so that’s the direction we’re going with our prediction.  Pearson is on a win-streak, coming off of a Fight Of The Night victory.  Miller has Submission Of The Night honors in 2 of his last 4 fights and if things get to the mat, I’m not sure if Pearson has the ability to avoid getting tapped by Miller.

Prediction: Cole Miller

* Lightweight bout:
United States – Jim Miller vs. Brazil – Gleison Tibau

Miller has the deadly combination of BJJ and wrestling, which he has worked into a 17-2 record.  Tibau is deadly with his submissions but hasn’t locked one in since early 2009.  Slight nod to Miller.  Potential Fight Of The Night honors.

Prediction: Jim Miller

* Lightweight bout:
Mexico – Efrain Escudero vs. Brazil – Charles Oliveira

I like the heart Efrain “Hecho in Mexico” Escudero shows when he gets into the octagon, and it seems like whenever I pick against him, he wins.  He should be happy, then, because I’m siding with Charles Oliveira for the reason that I think Oliveira’s BJJ skills are going to catch Efrain just like Evan Dunham did back in January.

Prediction: Charles Oliveira by submission

* Middleweight bout:
United States – Nate Marquardt vs. Brazil – Rousimar Palhares

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a bad fight by Nate Marquardt – one of our favorite fighters here at GuysNation.  I don’t like the antics by Rousimar Palhares back when he got suspended for not releasing a submission hold on Tomasz Drwal.  I don’t think Marquardt is going to give him an opportunity to lock in a heel hook, the fight likely ending with Marquardt getting a knockout victory.

Prediction: Nate Marquardt

– – –

Try your hand at predicting part (or all) of this card.  If you predict at least four fights and get over half of your predictions correct, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free shirt… and you’ll get bragging rights here at GuysNation!