I remember when the UFC announced it was going creating an app for the XBOX. I was pumped. After watching 2 events and some of the press conferences on through it live, I can say it is working amazingly well.

It’s free and was very simple to install. Simply go to the Video interface in the XBox Live Marketplace, then hit A on the UFC app. If you buy a fight through the app you can choose whatever credit card you want to pay for it with. For me it was the best option since my cable company doesn’t let me order the fights in HD.

Another great feature is it gives you the tale of the tape, a bio of the fighters coming into the fight, and the results of their last 2 fights. You can see all this by pressing the Y button while watching the fights live.

Due to the 15-20 second delay I previously experienced, I would recommend not being on social media or texting friends while watching an event. There is the chance the delay was caused by my internet being slow, but the messages I was getting did spoil what was going to happen in the fight.

If you were thinking about ordering fights through this app, I recommend it.

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