So UFC 146 is probably the 2nd most anticipated fight card of the year at the moment and is easily a big gamble for the UFC with the PPV portion of the fight featuring nothing but Heavyweights. This card has seen lots of fighters have their opponents changed due to Alistair Overeem not getting his license to fight in Nevada after having  a T:E ratio that exceeded 10:1. The legal limit in Nevada is 6:1.

So while Overeem was removed from the title fight and Frank Mir was placed in it, it set off a chain reaction of fights changing. Then last week it was announced that Mark Hunt suffered an injury in training and had to be replaced. This card promises to have lots of action and that all starts with the under card.

It all starts on Facebook at 6:45 p.m., then moves to FX at 8 p.m., then PPV at 10 p.m.


Dan Hardy vs Duane Ludwig

Both these fighters love to stand and trade and will have no interest in taking this fight to the ground. Dan Hardy is coming off 4 straight loses and has survived what many fighters don’t. Most fighters get cut after 3 straight loses, but the UFC bosses have supported Hardy because he always gives it his all and comes out and gives the fans an entertaining fight. He is a fan favorite because of his style and many fans agree he has one of the best walkouts in the sport. Duane Ludwig is coming off a loss after winning 2 straight and has a style that many fans love because he will stand there and trade strikes with his opponents. I’m going to predict this fight will become a war and will be about which fighter wants the win the more. This fight definitely has potential to be fight of the night.

Winner – Dan Hardy.


Jason Miller vs CB Dollaway

Jason Miller aka Mayhem is coming off a loss in which he looked terrible in and many people thought he may be cut after one fight in his second stint in the UFC. CB Dollaway is coming off of two straight TKO/KO losses and will be looking to get a win against Mayhem. Both men are more comfortable with the fight being on the ground. Mayhem is more known for Jiu Jitsu, while Dollaway is more of a wrestler. I expect this fight to to go to the ground and seeing both men use different techniques to get the dominant position and look for the win via a submission.

Winner – CB Dollaway


Stefan Struve vs Lavar Johnson

Lavar Johnson stepped up and took this fight last week when it was announced Mark Hunt suffered an injury in training and had to back out of the fight.  While it doesn’t affect the way Struve needed to train since both men are known for their stand up game, it is interesting for Johnson who has to worry about Struve’s ground game along with his stand up. Struve is on a two fight win streak and he has looked impressive in both wins getting a win via KO/TKO and a win via submission. Johnson is also on a two fight win streak and both of them he won via KO/TKO. I expect this fight to stay off the ground and both men slugging it out. I think Johnson’s power will surprise Struve. But Struve will definitely have a height advantage so it will be interesting to see if that will affect Johnson at all.

Winner – Lavar Johnson


Stipe Miocic vs Shane Del Rosario

Both men are undefeated in their pro MMA career, Miocic is 8-0 while Del Rosario is 11-0. Miocic will look to use his stand up to set up the takedown attempts and get this fight to the ground. But he has to be careful because Del Rosario is well rounded and knows how to defend a take down and reverse it to make it his own takedown. Del Rosario will be looking for this fight to go to the ground and use his Jiu Jitsu to submit Miocic. When Miocic realizes it will be hard to takedown Del Rosario, Miocic will then attempt to use his speed to keep the fight standing and out strike Del Rosario.

Wnner – Stipe Miocic


Roy Nelson vs Dave Herman

Both men are coming off a loss. Roy Nelson is knowing for an iron chin and heavy hands while Dave Herman is known for his wrestling and standup. I see this fight staying standing for most of the fight, but both men will be comfortable with wherever this fight goes. Nelson being the Jiu Jitsu black belt and great grappler, and Dave Herman being a D1 wrestler, both men are comfortable with the fight going to the ground. Nelson’s chin will be the factor in this fight. I’ve never seen a guy take so many knees to the face in a fight and still be standing at the end of it as he did in his last fight.

Winner – Roy Nelson


Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Silva

Cain Velasquez is coming of his first loss of his career, and Antonio Silva is coming off a loss in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament. Antonio Silva is good at every aspect of the game, but Cain Velasquez is better at everything except Jiu Jitsu. Cain will use his speed and explosiveness to control the fight. The big question is how will Cain respond after his first loss and being knocked out for the first time.  But with fighting one punch can change a fight and all you have to do is land it on the button.

Winner – Cain Velasquez


Heavyweight Championship

Junior Dos Santos (Champion) vs Frank Mir

Junior Dos Santos couldn’t have shown better striking in 60 seconds then he did in his last fight against Cain Velasquez. Frank Mir showed how great of a submission artist he is in his last fight when he Minotauro Nogueira when he became the first person to Nogueira, granted he broke Nogueira’s arm. Junior Dos Santos has very good takedown defense so it will be tough for Mir to take down Dos Santos. Also Dos Santos has phenomenal hand speed. If Dos Santos rocks Mir, I think he will, he will then move in for the kill and look to finish the fight.

Winner – Junior Dos Santos