UFC always does one big last pay per view to finish off the year, and 2011 is certainly no exception. The card headlined by Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem is packed, and we’ve got a breakdown for you of the five pay per view bouts.

Featherweight bout:
United States – Nam Phan vs. United States – Jimy Hettes

How Did We Get Here / Who Are They:
Nam Pham, whom you might remember from The Ultimate Fighter, has lost two of his last three, but that hardly tells the tale. The first of those three was a split decision loss to Leonard Garcia, but after losing to Mike Brown by decision, Pham got a rematch with Garcia and won by unanimous decision. UFC was likely happy to setup the rematch for Garcia v Phan, as both contests won Fight Of The Night honors.
Hettes is a submission specialist who is looking to improve to 10-0 after making his UFC debut back in August. This is Hettes’ first fight outside of the Mid-Atlantic region, with all of his prior fights occurring in Pennsylvania or Maryland.

Who’s Going To Win:
Joe S: The undefeated rookie Jimy Hettes will be taking on MMA vet Nam Phan in a Featherweight bout. Jimy has submitted every single opponent he has faced in his short career but Nam Phan has never tapped out in his. I have been hearing people talk about Hettes taking this fight to Phan and pulling the upset. Do not believe the hype people, Phan has experience all over the world and Hettes will be taking on his toughest opponent to date. Prediction: Nam Phan by decision.

Rob: I have to stick with the rookie Hettes. Nam Phan has shown some flashes of being really good at times, but I question his consistency. If Phan doesn’t have a ton of motivation going into this fight, he could find himself with his third loss in four fights, which is what I’m predicting.

Light Heavyweight bout:
Belarus – Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Sweden – Alexander Gustafsson

How Did We Get Here / Who Are They:
Matyushenko is on a two fight win streak, having won each of those contests in the first round. The loss he suffered prior to those wins came at the hands (or more accurately “elbows”) of the current Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.
Gustafsson, 16 years younger than his 40-year-old opponent, has won three straight, finishing each of those in the first two rounds of action.

Who’s Going To Win:
Joe S: The young Swede Gustafsson has only tasted defeat one time in his MMA career. That came at the hands of contender Phil Davis. While he has fought a wider array of competition for most fighters at this point in his career, the Belorussian is no joke and has been considered a Top 10 stepping stone for a large majority of his career. Normally I would choose the veteran in this situation but Vlad has had trouble with tall lanky opponents before and this time should be no different. Expect to see an upset with Alexander taking the victory. Prediction: Gustafsson by decision.
Rob: Gustafsson. In addition to being much younger than his opponent, Alexander has a 4 inch height advantage. I’d be surprised if it went to a decision.

Welterweight bout:
United States – Jon Fitch vs. United States – Johny Hendricks

How Did We Get Here / Who Are They:
Following a loss to Georges St Pierre over three years ago, Jon Fitch is undefeated in his last 6 fights, winning five and fighting B.J. Penn to a draw back in February.
Hendricks is on a two fight win streak, the first of those two earned him Knockout Of The Night honors. The only loss of his career was by decision nearly 13 months ago.

Who’s Going To Win:
Joe S: Do not be too surprised if this fight turns in to a very boring match. Both Fitch and Hendricks have the ability to look for the finish in this fight but I am predicitiing a wrestling match. Unfortunately for Hendricks, he has never faced an opponent like Fitch and it will show this Friday. Prediction: Jon Fitch by decision.
Rob: I’m also predicting Fitch, but in a much bigger way. I think Hendricks is going to get handled unless he finds a way to dictate the fight, but either way, Fitch is going to pick up the victory.

Lightweight bout:
United States – Nate Diaz vs. United States – Donald Cerrone

How Did We Get Here / Who Are They:
Diaz has lost two of his last three – one of which was to a guy fighting in the untelevised preliminary portion of the UFC 141 card. When Diaz doesn’t let it go to decision, he’s undefeated going back more than 5 years.
Cerrone has won his last 6 fights and 8 of 10, having only lost to Ben Henderson (twice) during that span of fights in the past 30 months.

Who’s Going To Win:
Rob: Cerrone all the way. His only loss in the past two years is to a guy I consider to be a great fighter, and Nate Diaz doesn’t always seem to know how to win.
Joe S: I am looking forward to this fight more than any other. It is the toughest to predict and it is almost guaranteed to be the Fight of the Night. Diaz is coming in to this fight with a big win over Gomi. Cerrone is riding a 6 fight winning streak and has looked like a champion in each of the fights. The only knock I can make on Cerrone is that fighting a Diaz is never an easy challenge and I am not sure he has fought someone this tough since his Benson Henderson fights in the WEC. Diaz on the other hand has a few holes in his game. This fight might come down to who ever gets the lucky punch, but I am going to guess that Cowboy earns the victory. Prediction:  Cowboy Cerrone by TKO
Rob: Just for the record, I think Gomi is over-rated.

Heavyweight bout:
United States – Brock Lesnar vs. Netherlands – Alistair Overeem

How Did We Get Here / Who Are They:
Brock Lesnar is the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, a belt he successfully defended twice after defeating the legendary Randy Couture to win his first taste of MMA gold.
Alistair Overeem hasn’t lost in the past 50 months, winning 10 fights in that span and capturing both the Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship and the DREAM Heavyweight Championship.

Who’s Going To Win:
Joe S: Let me start off by saying I am notoriously terrible at predicting Brock Lesnar fights. So a tip to all you fans, bet against me on this one. That being said, I am picking Brock to lose this one. Overeem has too much fighting experience to lose to someone who’s style is based solely on pure strength. The man won a decent MMA HW title and a K-1 Kickboxing title all in one year. His technique is up there with the best, and he has the size to match Brock. We will find out Friday either way. Prediction: Overeem by KO
Rob: This is the big question that hardcore MMA fans have been debating. I’ve been a fan of Overeem for a while, and I agree that his technique is going to be way too much for Lesnar. Brock hasn’t looked great in his past two fights. Overeem’s skills are probably better than those of Cain Velasquez (who beat Lesnar), and the means employed by Brock to barely beat Shane Carwin won’t work against a very talented veteran in this fight.