Each time UFC produces a televised event, GuysNation covers it with predictions and results. Thanks to administrative oversight, the predictions article failed to get published before the event, but I can assure you that the predictions you will read were made prior to the event.

At current, Joe Santeusanio and Rob Belote are the ones providing their predictions, with Joe taking the lead and Rob doing his best to keep up. In future events, other contributors are going to provide their predictions as well.

UFC 131 Predictions

Prelim Bouts on the Internet:

Note: the short predictions for non-televised events is not indicative of the write-ups for the televised portions, so don’t be dissuaded from reading the entire article due to the lack of analysis you’ll see from the next few fights.

Krzystof Soszynski vs. Mike Massenzio

Joe – Krzystof Soszynski

Rob – Krzystof Soszynski

Actual Outcome: Soszynski by decision
Joe: 1 Rob: 1

Nick Ring vs. James Head

Joe – Nick Ring

Rob – James Head

Actual Outcome: Ring by submission at 3:33 of round 3
Joe: 2 Rob: 1

Dustin Poirier vs. Jason Young

Joe – Dustin Poirier

Rob – Dustin Poirier

Actual Outcome: Poirier by decision
Joe: 3 Rob: 2

Joey Beltran vs. Aaron Rosa

Joe – Joey Beltran

Rob – Aaron Rosa

Actual Outcome: Beltran by KO in Round 3
Joe: 4 Rob: 2

Michihiro Omigawa vs. Darren Elkins

Joe – Omigawa

Rob – Omigawa

Actual Outcome: Elkins by decision
Joe: 4 Rob: 2

Prelim Bouts on TV:

Sam Stout vs. Yves Edwards

This could easily be the Fight of the Night on this card. Stout is notorious for claiming that superlative as he has been awarded 5 of them in his 10 UFC fights. A solid victory here could finally put him in discussions to face top 10 opponents. The UFC has used him mostly as a gatekeeper for their younger fighters. The same could be said for Yves Edwards too. He is riding a 3 fight winning streak and this win could put him in talks to face someone challenging for a title shot.

Joe’s Prediction: Edwards by Submission

Rob’s Prediction: Sam Stout. I liked what Joe had to say about both fighters, but I disagree with his outcome

Actual Outcome: Stout by KO in round 1
Joe: 4 Rob: 3

Jesse Bongfeldt vs. Chris Weidman

This is a difficult fight to pick a winner. Both are relatively new to the UFC and have similar grappling credentials. Weidman has a slight edge though on the ground. The young fighter showed his skills in dominating Alessio Sakara in his last fight. Bongfeldt definitely has the experience advantage. My guess is that Weidman will use his dominant wrestling and keep the fight where he wants it.

Joe’s Prediction: Weidman by Decision

Rob’s Prediction: Weidman

Actual Outcome: Weidman by submission in round 1
Joe: 5 Rob: 4

Main Card:

Donald Cerrone vs. Vagner Rocha

Not a lot of people like to admit it but Cerrone is a tough fighter. He has extremely high confidence in his skills and they seem to get better with each passing fight. Rocha is the 3rd opponent for him in this fight, as the other two had to back out due to injuries. Rocha is going to be in for a tough night. The BJJ specialist will have to take this fight to the ground if he expects to last more than two rounds. I just do not think he has the experience to do that to a fighter like Cowboy.

Joe’s Prediction: Cerrone by KO

Rob”s Prediction: Rocha. I’m not a big fan of Cowboys.

Actual Outcome: Cerrone by decision
Joe: 6 Rob: 4

Demian Maia vs. Mark Munoz

This is another tough fight to pick, and rightly so. The winner here will be facing another top 10 fighter with possible title shot on the line probably this fall. Munoz has never faced a submission wizard like Maia before. The good news is that his ground and pound is one of the best in the division. If Maia can’t take him down and get on top he will be in for a rough night. On the other hand, Maia has faced wrestlers as good as Munoz before and beat them. My heart says take Maia but my gut says this is Munoz’s coming out party.

Joe’s Prediction: Munoz by TKO

Rob’s Prediction: Demian Maia. I really really like the skills of Mark Munoz, but I think Maia’s submission skills are far too deadly.

Actual Outcome: Munoz by decision
Joe: 7 Rob: 4

Jon Olav Einemo vs. Dave Herman

Two big heavyweights will collide in this match. Both are new comers to the UFC too. Herman has fought all over the world facing the best heavyweights that are available outside of the Zuffa promotions. He has heavy hands and is known to KO most of his opposition. Jon Olav has been on hiatus from MMA since 2007, and is a grappling master. To me that says enough about this fight.

Joe’s Prediction: Herman by KO

Rob’s Prediction: Herman. I couldn’t agree more with Joe’s reasoning.

Actual Outcome: Herman by TKO in round 2
Joe: 8 Rob: 5

Kenny Florian vs. Diego Nunes

Florian is making his featherweight debut against one of the top contenders in the division. A win for either of these fighters could have them facing the champion in the not too distant future. I think is Florian wins he still needs another fight before earning that shot but we all know how the UFC works with title shots. Nunes is not going to be an easy fight for someone making their first cut to 145, even if it is a contender like Florian.

Joe’s Prediction: Nunes by Decision

Rob’s Prediction: Florian. Because KenFlow was great against most of his opponents at Lightweight, I think he’s going to be a bit more dominant at Featherweight, and this fight is going to answer the sole question of whether or not he can be comfortable at that weight. A guy a smart as Florian wouldn’t even approach this fight if he wasn’t.

Actual Outcome: Florian by decision
Joe: 8 – Rob: 6

Shane Carwin vs. Junior Dos Santos

How do you pick a winner of a fight between two guys that have similar styles and are guaranteed to stand and trade with each other? Simple…you flip a coin. Well I am not going to put my solid prediction record on the line with a coin flip so there has to be another variable. Maybe Carwin’s hiatus will hurt him or maybe JDS expecting Lesner will affect his performance? I’m still not sure what to do.. Dammit, I’m flipping the coin…

Joe’s Prediction: Carwin by KO

Rob’s Prediction: I think Junior Dos Santos  is a far more talented fighter than most give him credit for, and I think Carwin does better against the non-elite fighters in the division, which is exactly what JDS is becoming.

Actual Outcome: Dos Santos by decision
Joe: 8 – Rob: 7

So Joe wins the predictions yet again, but Rob put up a heck of a fight this time.

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